Timothy Goes to School

Season 2 Episode 9

Measuring Up / Lost and Found

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 2001 on PBS

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  • This was a pretty good episode. By the way im only reviewing "Lost and Found".

    This was a good episode with a good main idea. I felt sorry for Yoko when she lost her Nesca (dont no how to spell it) Fammily and how sad she was. It was also funny when the Franks said they found them but they really only found the broken pieces of thier car. The solution to this episode was sorta lame but it made up for it in other areas. It's fun to guess who took the Nesca Fammily I think Timothy did because he left the peppermint heart in the box that said sorry and he also put peppermint hearts on Yoko's Valentine. This makes it funny at the end when Timothy's like I wonder who put them back and he's sorta smiling.