Timothy Goes to School

Season 2 Episode 9

Measuring Up / Lost and Found

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 2001 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • The items found by Mrs. Jenkins class as they go in search of Yoko's Netzke family in "Lost and Found" were:

      Frank #1: a door from Frank #2's truck
      Frank #2:  the steering wheel from Frank #1's truck
      Fritz: Lilly's lunchbox
      Timothy: Nora's mitten
      Charles: Grace's scarf
      Nora: Fritz's magnifying glass

  • Quotes

    • "Lost and Found"
      Mrs. Jenkins: (to her class) Today, we are having a special Lost and Found day to help Yoko search for the Netzke family. I want you to look in your cubbies and your backpacks, and then we will look everywhere in the classroom. And hopefully, one of you will find the Netzke family.
      Timothy: Don't worry, Yoko. Somebody will find them.

    • "Lost and Found"
      Mrs. Jenkins: Quick sticks, Yoko. The bus is waiting.
      Yoko: But Mrs. Jenkins, I can't find the Netzke family.
      Mrs. Jenkins: Oh dear. Did you look in your cubby?
      Yoko: Uh huh.
      Mrs. Jenkins: Did you check your backpack?
      (Yoko nods)
      Yoko: It's going to be okay, Yoko. I'll call your mother to tell her that the Netzke family is missing. Tomorrow morning, we will all help you look for them.
      Yoko: Okay.

    • "Measuring Up"
      Doris' Mom: Your big brothers can learn a thing or two from your little friend, Doris.
      Doris: Charles is not little, Mom. He is just the smallest like me.
      Doris' Mom: I see.

    • Measuring Up"
      Nora: How did you get so big?
      Charles: I'm growing.
      Nora: You're not that big.

    • "Measuring Up"
      Doris: I'm the biggest, and Nora is the smallest.
      Nora: Huh? Hey, I'm bigger than Charles!

    • "Measuring Up"
      Charles: What's it like to be big?
      Doris: I don't know.
      Charles: But you're the biggest in the class.
      Doris: There are a lot of other times when I'm the smallest.
      Charles: Like when?
      Doris: Like all the time at home. I'm the smallest in the family.
      Charles: Really? You're the smallest?
      Doris: Uh huh. I'm even too small to ride the bumper cars at the fair. I have to watch my brothers drive by and stick their tongues out at me. They call me a shrimp. It makes me so mad.
      Charles: Hmm, I don't like being called a shrimp either. If I see your older brothers sticking their tongues out, I'll tell them to stop it.
      Doris: Thanks, Charles! What do you think about that, Mr. Big Shot?!
      (Charles and Doris giggle)

    • "Measuring Up"
      Frank#2: (while he and Frank #1 work on paper cut-outs of themselves) Mrs. Jenkins. Frank's head came off!

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