Timothy Goes to School

Season 2 Episode 10

Professor Fritz / Two Tutu Friends

Aired Unknown Sep 17, 2001 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • The piano music Grace dances to during "In the Spotlight" and in her ballet class before she fell is the music of "Dance of the Reid Pipes" from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite.

    • When everyone is applauding Fritz's experiment in "Professor Fritz," Charles' hands are gray instead of their usual pink.

  • Quotes

    • "Two Tutu Friends"
      Doris: I like being your friend.
      Grace: I like being your friend, too, Doris.
      Doris: Do you want to dance?
      Grace: Well, I'll have to think about it. (thinks for a second) All right, but don't step on my toes!
      Doris: Okay!

    • "Two Tutu Friends"
      Grace: It's nice having a friend in ballet class.
      Doris: A friend? Me? Wow, thank you, Grace.

    • "Professor Fritz"
      Nora: Fritz knows everything about science, he's gonna be a professor.
      Timothy: Yeah, Professor Fritz.
      Fritz: Hmm, Professor Fritz. I like that!

    • "Two Tutu Friends"
      (after Grace takes a fall in ballet class)
      Doris: Grace, are you okay?
      Grace(crying) No! Dancers don't fall like that!
      Doris: How do they fall?
      Grace: I don't! I'm so embarrassed!
      Doris: Maybe you hit a slippery spot, Grace. That's all.
      Grace: Yes, I think you're right.
      Doris: You're still the best dancer I've ever seen.
      Grace: Thank you.

    • "Two Tutu Friends"
      (after Doris tells the class about Grace's fall in ballet class)
      Grace: Doris, you're a blabbermouth!
      (the class gasps and Grace begins to cry)
      Doris: Well, you're a... (looks at Grace crying) You're a crybaby!
      Grace: I'm not gonna sit with a blabbermouth!
      Doris: I'm not gonna sit with a crybaby!
      Grace: And I'm not gonna dance with you either!
      Doris: Good!

    • Doris: Grace, can you hear me?

    • "Two Tutu Friends"
      Doris: (after trying a ballet jump) Oops, sorry. That was kind of loud, wasn't it?
      Grace: If you bend your knees more when you land, you hardly make a sound.

    • "Two Tutu Friends"
      Doris: I really liked your dancing, Grace!
      Grace: Thank you, Doris.
      Doris: You must practice a lot.
      Grace: Yes, I do.
      Doris: I think you could do an entire talent show all by yourself.
      Grace: Do you really think so?
      Doris: Sure. I can't wait to see you dance again.

    • "Professor Fritz"
      Charles: Look, Timothy. It's Fritz's rocket.
      Timothy: Why is it in the garbage?

    • "Professor Fritz"
      Timothy: Your rocket experiment was great!
      Fritz: If it was so great, why was everyone laughing at me?
      Timothy: We weren't laughing at you.
      Charles: Yeah. We were laughing at the balloon.

    • "Professor Fritz"
      Fritz: I'm going to do an experiment that shows how a rocket works.
      Timothy: A rocket?
      Charles: A real rocket?
      Doris: One that'll go into outer space?!
      Fritz: It won't go that far, but it will fly up in the air.
      Charles: Wow.
      Lilly: I can't wait to see it.
      Grace: That'll be great!

    • "Professor Fritz"
      Fritz: (talking about his science project) I started working on it after school yesterday. You can see it at "Show and Share." That's when I'll do the test flight.
      Doris: Test flight?
      Lily: Today?
      Timothy: I can't wait!

    • "Professor Fritz"
      (after Fritz's rocket experiment became a success during open house)

      Timothy: Great launch, Fritz.
      Fritz: You mean, Professor Fritz.

    • "Professor Fritz"
      (after Fritz's rocket experiment goes wrong)
      Mrs. Jenkins: (giggles) It looks like a safe landing.
      Fritz: It looks like a fail landing.

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