Timothy Goes to School

Season 1 Episode 9

Red Thunder / Putting it All Together

Aired Unknown Sep 15, 2000 on PBS
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Red Thunder: Timothy gets a new bike called Red Thunder with a special aerodynamic design. He aces Henry's safety exam and the Franks are so impressed with his bike that they invite him to his house to play. The Franks missed the point of the safety course, but find that they can learn from Timothy. Timothy, however, is becoming overconfident, leading him to try a trick he's not ready for. Putting it All Together: Timothy and his friends are all excited by the Hilltop School Surprise Puzzle Day. Mrs. Jenkins reveals that she has an even bigger surprise -- the puzzle pieces are hidden and must be found in a timed scavenger hunt. The kids get to work, but soon start arguing about where to look. Timothy realizes they must work together if they're to have any chance of solving the puzzle.moreless

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      • Mrs. Jenkins: Congratulations. You did a wonderful job.
        Yoko: We couldn't have done it without Timothy, Mrs. Jenkins.
        Mrs. Jenkins: Nice job, Timothy. Picnic time, everyone!

      • Timothy: We've got to work together.
        Yoko: What are we going to do?
        Timothy: If we help each other, we'll find the pieces faster.

      • Mrs. Jenkins: Is everyone ready?
        Class: Yes!
        Mrs. Jenkins: Okay, when I turn over the hourglass, the Hilltop School Surprise Puzzle Day begins. (She turns it over.) Good luck, everyone!

      • Timothy: Got it.
        Timothy's Mom: Supper's ready, dear. Goodness me, look at all those puzzles!
        Timothy: Yeah! We're having a Surprise Puzzle Day at school tomorrow, Mom!
        Timothy's Mom: That sounds like fun.
        Timothy: I can't wait! I love doing puzzles!

      • Timothy's Dad: Did you have fun with your Red Thunder?
        Timothy: Well, it's kind of a long story, Dad? You see, first we set up this course to bike around. But the Franks kind of got tired of running into things. So then I had this idea to build a ramp. Kind of like the one I saw Doris's brothers use...

      • Timothy: I thought I was big enough to do it. But I wasn't.
        Big Frank: Well, as long as you're all right.
        Frank 1: Timothy may be all right.
        Frank 2: But his bike is not.
        Big Frank: Don't worry, Timothy. I can fix that.
        Frank 1: That's right, Timothy.
        Frank 2: Dad can fix anything.

      • Henry: Bicycle badges for speed go to Frank and Frank.
        Franks: Go, Franks, go! Wow!

      • Henry: Uh, Nora, you don't have to ring your bell if there's nobody coming.
        Nora: I know, but I like it.

      • Timothy: This is my Red Thunder. I got it for my birthday. It's aero, aero...
        Henry: ...Aerodymamic. It means it's designed to move smoothly through the air.

      • Claude: My bike is designed for speed and distance. That's why I have this bottle attached here, so I can get to my water without even stopping.

      • Henry: All righty! This is the last bike. So it must belong to...
        Timothy: ...me!
        Henry: Timothy! This is new, isn't it?
        Timothy: Yeah, it's my new Red Thunder.

      • Mrs. Jenkins: When all the sand empties into the bottom of the hourglass we will know that a full hour is up.

      • Fritz: Claude, you're a genius!
        Claude: I know.

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