Timothy Goes to School

PBS (ended 2001)





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  • My personal favorite as a child. Each episode is an adventure, focusing on different children in a classroom full of fun, friendship and love.

    Timothy Goes to School is about a group of students (animals) and their adventures going to Kindergarten at Hilltop School.
    This show is extremely believeable. Even though the cast is animals, this show is filled with fun, friendship and love. Each episode has a classic lesson, teaching us the importance of respect and friendship.
    I used to enjoy singing along to their 'anthem'. It was hard to choose a favorite character when almost each of them posessed a heart of gold.
    The songs in the show are catchy, upbeat and easy to clap to.
    Though the title of the show implies that Timothy is the main character, he isn't. Most of the episodes *are* based on him.
    "It's a brand new day so come on and play in the world thats waiting for you it's about to begin, so come on in. There's so much to do at school. And you can do anything if you try, with friends like Timothy by your side. It's a new adventure. It's a brand new day. Anything can happen, when Timothy goes to school" (anthem: when we laugh and we play. Welcome to this brand new day").