Timothy Goes to School

Season 1 Episode 1

Timothy Goes to School / Yoko

Aired Unknown Sep 05, 2000 on PBS
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Timothy Goes to School: When Timothy goes to school for the first time, he is nervous about not knowing anyone. He soon meets, Claude, a fellow raccoon, and tries to be like him. Claude, however, seems more interested in putting him down, criticizing his clothing. Timothy begins to despair going to school, but doesn't realize at first there's someone there who will like him for who he is.

Yoko: Everyone at school is excited about trading lunches, but nobody wants to trade with Yoko. Her sushi is considered to be nasty, smelly fish and nobody thinks that they will like it. Mrs. Jenkins decides to hold an International Food Day in the hope of helping Yoko. Everyone is required to bring a dish from a different country and the rule is that everyone must try everything.moreless

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  • Timothy Goes to School

    Right off the bat, one flaw (probably one of the very few flaws) I found about this episode is the unoriginal title. The episode title was the show title. That was very unoriginal. Other than that, the episode, in genral, was decent. Claude has it in for Timothy and it gets Timothy quite frustrated when Cluade continously won't leave him alone and insults his clothing when all he wants to do is try to befriend him. Younger, and maybe older, children can easily relate to this episode and their social life at their respective schools. Who hasn't had someone spread rumors, talk badly behind their back, or just ignore you?

    This episode effectively shows how hacing a friend can greatly help when you're under such testing times. Not a bad episode to start off the series.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Despite several scenes of this episode appearing in the opening credits, it neglects to show the difference in clothes that Claude and Timothy both wear on the first day of school.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Mrs. Jenkins: (hearing Yoko crying)) There is an unhappy sound in my classroom!

    • Yoko: Who wants to trade lunches with me? (class stares in disbelief)

    • Timothy: Hey, I like sushi! You're right, Yoko. This is really good.

    • Timothy: How do you like International Food Day, Yoko?
      Yoko: (sighs) I don't. How do you like International Food Day, Timothy?
      Timothy: It's hard to tell. I didn't get to try anything. Not Grace's Nigerian soup, Fritz's Italian spaghetti, Doris's Irish stew, Claude's mango smoothies, Nora's potato knish, Charles's enchiladas, Lilly's quiche, or the Franks' Boston baked beans.
      Yoko: And you did not try my deluxe sushi either. No one tried it. Not even one piece!

    • Yoko's Mom: Don't worry, my little cherry blossom. Everyone will try your sushi and everyone will love it.

    • Yoko: How come no one wants to trade with me, Timothy? I don't understand. Mama made all my favorite food.
      Timothy: The trouble with your favorite food is that it's no one else's favorite.
      Yoko: But nothing beats sushi. There's a tasty treasure inside every piece.

    • Mrs. Jenkins: (singing to the tune of the show theme song) It's a new adventure / It's a brand-new day / Anything can happen / When we laugh and we play / Welcome to this brand-new day. (spoken) I'm sure you'll be the best of friends.

    • Yoko: That Claude is such a showoff and he thinks he knows everything.

    • Timothy: What if I don't know anybody?
      Timothy's Mom: Doris will be there.
      Timothy: Doris?!

    • Timothy: (gasps) What does it say?
      Timothy's Mom: It says "Guess who's invited to Mrs. Jenkins' kindergarten class at Hilltop School.
      Timothy: (opens the invitation and reveals a mirror) Me! I'm invited. Can I go, Mom?
      Timothy's Mom: Yes, Timothy. It's time to go to school!

    • Claude: Timothy, nobody wears party clothes on the second day of school!

    • Claude: Nobody wears overalls on the first day of school!

    • Doris: Why can't your mother make something normal?!

  • NOTES (3)