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In this bizarre, post-modern version of L. Frank Baum's novel 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' and the classic movie based on the book, 'The Wizard of Oz', Zooey Deschanel stars as DG, the main character who finds herself trapped in a place called the O.Z. or the Outer Zone. There she searches for her parents and is joined in her travels by Glitch, a man who has had half of his brain taken away because of something he knew, Raw, a member of a species called the "viewers" who read emotions and heal, and Cain - a "Tin Man" (which was the name of the police force in the O.Z. before the witch, Azkadellia took over, taken from their sheriff's tin badges) who seeks revenge for the damage done to his heart. The show was nominated for several Emmys, including Outstanding Art Direction For A Miniseries, Or Movie, Outstanding Costumes For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special (Part One), Outstanding Hairstyling For A Miniseries Or A Movie, Outstanding Makeup for a Miniseries or a Movie (Non-Prosthetic), Outstanding Miniseries, Outstanding Single-camera Picture Editing For A Miniseries Or A Movie (Part One), Outstanding Sound Editing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special (Part One), Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Miniseries Or A Movie (Part One) and Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special (Part One). It later won for Outstanding Makeup for a Miniseries or a Movie (Non-Prosthetic).



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    March 11, 2008 DVD Releases


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    • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

      Several years ago, the SyFy channel decided to take a crack at re-inventing the classic Wizard of Oz, a noble task, that many have tried and failed. I didn't know what to expect, but I assumed it would be some variation of the classic tale, hoping it would be more the like books and less like the films. Tin Man is defiantly not for kids and takes a unique approach to the classic story. In this version, OZ is not the friendly loveable place with strange characters and happy times for all. It's a dark story, about a dark place, where presently there is a lot of pain and misery. The big twist in the story is that this OZ is centuries past the one visited by Dorothy Gale. In the Outer Zone Dorothy Gale is a revered as the start of the royal families bloodline, but she has been dead for centuries! That being said, quite ingeniously, the future residents of the . parallel the old story, but not because they have to, they are in a sense mocking the original story in subtle ways. There's . (Zooey Deschanel), the girl from the other side, who was forced into the with no memory of ever having been there before. She soon meets Glitch, (Alan Cummings) a man who had part of his brain removed for disobeying the Queen. As they try to figure out what is happening around them, they run into a man (Neal McDonough) being punished in a Tin Man suit. This man was a Cop or Tin Man in the . who was deemed a threat, and put into this horrible form of torture. Finally, they come to the rescue of a native healer, named Raw (Raoul Trujillo), who has become trapped by carnivores and is about to become dinner. Together they go to see the wise man, to find out how to proceed in helping . The Wise Man (Richard Dreyfuss) turns out to be a drugged out magician doing parlor tricks! There are a million other parallels to the original story that make the journey through the . that much more enjoyable. Zooey Deschanel is the star and even though people often mistake her unique style of acting for inexperience, she was the perfect choice to play . The other standout is veteran character actor, Neal McDonough, who gives a gut wrenching and strong performance as the tortured former cop, in search of his family. The rest of the supporting cast was equally as impressive, taking you through the full range of emotions. As I said before, this is certainly not the OZ you grew up with and it's certainly not what I expected. Everything from the special effects, to the story, and even the modernization, was extremely impressive. It really is a shame that this was only a three part mini-series, but this would have made for one hell of a regular series. Some of the parallels are obvious, but there were plenty of times where I legitimately forgot that I was watching The Wizard of Oz. Leave the musical for the kid, this is what Frank Baum had in mind when he started this series, and it's most defiantly meant for mature audiences only.moreless
    • Tin Man goes over the rainbow and beyond

      From the Sci-Fi Channel comes the mini-series Tin Man, a bold new vision of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Using a steampunk aesthetic, the series envisions a modern adaptation of Baum's work that takes place several generations after Dorothy Gale first visited. In this tale a waitress named . is transported to a fantastical land called the where she discovers that she's a long lost princess and that her evil sister has overthrown the kingdom and is attempt to plunge it into permanent darkness. Most of the hallmarks of the original story are here (the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Wicked Witch, but it's all done with a twist. The cast is led by Zooey Deschanel, Neal McDonough, Kathleen Robertson, Alan Cumming, and Richard Dreyfuss, and they give pretty good performances. Additionally, the set designs and costumes are quite interesting and create an captivating visual style. Yet, there is some over use of green screen effects and CGI creatures. The music however, does an impressive job at brings a sense of wonder and excitement to the series. Tin Man is one of the most imaginative takes on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and delivers an exciting adventure that's full of thrills.moreless
    • Dorothy & friends battle the evil Empress and her minions to save the O.Z. from her evil plan to destroy it.

      When I first started watching this I thought "This has to get better." It didn't, until the final hour which was pretty good. The story starts out in Kansas where a 15 year old (who looks 30) girl D.J. works in a greasy-spoon diner and rides a Honda. Her parents are weird--you find out why later. Meanwhile in the Outer Zone (where? it's never clear) the evil Empress sends her storm troopers to Earth via tornado to kidnap her. In the O.Z.(Oz,get it?)she meets Glitch, a court advisor to the previous Queen who had half his brain surgically removed, the "Tin Man" an ex-cop who didn't want to serve the evil regime and a cowardly man-beast. They discover that DJ is actually the daughter of the former Queen and a man from Earth and the Evil Empress is her older sister. The people here are all either FROM Earth ("the other side") or decended from Earth people who were carried there in storms.THey meet Toto, her former tutor who is a shape-shifter and a spy for the Empress. They go to Central City and meet the wizard who has been turned into a drug addicted fortune teller by Inch, the storm trooper who destroyed the Tin Mans family. They are betrayed and captured but escape. DJ finds out her sisters body is posessed by the spirit of an ancient witch. She meets her father who takes her to the mausoleum of her grandmother -- the original Dorothy. The Tin Man finds his son who is now grown up and leads the Resistance. They attack the Empresses palace, prevent her from using grandmother Dorothy's green Emerald to destroy the O.Z. and get the witch to leave the sisters body. And they all lived happily ever after. Not nearly as good as I anticipated, but not nearly as awful as it started out to be. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't watch it again if ANYTHING else better was on.moreless
    • I really like that this is not a "remake." Tin Man is a bizzare continuation of a classic story... which was bizzare on a less dark level in of itself.

      I am a fan of Zooey, but have to admit that she's not the reason I watched this. Although she did help make it really work for me. I didn't like the idea of this show at first and didn't watch it until a friend handed me his DVDs and said "you're crazy so I know you'll like this too." How can you resist that? Once again our main female character is pulled into the world of Oz without having previous knowledge of its exsitance. Then she starts to realize that not only did she know of it before, but she is actually from there. Oz has changed a great deal and is in danger of perminetly becoming a place she doesn't want her homeland to be. So she gathers a bunch of misfits to help solve the mysteries of the current events and figure out her blocked memories. I loved looking for the allusions to the classic take and seeing how they altered or included them in the story. There is cheesy element in the story, but it works enough that it doesn't bother you too much. There was potental to make this story much darker, but they still kept it a family friendly show, as family friendly as SciFi can be.moreless
    • Very imaginative interpretation of a classic.

      And one that was not offensive, which is a common complaint on remakes. Too bad it took CTV (via its daughter network SPACE) two years of letting the series collect dust in its vaults before it finally aired in Canada.

      I thought it was well cast and both the setting and the characterizations were all relatively easy to invest in, with one exception. And unfortunately, I found that exception to be the lead role of "DG", less than admirably portrayed by Zooey Deschanel.

      She obviously showed up to set because there she is on film, but she most decidedly left her spirit at home.

      The good news is that every other key role was done on an "A game" level, particularly "Cain" (Neal McDonough) and "Glitch" (Alan Cumming). Kathleen Roberston was quite convincing as well as the good-sister-gone-bad, while Callum Keith Rennie (Due South) was barely recognizable to me! Had I not seen the credits I would never have known it was him. Great make up and costuming on this series as well...

      All in all, an entertaining romp and a good bit of escapism. And thats what it set out to be, so: mission accomplished.moreless
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