Tin Man

Season 1 Episode 1

Into the Storm

Aired Weekdays 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2007 on Syfy
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DG is a part-time waitress and student, who has felt out of place all her life. But her life takes a strange turn when she begins having mysterious dreams and strange men come to the house to capture her. DG's parents throw her into a tornado to save her, which whisks her to a dark magical realm called the O.Z. (the Outer Zone) and she finds herself in the presence of some very strange company, while gaining a chance to find her true mother.moreless

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  • Interesting show!

    DG is a normal girl living with her two parents in Kansas. All of a sudden, her world is turned upside-down when she and her parents are sucked into a tornado and taken to the O.Z. There she meets Glitch, Cain, and Raw. She learns more about her connection to the O.Z. and more about her shady past. Her parents are robots and she is somehow supposed to save the O.Z. She has an evil sister, Azkadellia, and her mother is trapped somewhere. Mysteries and secrets unfold as DG travels into the O.Z.

    This was a good plot for a show! A weird and adventurous take on the Wizard of OZ. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • What's left in the next two episodes

    It seems like so much happened in this episode that I am wondering what they are going to use for storyline purposes to fill up the last four hours of the mini-series.

    Caine, the Tin Man, is definetly the best character of the series so far. DG is a little flat of a character for me -- she seems very emotionless. I like Glitch and Raw. I am not sure about the bad chick yet -- pretty heartless to try and kill your own sister.

    This episode just had so much in it. It was pretty much the entire Wizard of Oz except for the whole killing of the witch part. Which means this is going to get pretty boring over the four hours watching them try to do that. I hope the show has some interesting twists to keep me going for the rest of the mini-series.moreless
  • Out of this world into the next, we are taken on a fantastical journey through The O.Z...

    D.G., a lonely misfit of a girl, starts having strange dreams. While she longs to figure out what to do with her life and the meaning of the dreams, she is preoccupied and confused with many questions. After she explains the dreams to her parents, they are concerned and preoccupied themselves, saying 'it is time'. That night, a tornado approaches, as do strange men in long coats (The Long-Coats), and out of fear, her parents toss her into the midst of it and jump themselves. D.G. wakes up in an alternate reality with little urchins holding her captive and threating to spit her, The Long-Coats arrive looking for her, and she goes on the run with another captive, Glitch - a brainless, quirky character. On the way, they pick up the Tin Man, who is stuck in a tin suit while being forced to watch the torture of his family over and over again and Raw, an empath with the ability to feel and see things in the past and future. Having been told by her caregivers (her parents) about her real mother and the danger she was in and the secret they agreed to keep for her, they head to Central City to find a mystic who holds the answers to help on her way.

    While all of this is going on, D.G. is remembering bits & pieces of little tales told to her by her dad and they are actually clues that help her on her quest to find answers to the weird predicament she has found herself in. She displays courage and wit as she sets out to find the answers, which will help her figure out who she really is and where she belongs.

    The first part of a three part mini-series brought to us by the SciFi network, I am excited about the direction they are taking us and can't wait to see the rest of the fantastical journey to the O.Z. This is a beginning episode I'm not disappointed in. It shows good potential to be a ground breaking new way of telling this story we're all so familiar with and enjoy.moreless
  • Sci Fi is known for releasing first rate miniseries that push the envelope of you're imagination. Their latest is Tin Man, a bold and original take on the classic Wizard of Oz.moreless

    This episode dives right into the story and is worth watching for a number of reasons. The story and plot is very good and you can tell they worked hard to capture a certain feel of this strange new world. The actors themselves are the best of all, they fit right into their roles. Zooey Deschanel plays a likable DG, who shows a heroic spirit and open mind through the whole journey. The lion doesn't have a comic role, he's of a solemn and grave personality, the amnesiac scarecrow, is the comic relief, while the Tin Man is an ex-cop and the tough guy of the show with a story of his own. The story starts out when DG is whisked away in a tornado to strange new land. As she journeys to emerald city, she'll discover many companions and find an evil witch queen is hunting her down along with a powerful emerald. By the end of the show, DG learns of her heritage as the daughter of a queen making her the sister of the witch Azcatalia.moreless
  • great story!

    well this was a great first part to the Epic retelling of the epic tale of The Wizard Of Oz. there was a great cast and great story atmosphere. I like the tone that the creators brought to this story. the only problem i had with the story was the music some of it i recognized like E.T., i heard a revamp version of the stargate theme, and even parts of the Jaws theme. i liked how they cast Zooey as D.G. Overall it was a very good story. i hope the other two parts live up to the first part.moreless
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Ian A. Wallace


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Donny Lucas


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Gwynyth Walsh


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Anna Galvin

Anna Galvin

Lavender Eyes

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Glitch say that the final number of 1208 -- "The queen's birthday". The classic movie "The Wizard of Oz" was released on August 12, 1939 ("12-08-39" in European date format)

    • Ahamo says he first entered the OZ when his balloon was blown away from the Nebraska State farm. His name is "Omaha", the largest city in Nebraska, spelled backwards.

    • In the early stages of production for Tin Man the mini-series focused primarily on the character Wyatt Cain. This is how it got it's name, and when the show became what it is now the name stayed.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Glitch: I've been thinking. If Mystic Man really does have all the answers, then maybe after he's helped DG find her mom, he could help me refill my noggin. Give Raw here some spine, and maybe do something for you about your lousy attitude!
      Cain: Or maybe he can put a zipper where it'll do some good.

    • Munchkin 1: Will Azkadellia attack from the east?
      DG: Who?
      Munchkin 2: The sorceress Azkadellia! The one for whom you spy. From which direction will her men come? Will they walk or will they fly?
      DG: Okay. How many times do I have to tell you guys that nothing you've said made any sense to me?
      Munchkin 1: Perhaps she is just a girl.
      DG: Yes. I am. I'm just a girl.
      Munchkin 1: Azkadellia has raided most all villages searching for the stone. Are we next on her list?!
      DG: I don't know about any list, but if this is how you treat strangers, I'm not surprised you have enemies.

    • (about DG)
      Mystic Man: You stay with her at all costs.
      Cain: I have to take care of Zero.
      Mystic Man: You know who she is now. She's the key. Promise me. I want your word as a tin man. You will not leave her side at any cost.
      Cain: You have my word.

    • Cain: Who needs tin when you have a picture of a certain little man playing bedsheet bingo with Zero's first wife?
      DeMilo: What? Come on Cain... Me and Mrs. Z, we... we was just joking around...
      Cain: Oh really? Why don't I go ask Zero, see if he thinks it's funny?

    • Azkadellia: The little bitch has gone to see the wizard.

    • DeMilo: Oh God, I hate tin men... especially ex-tin men.

    • Young Azkadellia:
      The majestic queen of the O.Z,
      Had two lovely daughters she,
      One to darkness, she be drawn,
      And one to light, she be shown,
      Double eclipse, it is foreseen,
      Light meets dark in the stillness between,
      But only one and one alone,
      Shall hold the emerald and take the throne

    • DG: Did you hear that?
      Glitch: Yes... no.

    • Glitch: My noggin wasn't always this way, you know. In my hey day, I was goverment advisor numero uno. I was the top dog's...right-hand man.

    • DG: Um.. your ah... zipper is undone.
      Glitch: Oh... didn't mean to offend. (zips his head up) Gotta be careful not to lose your marbles.

    • DG: Somebody saw my parents?
      Munchkin: You say parents; I say spies!

    • Lavender Eyes: (in DG's dream) A storm is coming.

    • Cain: (to DG) Look, I don't know where you came from, but if you have any interest of staying alive in the O.Z. you better get one fact straight real fast: trust no one.

    • Azkadellia: Welcome back, little sister: there's no place like the O.Z.

    • Zero: (before he shoots Cain) No iron suit for you this time. No wife and child crying for years to free you from it...
      Cain: My family's alive?
      Zero: Hardly matters now.

    • Cain: Now I know why they call you Zero... Still can't fight your own battles.

    • DG: What do you want?
      Azkadellia: Well up until a moment ago I wanted your death, but now it seems you have something I need...
      DG: What?
      Azkadellia: The emerald... You know where it is.

    • DG: (to Glitch) You knew my mother.
      Glitch: I knew I wasn't an idiot. Or a convict. I was the queen's adviser.

    • Azkadellia (to the Mystic Man): If it isn't the great and terrible blah blah blah himself.

    • Glitch: Oh come on, Tin Man, have a heart!

    • Cain: Much obliged for the help.
      DG: You're welcome, Mr. Cain. Um, I'm DG, by the way, and this is...
      Cain: I know. A headcase.
      Glitch: (laughs ruefully) I have a proper name, you know. And whe-when I remember it, I'll tell you.
      DG: What's a headcase?
      Cain: It's what the state does to re-educate criminals. They rip out their brains. Make them prisoners of their own minds. Ain't that right, convict?
      Glitch: Hey. Whoa. I ain't no convict. And just in case I am, it-it-it was a bogus charge, a-a-a frame job. I'm sure of it.
      Cain: Yeah, well...I'll see you down the road.

    • Glitch: Yeah, that's life in the O.Z. these days. Tough and tougher.

    • DG: Why would they remove your brain?
      Glitch: 'Cause of what I know. Or used to know. Whatever it was. Name's Glitch. On account of sometimes my synapses don't fire right. Sometimes my synapses don't fire right.
      DG: You just said that.
      Glitch: Did I? (laughs) There you go. Glitching again. (laughs)
      DG: And here I was thinking this nightmare couldn't get any weirder.
      Glitch: This isn't a nightmare. This is the O.Z. The Outer Zone. It used to be a piece of heaven, too. Until Azka-D got her claws into it.

    • Raw: (about Cain) Brave man. Good man. Tin Man.
      Glitch: Oh, I might have known you were a Tin Man. What with that attitude. (scoffs)
      DG: What's a Tin Man?
      Glitch: It's what they call policemen in Central City. At least I think it is.
      DG: (to Cain) You're a cop?
      Cain: Was.

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