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  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    Several years ago, the SyFy channel decided to take a crack at re-inventing the classic Wizard of Oz, a noble task, that many have tried and failed. I didn't know what to expect, but I assumed it would be some variation of the classic tale, hoping it would be more the like books and less like the films. Tin Man is defiantly not for kids and takes a unique approach to the classic story. In this version, OZ is not the friendly loveable place with strange characters and happy times for all. It's a dark story, about a dark place, where presently there is a lot of pain and misery. The big twist in the story is that this OZ is centuries past the one visited by Dorothy Gale. In the Outer Zone Dorothy Gale is a revered as the start of the royal families bloodline, but she has been dead for centuries! That being said, quite ingeniously, the future residents of the . parallel the old story, but not because they have to, they are in a sense mocking the original story in subtle ways. There's . (Zooey Deschanel), the girl from the other side, who was forced into the with no memory of ever having been there before. She soon meets Glitch, (Alan Cummings) a man who had part of his brain removed for disobeying the Queen. As they try to figure out what is happening around them, they run into a man (Neal McDonough) being punished in a Tin Man suit. This man was a Cop or Tin Man in the . who was deemed a threat, and put into this horrible form of torture. Finally, they come to the rescue of a native healer, named Raw (Raoul Trujillo), who has become trapped by carnivores and is about to become dinner. Together they go to see the wise man, to find out how to proceed in helping . The Wise Man (Richard Dreyfuss) turns out to be a drugged out magician doing parlor tricks! There are a million other parallels to the original story that make the journey through the . that much more enjoyable. Zooey Deschanel is the star and even though people often mistake her unique style of acting for inexperience, she was the perfect choice to play . The other standout is veteran character actor, Neal McDonough, who gives a gut wrenching and strong performance as the tortured former cop, in search of his family. The rest of the supporting cast was equally as impressive, taking you through the full range of emotions. As I said before, this is certainly not the OZ you grew up with and it's certainly not what I expected. Everything from the special effects, to the story, and even the modernization, was extremely impressive. It really is a shame that this was only a three part mini-series, but this would have made for one hell of a regular series. Some of the parallels are obvious, but there were plenty of times where I legitimately forgot that I was watching The Wizard of Oz. Leave the musical for the kid, this is what Frank Baum had in mind when he started this series, and it's most defiantly meant for mature audiences only.
  • Tin Man goes over the rainbow and beyond

    From the Sci-Fi Channel comes the mini-series Tin Man, a bold new vision of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Using a steampunk aesthetic, the series envisions a modern adaptation of Baum's work that takes place several generations after Dorothy Gale first visited. In this tale a waitress named . is transported to a fantastical land called the where she discovers that she's a long lost princess and that her evil sister has overthrown the kingdom and is attempt to plunge it into permanent darkness. Most of the hallmarks of the original story are here (the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Wicked Witch, but it's all done with a twist. The cast is led by Zooey Deschanel, Neal McDonough, Kathleen Robertson, Alan Cumming, and Richard Dreyfuss, and they give pretty good performances. Additionally, the set designs and costumes are quite interesting and create an captivating visual style. Yet, there is some over use of green screen effects and CGI creatures. The music however, does an impressive job at brings a sense of wonder and excitement to the series. Tin Man is one of the most imaginative takes on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and delivers an exciting adventure that's full of thrills.
  • Dorothy & friends battle the evil Empress and her minions to save the O.Z. from her evil plan to destroy it.

    When I first started watching this I thought "This has to get better." It didn't, until the final hour which was pretty good. The story starts out in Kansas where a 15 year old (who looks 30) girl D.J. works in a greasy-spoon diner and rides a Honda. Her parents are weird--you find out why later. Meanwhile in the Outer Zone (where? it's never clear) the evil Empress sends her storm troopers to Earth via tornado to kidnap her. In the O.Z.(Oz,get it?)she meets Glitch, a court advisor to the previous Queen who had half his brain surgically removed, the "Tin Man" an ex-cop who didn't want to serve the evil regime and a cowardly man-beast. They discover that DJ is actually the daughter of the former Queen and a man from Earth and the Evil Empress is her older sister. The people here are all either FROM Earth ("the other side") or decended from Earth people who were carried there in storms.THey meet Toto, her former tutor who is a shape-shifter and a spy for the Empress. They go to Central City and meet the wizard who has been turned into a drug addicted fortune teller by Inch, the storm trooper who destroyed the Tin Mans family. They are betrayed and captured but escape. DJ finds out her sisters body is posessed by the spirit of an ancient witch. She meets her father who takes her to the mausoleum of her grandmother -- the original Dorothy. The Tin Man finds his son who is now grown up and leads the Resistance. They attack the Empresses palace, prevent her from using grandmother Dorothy's green Emerald to destroy the O.Z. and get the witch to leave the sisters body. And they all lived happily ever after. Not nearly as good as I anticipated, but not nearly as awful as it started out to be. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't watch it again if ANYTHING else better was on.
  • I really like that this is not a "remake." Tin Man is a bizzare continuation of a classic story... which was bizzare on a less dark level in of itself.

    I am a fan of Zooey, but have to admit that she's not the reason I watched this. Although she did help make it really work for me. I didn't like the idea of this show at first and didn't watch it until a friend handed me his DVDs and said "you're crazy so I know you'll like this too." How can you resist that? Once again our main female character is pulled into the world of Oz without having previous knowledge of its exsitance. Then she starts to realize that not only did she know of it before, but she is actually from there. Oz has changed a great deal and is in danger of perminetly becoming a place she doesn't want her homeland to be. So she gathers a bunch of misfits to help solve the mysteries of the current events and figure out her blocked memories. I loved looking for the allusions to the classic take and seeing how they altered or included them in the story. There is cheesy element in the story, but it works enough that it doesn't bother you too much. There was potental to make this story much darker, but they still kept it a family friendly show, as family friendly as SciFi can be.
  • Very imaginative interpretation of a classic.

    And one that was not offensive, which is a common complaint on remakes. Too bad it took CTV (via its daughter network SPACE) two years of letting the series collect dust in its vaults before it finally aired in Canada.

    I thought it was well cast and both the setting and the characterizations were all relatively easy to invest in, with one exception. And unfortunately, I found that exception to be the lead role of "DG", less than admirably portrayed by Zooey Deschanel.

    She obviously showed up to set because there she is on film, but she most decidedly left her spirit at home.

    The good news is that every other key role was done on an "A game" level, particularly "Cain" (Neal McDonough) and "Glitch" (Alan Cumming). Kathleen Roberston was quite convincing as well as the good-sister-gone-bad, while Callum Keith Rennie (Due South) was barely recognizable to me! Had I not seen the credits I would never have known it was him. Great make up and costuming on this series as well...

    All in all, an entertaining romp and a good bit of escapism. And thats what it set out to be, so: mission accomplished.
  • My personal view is that Tin Man fails in its central character of DG and in its musical score. Sadly, Tin Man could have been great viewing

    The musical score for Tin Man is very distracting; can I hear a revamped "Stargate" theme? Or have I watched too many re runs of stargate. Kathleen Robertson (Azdadellia) and Neal McDonough (Cain) are well cast and do a great job. Raoul Trujillo (Raw) and Alan Cumming (Glitch) play there rolls wonderfully, which brings me to the central character. What happened here? Zooey Deschanel is supposed to be a young girl; I think not. Zooey lacks any form of acting skills required for this leading character. Zooey is completely unconvincing and most annoying, her voice grinds me. I was so looking forward to this show – shame the lead was so badly cast.
  • Not a bad re-imagining of the Wizard of Oz. I personally don't care for remakes but after Battlestar Gallactica I at least have hope of a decent effort in this genera.

    Not a bad re-imagining of the Wizard of Oz. I personally don't care for remakes but after Battlestar Gallactica I at least have hope of a decent effort in this genera. The addition of highly advance A.I. and the truly dark magic involved was handled well. Another surprise Zooey Deschanel fitted nicely as Dorthy's daughter with no memory of her magical heritage. The Tin Man reinvented as a martial arts master and military genius with a zipper on his skull to boot was pure gold. I liked the mini-series but didn't feel it was series material and I'm glad they left us with a good stand alone story.
  • DG and the friends she makes along the way help her to overcome personal obsticals and bring hope to a world full of darkness.

    This is a great original take on the story of The Wizard of Oz. The acting is wonderful, save for the main chick who seems to be lost and bored all the time. The look is crazy beautiful, and the storyline is fantastic. Taking the Tin Man away from the Tin literally, and making him into a great emotional complex and exciting character. The Scarecrow takes on a life of it's own in a brilliant twist of fate. Todo, well let's say that not alot of people will see his transition into modern times coming. Dorthy on the other hand is just as annoying and bland as the last. Her family is not bland or annoying, they come to us in a strange mix of personality.
    This show has secrets, visonary excitment, and a great fresh take on the old brick road we know and love. There are a few nay-sayers, but trust me. To miss out on this fantastic adventure for the whole family would be a loss of great work done by truly imaginative people.
  • Tin man is atrocious.

    Tin man is atrocious. Mainly because i think it was badly casted. The acting is just horrendous! There didn't look like there was much chemistry between the cast. Instead of trying to find a way to save her mother, DescHanel should've gone back to acting school. The queen played by Kathleen Robertson was dare i say, played out. The storyline would've been given a chance if the acting was much better. The graphics were mildly watchable, but geez the acting was my main concern. I had high hopes for this show. My eyes were glued to the tube but my face was cringing with absolute horror.
  • This is exactly my kind of show.

    Tin Man is incredible. That word just about sums up my whole experience with the show. I think a lot of people are turned off by the fact that they changed the 1939 classic musical to a sci-fi miniseries. But I wasn't about to let that get in my way of enjoying this show. It's actually surprising how much more I really did enjoy it because I have seen the movie, and I did compare them. They pay homage to the movie/book in countless witty and often humorous quotes, characteristics, and situations. Take for example how in the first episode Cain was asked numerous times if he had a heart, and at one point when he first met DG and she asked him that he told her that (I'm paraphrasing here) "heart doesn't have to do with anything". Or how Glitch has a reason for his brain to be removed, and Raw has his grounds for cowardliness. Not to mention the rest of the fantasy they added to make a very creative story- the magic, the fairy tale creatures, the issues of royalty and an emerald (another good example of a tribute to the original). If you don't have patients or an open mind this show can be a let down, but if you can try and keep a wide imagination and let the story of DG and her quest to find home take you away to the Outer Zone.
  • You don't have to know The Wizard of Oz to understand Tin Man, but if you do know The Wizard of Oz you find Tin Man even more interesting.

    There have been several movies, books, etc. based off of the original story The Wizard of Oz but none like Tin Man. The thing that I like most about it is that it's completely opposite from the Wizard of Oz in some ways. For example, when you picture Oz you see bright colors and happy little munchkins, but the Outer Zone is taken over by dark magic and guild fighters. It sounds kind of nerdy.. and I guess it kind of is, but it really is worth watching. The only negative thing I can say about it is that some parts get kind of long, but that only happens once or twice throughout the whole thing.
  • Finally we get to see a non gay wizard of oz.

    Finally we get to see a non gay wizard of oz. You sees whenever i tell my friends about this, they go something like this: "Oh, that gay wizard of oz show". And when i try to explain that it is nothing like the synced up pink floyd musical, they just tell me, in a way i may have to censor, to shut up. But i am here to tell you that tin man is awesome- 10 out of ten... or at least 9.7.
    From azkadelia getting possesed by a witch to dg jumping into a tornadoe, all the way to cain getting locked in a scuba diving uniform for the better part of thirty years.
    Tin man has it all, and you god damn better see it while people know it exists.
  • I tip my hat to this show: It showed me the Wizard of Oz that doesn't include Pink Floyd Musicals.

    I tip my hat to this show: It showed me the Wizard of Oz that doesn't include Pink Floyd Musicals.
    And thank god for that. Although then I went back to rewatch the Wizard of Oz (which made me think it was gay again), and then I went back to ^read above^.
    So thank god for D.G, Glitch, Cain, and Raw.
    This is very original, and that is a rare thing for a spinoff. Its also very... no, wait, I think that original said it all.
    The plotline twists and turns, you assume the worst then see the good, you see Sarah Jessica Parker outfits, then you get (more) scared. It gave a whole new spin to the flying monkeys, and itr also provided an aftermath to the Wicked Witch of the West's liquid formation.
    While there are the unavoidable allusions contained within every single spinoff there were things added on that gave it a "cool" aura. One of y favorites coined by the good at heart Azkadelia? "The little b1tch has gone to see the wizard".
    Thats basically all I could think of at tis time. With any hope, you will leasrn to like it as much as I do, And wont get put off by the first half of the first epsidodes.
    See yas!
  • A wonderful re-imagining of Oz.

    This isn't your ordinary Dorothy story in Oz, this is definitely a much darker and scarier Oz then the one that was already created. Evil is ruling the land, and it is going to stop at nothing to get what it wants. There is only one person who can stop it, and that is DG, Dorothy.

    This does a good job incorporating all of the characters from "The Wizard of Oz", and it does a good job of making them something less then normal. They are all much darker characters with more troubled pasts. Even the Scarecrow is someone who is more disturbing then the Scarecrow from the book, even though he does provie some comic relief from time to time.

    Overall this is a visually good mini-series, and while the acting isn't always up to snuff, it is very well done.
  • A whimsical Fairy tale with memorable characters and magical moments.

    The world of OZ is once again reimagined and comes to life on the small screen. The "Tin Man" is not merely another rendition of Dorthy, the Scarecrow,and others journey down the yellow brick road, instead this tale is a story of two Sisters ,one gone a stray. The main charcter no longer refferred to as Dorothy, but simply DG travels into the Outer Zone to discover a world very different than her own, but a world facing turmoil and ineed of her help. Each of the famous Oz charcters are represented here, with a more mature and yet somewhat withdrawn personality. Tin Man is full of sorcery and folklore, the journey through OZ is visulaly delightful. The individual characters all have an important backstory in relation to the overall plot. Just like in the Wonderful Wizard of OZ, each 1 suffers from their own short comings. Together their group travels to uncover secrets and over throw the rule of the wicked queen. The cast seems like they were hand picked and taylor made for their roles. The acting was more than up to par, Drama featuring emotions that poured through and actions that portrayed each moment to the tee. I believe the story was a bit too far removed from the book that inspired it, even though this was clearly not a remake. The story although it was refreshingly creative and fun filled, often would wander in directions that felt misguided, this would have been completely unacceptable if it was a movie but can be forgiven because the televised format allowed for more exploration. The conclusion to this tale gave us a classic storybook Happy Ending, which should satisfy all , until the next trip somewhere over the rainbow.
  • In this wonderful reimagination, the Sci-Fi channel took a classic story and made it better. DG, Glitch, Cain, Tutor, and Raw are determined to take down Azkadelia, restoring OZ. With new sci-fi twists it's become an instant family classic.

    Being a fan of the original Judy Garland movie, I was a little leary of Sci-Fi's remake. I felt, though, that with the increase in technological ability that production companies have that a new OZ might broaden the scope for young adults. It has all the elements of the original story, but with some twists. Oz is now the OZ, or outer zone. Dorothy Gale is now DG, a princess of the OZ. Glitch is no longer a man made of straw who is missing his brain but a real man who had has his brain removed because of the knowledge in it. The Tin Woodsman isn't just a man made of tin wishing for a heart, he's an ex-police officer who's heart was figuratively ripped out of his chest by the death of his family. Raw, a manimal with no courage replaces the Cowardly Lion. Finally, the part of the Wicked Witch of the West, the original's main villian is taken over by Azkadelia, DG's sister who is being manipulated by an imprisoned sorceress. With technology, magic, and shape-shifting this Tin Man is a well told version of Frank Baum's Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I hope a series is made from it.
  • Extreme Makeover: Wizard of Oz Edition A great new SciFi twist on an old classic... The Wizard of Oz has gotten a great modern makeover!

    I never watch SciFi channel movies as they are usually so bad... but I am sure glad I watched this one. They infused the spirit of the original Wizard of Oz with new life and stunning visuals!

    The family aspect to all the characters was fresh and including the original Dorothy Gale as DG's Great Grandmother to this story into the original was genius.

    I liked Dad as the wizard and Mom as the fairy godmother... I liked that Toto was a shape shifter and more than anything I loved David Cumming as Glitch... he always plays such smarmy characters and I loved him as a good guy =)

    If you skipped this the first time around don't miss it when it comes back around
  • A reimagined Dorothy (DG) returns to a totally revamped OZ for a new adventure which is very reminiscient of the original telling of the Wizard of Oz.

    From start to finish, Tin Man is pretty true to the original Wizard of Oz, with twists and new additions along the way. The Outer Zone (OZ) is somewhat darker, and oddly less imaginative. The story itself is only slightly original in its additions to the original plot. The acting is horrible, with exceptions few and far between, and the script and writing are both terrible and made me visibly cringe often. The actors would have had a hard time making this script look good, but in many cases they just make it dismally worse with horrible expression of emotion and unconvincing acting (DG, played by Zooey, is a step below Keanu Reeves in this department) Really the only reasons you should watch this remake are to see the very well done costumes, sets, and visuals (although much of the CG is outdated) and to laugh at the occasional humorism by Glitch. If you finish the miniseries, you'll wonder why you sat in front of this show for so long instead of just going outside for a walk.
  • I was pleasantly surprised with "Tin Man." Most of the Sci Fi Channels movies and series are terrible but "Tin Man" was actually very good. I reccommend you watch it.

    When I first heard about "Tin Man," I thought it was going to be another Sci Fi channel mini series piece of crap. This channel has gone down hill. My expectations were even lowered when I saw the special, "Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: The Making of Tin Man." The creators mentioned how the main character, DG, was an updated version of Dorothy from the "Wizard of OZ" and was a strong female character. Then red lights and whistles started going off in my head. When I hear male sci fi writers claiming they wrote a "strong female character" I cringe. Most of these characters turn out to be drunk and foul mouthed with bi-polar disorder who weigh 110 pounds but have the ability of beating up a 250 pound marine. (The new Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica comes to mind. Oh man, don't get me started on that train wreck of a character.)
    But I was very pleasantly surprised. In all it was a very good story of how DG fulfilled her destiny and saved her family. I won't tell you any of the story. You'll have to trust me and watch. But if you like your wicked witches smokin' hot with cleavage you will be very entertained! LOL!!!
  • Visually appealing but lacking in story

    The show started out good but too much happened in the first installment that caused the last two installments to drag out too much. I really enjoyed the first installment watching the story of the O.Z. unfold as DG met all the characters. The problem was the writers did not leave any suprises for the other two installments. Neal McDonough did an amazing job as Cain, the TinMan, and really made the mini-series worth watching. Callum Keith Rennie was also very good as Zero and Alan Cumming was good as Glitch. Glitch was not initially a good character but he grew on me as the mini-series went on. I didn't like DG at all -- she seemed emotionally flat and Azkadellia just was not evil enough for me. The MoBats were cool though and the imagery in the show was very good.
  • Such a great idea if only the main actor could act!

    I was so excited about the premise of this show. I loved the modern rework of it all. However a few minutes into it I quickly realise that the main character, DG, played by Zooey Deschanel can't act! I have seen Zooey in 'Weeds' and 'Almost famous' and liked her in these stoner bit rolls, however she can't handle a main role. She was actually required to show a range of emotions, which she does not. Everyone else was great. I loved Glitch. I also thought it ended a bit abruptly but that could of been my version

    Great idea and visually very beautiful. I would love them to have another go at it!
  • Mildly mind numbing.

    I enjoyed the cast of characters. This seemed to be a real nice way to put a twist on a classic. I was amazed at how bitter the Tin Man was though. The writing seemed very weak in most areas. What started out as a promising show soon mired down into totally something else. What that something else still remains to be seen. Still the first part did have it's moments. It's like the trip to Oz was done in an alternate reality from the get go. DG showed a brave face through out the show. Her parents have a lot of explaining to do!
  • Interesting new take on a classic

    I watched this show partly on a whim, since I've enjoyed Sci-Fi Channel original things before. What I found was a sweet, slightly tongue-in-cheek tribute to a classic. However, the writers felt no need to stick straight to the original story, which I think is the saving grace of the show. The "tin-man" only has no heart insofar as he is bitter, Glitch is really missing his brain, and Raw is obviously suffering from PTS. I also enjoyed the D.G. and Azkadelia story, and I was glad that she was redeemed in the end. However, I didn't really like that the real Dorothy Gale was the first human to visit the O.Z. That's getting too close to the original story, plus, why would her great-granddaughter have the exact same adventure as she did? I don't know if they should make it into a full series, though.
  • what i felt was right and wrong.

    The mini-series even though interesting at times went nowhere. Though the omages to the original OZ where nice, they led to nothing, like D.G. telling the others they had was missing all along like when she told glitch he was smart. how could that be when you saw is brain in a jar a few scenes later. Then theres the ending O.M.G. can one say anticlimatic? who ever wrote it should be taken behind the barn and slapped. this makes me wonder if this project was completed before or after the W.G.A. strike started. The one saving grace was the acting, you could tell they did not have a lot to work with. at least those trying to get back into the buisnes
  • A new but classic twist on the Classic Wizard of OZ. Not only does it stay true to the Classic but brings a new and fun take to following the yellow-brick road. Join DG and her friends, Glich, Caine, and Raw on a journey beyond the yellow brick road

    For me I'm not the kind of person to watch miniseries but the minute I was watching a trailer of this series on Scifi I was immediately interested. I love how the writers kept true to the Classic movie but made it awhole lot darker and alot more complex. I'm a huge fan of mysetries and thrillers and most importantly remakes and Tin Man certanity has all those factors. This started out as a little miniseries but for my dad and me it turned out to be an adventure that made us immediately hook the minute we started watching it. It really sucks that its a miniseries but hopefully it will be loved by all, as much I as do.
  • This is her first trip to OZ, but its not the first trip.

    Meh! Yeah, meh pretty much sums up my feelings about the mini-series for the most part. (IMO) it was drawn out and suffered from too much back story. However, I watched the entire series because I loved the concept of why DG portrayed by Zooey Deschanel was brought to Oz and why the other characters were missing certain attributes; the Lion or Raw portrayed by Raoul Trujillo had an absence of courage (which was interpreted as an empathic ability) because it was taken from him to be used as a means of tearing the memories from those who apposed the Tyrant Azkadellia; The Scarecrow or Glitch portrayed by Alan Cumming was missing his brain because he simply knew to much about the past and the Tin Man or Wyatt Cain portrayed by Neal McDonough who was cleverly given the distinction of being an officer who was captured and encapsulated inside a coffin made of Tin, wasn't actually missing his heart but had it shattered by having to view his family being tortured repeatedly. I enjoyed the elaboration because it gave reasoning behind why the missing parts of themselves I was also impressed by the idea of it being sequel-esque to the original, but considering the acting talent, I was surprised by how uninteresting most of the characters were for the most part, and I didn't quite get the gist of why the series was called Tin Man, he wasn't even the most charismatic, dynamic or for that matter the most integral personality in the show. I give that honor to Kathleen Robertson (Azkadellia) or should I say the Wicked Witch? It wasn't exactly passable but I wasn't blown away by it.
  • New way to look at the world of Oz.

    Before the world, the book, and the movie the Wizard of Oz supposed to be based off of a polictical movement in the 1800's. This new rendition of Oz, introducing the world of O.Z., or the Outer Zone, completely shattered the general characteristic of what the Wizard of Oz was, and introduced a newer, and far more interesting version.
    I like the first Wizard of Oz, but Tin Man is far surpassing in that I wanted to keep watching. The ending, I have to say was predictable, but to see the events leading up to the ending was well worth the wait.
    So Final Judgement: Tin Man is a extrememly interesting show, that only Scifi could have made.
  • Weak writing equals bad mini-series.

    This was a pitiful attempt to make a modern Oz story without ever mentioning the name the entire time. Most of the acting is lackluster except for the man playing the character Tinman himself. The script is weak and most of the characters seem to be delivering the whatever horrible line is written for them with the same enthusiasm of a half awake sloth. The actors rarely show any real emotion except for the title character of Cain, the Tinman, which considering the writing for most of the story I can't see anyone being able to deliver this story convincingly. This is from someone who can genuinely can enjoy an episode of Flash Gordon despite it's shortcomings.
  • Best part of this show is technical skill of it's producers. Story looks like it was written with passion, only if by passion you mean boredom of mashing up used concepts. Mosaic of different bits and pieces is captivating ... for half of first episode.

    Well, you get tons of wierd and fun stuff, different "races", magical places and so on. Viewer is flooded with all the cool differences between OZ and our world.
    It's executed really smooth. Enviorments look impressive, CG always presents great level etc etc.

    But, as the story progressess and new parts are being introduced it's making worse and worse impression. You can't help to see through glimmering upper layer and find out - it's repetitive mash up below. It borrows some elements from different conventions and various works. This practice actually pays off sometimes, but they just went to far with it. At some point it starts _feeling_ unorginal and repetitive.
    After all it's just another "special" but at the same time ordinary girl that's thrown in the middle of the struggle of good vs evil. Epic scale, world depend on you type of struggle ofcourse. She's nice to people around her and evil uses blunt methods, legions of nazi-like nameless troopers and pack of gargoyles. All the actions of every character are being led to create some scenes writers wanted - no matter how dumb these actions have to be.

    I'd like to specially highlight dialogues of witch and her adversaries. They're simply outrageus. There are no people talking with her - only some grotesque dolls with lips filled with words that 3yo could come up with.
    She is supreme leader of genocidal regime that purges whole lands just for the heck of it and they will patiently talk and answear questions - with some pathetic examples of resistance here and there. While at the same time witch uses 3yo fortels like the never dying "first play nice (even though you purged those lands and the guy knows it!), threat and if it fails go for brute force".

    It's pretty good show for kids. As long as they didn't watch The Wire and don't know the hights of modern writinig - they can simply don't care about all the stuff adults find as misteaks. However technical skill and smooth execution of this simplistic concept makes it worth watching for adults. If you've got spare time - it's decent filler. But nothing more.
  • Captivating.

    I had my reservations before starting watching this, but after about 45 minutes, I was hooked. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the characters. Once I start caring about the character, either for their well-being or the downfall, I usually get well invested in a show. DG's quest in the OZ and her confusion as to who she really was is what got me. Also, Cain and his lost family piqued my interest. I always love when people get reunited after being apart for awhile. Plus I enjoyed the subtle references to the original, like the Mobats and the tiny creatures she encounted when she first got to the OZ that reminded me of the Lollipop Guild! I was very interested from beginning to end and will buy the DVD when it comes out in March.
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