Tin Man

Syfy (Mini-Series 2007)





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  • Dorothy & friends battle the evil Empress and her minions to save the O.Z. from her evil plan to destroy it.

    When I first started watching this I thought "This has to get better." It didn't, until the final hour which was pretty good. The story starts out in Kansas where a 15 year old (who looks 30) girl D.J. works in a greasy-spoon diner and rides a Honda. Her parents are weird--you find out why later. Meanwhile in the Outer Zone (where? it's never clear) the evil Empress sends her storm troopers to Earth via tornado to kidnap her. In the O.Z.(Oz,get it?)she meets Glitch, a court advisor to the previous Queen who had half his brain surgically removed, the "Tin Man" an ex-cop who didn't want to serve the evil regime and a cowardly man-beast. They discover that DJ is actually the daughter of the former Queen and a man from Earth and the Evil Empress is her older sister. The people here are all either FROM Earth ("the other side") or decended from Earth people who were carried there in storms.THey meet Toto, her former tutor who is a shape-shifter and a spy for the Empress. They go to Central City and meet the wizard who has been turned into a drug addicted fortune teller by Inch, the storm trooper who destroyed the Tin Mans family. They are betrayed and captured but escape. DJ finds out her sisters body is posessed by the spirit of an ancient witch. She meets her father who takes her to the mausoleum of her grandmother -- the original Dorothy. The Tin Man finds his son who is now grown up and leads the Resistance. They attack the Empresses palace, prevent her from using grandmother Dorothy's green Emerald to destroy the O.Z. and get the witch to leave the sisters body. And they all lived happily ever after. Not nearly as good as I anticipated, but not nearly as awful as it started out to be. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't watch it again if ANYTHING else better was on.