Tin Man

Season 1 Episode 2

Search for the Emerald

Aired Weekdays 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2007 on Syfy

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  • DG continues her adventure.

    DG discovers more about her past. She figures out that Azkadellia is the way she is because of her. After DG and the others find her home, Az and her gang come and capture DG and Raw leaving Glitch on the floor and Cain for dead as Zero shoots him. Cain is alive and Glitch helps him and finds out what saved him. Cain finds his family's home, but his wife has died. Raw says that his son is still alive. Az hires "Toto" to be an inside spy. He is a shape-shifter and helps DG and the others escape, but leaves video of their headings.

    This episode was great! A lot happened! I can't wait to see the ending! I give it a 9.5 out of 10!
  • What's left?

    This had to be the most boring section of the series. Nothing really happened that I could figure out other than Cain's son might still be alive and DG is sort of responsible for what happened to her sister.

    This was my concern after watching the first installment. So much happened in that installment that I kept wondering what the show was going to do with the rest of the installments. Still liking Cain the best but Glitch is starting grow on me too. Still not fond of DG -- she just doesn't seem to be that great of a character. I hope the final installment picks up on the action because I had to start this one twice before I got all the way through it.
  • Our journey into the O.Z. continues with more adventures and some enlightenment into DG's mysterious childhood.

    In this second foray into the magical realm of the O.Z., the storyline continues with DG searching for answers to her mysterious childhood, her missing mother and the fate of the O.Z. and it's inhabitants. At the conclusion of the first part of Tin Man, DG was captured by Azkadellia' Long Coats along with Raw, Cain (Tin Man) was left sinking to the bottom of the lake, and Glitch was lying unconscious after the mobats had attacked him. This episode opens with Glitch finding and taking care of Cain after he emerges from the water. Raw and DG are imprisoned in Azkadellia's dark castle, where DG meets The Mystic Man once again and he talks to her in riddles about how to find the answers. She tries to get a rat to help her escape her cell, but eventually it's a dog that releases her and they find Raw and run into Cain and Glitch. After the dog helps them to escape the castle, we learn he is a shapeshifter and that his name is "Toto", a nickname given to him by DG when she and Azkadellia were children as she couldn't pronounce his name. He lies and tells her he has been sent by her mother to help her find the emerald and the answers, when in fact it is Azkadellia who has enlisted him to do her bidding. The trip resumes through the woods, eluding The Long Coats and stirring up DG's memories along the way, while Toto leaves little mirrors with videos on them for Azkadellia's mobat, Zorra, to find and deliver.

    At one point, they take refuge with some resistance fighters and are helped to cross a gorge. At this point, Cain learns his family is alive and fighting for the resistance and the man tells him where to find them. We then find out once he gets there that his wife is dead and the son is nowhere to be found. This was a very emotional point in the movie.

    As the trip continues, DG is having more and more memories, about a maze and a swing and a cave. She also remembers that she and Azkadellia were friends, as Azkadellia had told her in part one. She didn't believe her then, but finds out the truth in part two.

    We are left at the end of this episode with DG devastated by the realization of what she had done the day that evil entered into Azkadellia's life. She learns that it was in fact because of her that their bond had been broken, literally.

    I can't wait to see the conclusion to this series. It is proving to be entertaining and very enjoyable. The twists on this remake are wonderfully inventive and quite charming at times, while at others quite silly. I can't wait to see what part three will reveal along character development, storyline and believability.
  • Sci Fi is known for releasing first rate miniseries that push the envelope of you're imagination. Their latest is Tin Man, a bold and original take on the classic Wizard of Oz.

    Part 2. went even better then I expected. DG and her friends are imprisoned in the queen's castle while the Tin Man was shot down into a lake of ice. When he wakes up he finds he's a live and in the care of the scarecrow. Now we are introduced to a new character Todo who releases DG. What she doesn't know is that Todo is a man working for the queen as a spy. Soon enough her and her friends meet and resume their journey into the woods. DG learns about her magical abilities and finds a childhood place called the Funaqua. This is where DG learns the horrible truth. As a child, her and her sister were close friends and it was DG's fear that let her sister become host to an evil witch.
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