Tin Man

Season 1 Episode 2

Search for the Emerald

Aired Weekdays 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2007 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • The famous dog "Toto"'s name is actually the nickname given to DG and Azkadellia's teacher, "Tutor", when they were younger.

    • Goof: At the end of part two, Azkadellia storms away saying she'll pick up DG's trail herself. The next shot shows her releasing more mobats, but she is wearing a completely different outfit. Why would she change clothes if time is so precious?

  • Quotes

    • Young Azkadellia: We are not supposed to be out here alone. She says there's wild animals in the forest.
      Young DG: Did she say what kind of wild animals?
      Young Azkadellia: Lions and tigers...
      (DG sees a bear not far from them)
      DG: Oh, my!

    • DG: Did it always look so dead?
      Cain: No. This used to be some of the most fertile land in the O.Z. Orchards, nurseries.
      Glitch: Gotta love a good orchard. Full of succulent fruit for all the people to eat. Free, too, if you're a good fence-climber. Mind you, those scarecrows kind of freak me out.

    • Mystic Man: Did you feel that?
      DG: Yeah.
      Mystic Man: They're testing a machine.
      DG: What sort of machine?
      Mystic Man: The complete destruction of the O.Z.

    • Glitch: (to the gang about Toto) This is the man... uh... dog... who helped us escape.

    • Mystic Man: What I can tell you...is that your mother cloaked your memories in magic so that Azkadellia cannot get to them.
      DG: Great. The only thing is neither can I.
      Mystic Man: Yes, you can.
      DG: You know, my mother was really good with the to-do list, she just wasn't so good with the how-to-do lists.
      Mystic Man: She said you must unlock your memories. Your light must brighten a place that is dark...in the south. It's where you'll find a message about your future...and your past.

    • Raw: Your son, Jeb, still lives.
      Cain: No.
      Raw: He lives to honor you. I feel it.
      Cain: You feel too much.

    • Glitch: Did I ever tell you I was afraid of heights?
      DG: You were hanging from the ceiling when I met you.
      Glitch: (screams as the zipline begins to fall) Involuntarily!

    • DG: What's a sunseeder?
      Glitch: I don't know, but it sounds cool.

    • Cain: (after seeing Glitch fight the LongCoats) You're a deep well, Glitch.
      Glitch: It's all about rhythm.

    • (Glitch and Cain are scoping out Azkadellia's palace)
      Glitch: I mean I'm not saying they called me twinkle-toes or anything, but I cut quite a rug.
      (Cain rolls his eyes)
      Glitch: Oh, you can make a face Cain, but it's true. There was a time when I was a fantastic dancer. She may have taken my brains, but rhythm, that comes directly from your...
      Cain: Do you have any bright ideas how to get in there?
      Glitch: I mean, I don't mind taxing my half a brain for DG, but just once I wish that someone would acknowledge me for my rhythm. Which as I was trying to say before I was so rudely interrupted comes directly from the soul.
      (Cain gives him a look)
      Glitch: Sometimes Cain, you make me feel just like those ladies at the dance did. Like I blend right into the wallpaper.
      (Cain spots some LongCoats off on their own and gets an idea)
      Cain: That's a good idea.
      (Glitch realizes the plan)
      Glitch: Wanna dance?
      Cain: I'll lead, you follow.

    • Glitch: You know, you really should do something about that bitter cynicism of yours, Cain.
      Cain: Why? Someone's gotta keep your wide-eyed optimism in check.

    • DG (about the location of the Emerald): I don't remember...
      Azkadellia: DG... my lovely little sister... that was the wrong answer.

    • Azkadellia: (kidnapping DG) I guess I haven't made this much of a family reunion.
      DG: Well I wasn't expecting a picnic.

    • Hank: Had that crazy nightmare last night, huh?
      DG: In Technicolor.

    • Glitch: (while looking at his wanted picture) That is a terrible picture of me.
      Raw: Mhm.

    • Glitch: I'd give my last synapse for a juicy apple.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Young DG mentions that young Azkadellia was able to get a tree to throw fruit - this is a reference to The Wizard of Oz during which Dorothy angers some apple trees and they throw fruit at her.

    • DG tells her Dad that she had the dream again, in Technicolor. This is yet another reference to the 1939 movie. Specifically, it refers to how the film went from black and white to color, using Technicolor technology, when Dorothy arrived in Oz.

    • The girls' tutor's name is Toto. This name comes from the Oz stories where Toto was Dorothy's pet dog. This is also shown by the fact that Toto can turn into a dog.