Tin Man

Season 1 Episode 3

Tin Man

Aired Weekdays 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Great conclusion!

    DG and her friends continue their search for the emerald. They are taken to Finaqua, where DG and Az used to play and their mother used to sit on the swing. There, DG finds a message from her mother telling her about a man named Ahamo. Cain figures Toto out to be a traitor. He promises that his intentions weren't evil and that he will be faithful to them. They travel to the Realm of the Unwanted, where they will find Ahamo. The Longcoats capture Cain, Glitch and Raw while the Seeker takes DG. They are rescued by some strangers and one of them turns out to be Jeb, Cain's son. They caputre Zero and Jeb tries to get him to talk. He also wants to take vengence for killing his mother, but Cain stops him. DG finds out that the Seeker is Ahamo and Ahamo is her father. Azkadellia is hot on the trail of DG. DG and Ahamo find the Gray Gale and find Dorothy, who gives her the Emerald. Az corners DG and takes the Emerald, then she traps DG in the Gray Gale. With magic, she escapes and meets up with Cain, Raw, Toto and Glitch. Together they go to the castle to stop Azkadellia's evil plan. DG convinces Az to come back to the light, which separates her and the witch. Glitch, Raw and Cain shut off the machine and the O.Z. is saved!

    This was a great ending to a great miniseries! It was exciting and very awesome! It was weird seeing Az being nice though. It was funny how Jeb tricked Zero to get him to talk. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Too predictible

    Okay it took way to long to get here and it was a little too predictible but the show overall wasn't that bad. The final installment fulfilled all the predictions.

    Zero ended up in a TinMan suit, Cain found his son, DG saved the day and her sister, her mom and day were reunited. All nice neat and easy. A little to anti-climatic for me.

    The final installment dragged a little for me but not as much as the second installment. Glitch really grew on me throughout the mini-series but Cain is the only reason to watch this show -- he showed real emotion when he was reunited with his son and when he exacted his revenge on Zero.

    Again not as much action as I wanted for the final installment but still not that bad.
  • A tragic doomsday is averted at the last possible moment in the finale of this mini-series.

    The finale of this 3-part mini-series was well written and played out. I enjoyed seeing the drama come to a head as DG gets kidnapped, finds out her kidnapper is actually her missing father. Her friends are all taken by the kings men and rescued by Cain's son, Jeb. DG's father takes her to look for the Grey Gale via a hot air balloon, a different take on the original. They find the Grey Gale, a mausoleum, for the entire Gale clan from the very first Gale to make it to The O.Z. from The Other Side, Dorothy Gale. Upon entering the doors for Dorothy's final resting place, DG meets her predecessor and the emerald is given into her safekeeping to save The O.Z. Azkadellia then grabs the emerald and their father and locks DG in a coffin in the mausoleum and she is rescued by Cain, Raw, Glitch and Toto. In a nice spin on the original, DG gives her little encouraging speeches to Raw, Glitch and Cain before they raid the tower to stop Azkadellia's evil plan. Cain was very emotional, proving he has a soft side to go with the tough one he likes to put on. It was very nearly the disaster we feared as they rushed headlong into danger, battling Azkadellia's minions to stop the machine that will set in darkness forever. DG appeals to her sister and their childhood bond of friendship to take her hand and she'll never leave her. I had tears in my eyes as I watched Azkadellia struggle with her fear and her desire to be with her sister again. Then, finally, it is done. The wicked with melts, as in the original, nicely and DG gets to meet her real mother and Azkadellia is welcomed back into the fold with joy, happiness and relief.

    This adaptation of the original was a delightful treat and had many twists to the plot to keep my interest sharp and keen. As a big fan of the original, I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. If you are a fan, I recommend you watch this epic re-telling of a story of faith, hope and determination as a girl tries to overcome the many odds to bring her family back together so she can be happy and true to herself. You will be pleasantly surprised.

    I cannot wait to add this little gem to my collection.
  • The exciting conclusion to this wonderful miniseries.

    DG is crushed by her discovery of her sister's curse. As the group makes their way into an underground city, bounty hunters try to capture them and a man kidnaps DG. Her friends are taken as prisoners to the Queen. DG discovers the man that took her is her father himself. DG and her father go after the emerald and find it in a secret chamber. As they leave with the emerald, the Queen ambushes them, captures her father and takes the emerald. DG manages to use magic to escape certain death. DG is reunited with her friends and they head to the castle to stop the Queen from using the emerald and a doomsday device. As her friends infiltrate the castle and shut down the machine, she confronts her sister and manages to separate her from the witch. The witch is unable to kill them and eventually...melts. The episode ends as DG finally meets her mother as they look out the balcony at the mystic land.
  • What a surprising little gem. Despite my initial reservation 'Tin Man' kept me enthralled from start to finish.

    When I first heard about this miniseries i actually had a chuckle to myself. I thought, oh no what are they doing? Why are they messing around with one of cinema's finest achievements? I thought this can only end in embarrassment. But i was wrong. 'Tin Man' has done everything it set out to do. It took the raw ingredients of 'The Wizard of Oz' and turned it into an original, well crafted and contemporary sci-fi adventure that took the viewer on a long and winding journey of discovery through a mystical and dangerous land, which ends with the destruction of the wicked witch and the restoration of goodness and hope to O.Z. The ending wasn't great, but to be honest I didn't really care because along the way I was spellbound by the characters, their intertwining story-lines and the beautiful way in which the original story ran side by side with the modern one.

    I urge anyone who hasn't seen this to watch it and marvel at what dynamic and brave story writing can achieve, something I'm afraid is sadly missing in a number of today's so called "hit" shows.
  • As stated, this is a bizarre mini siries.

    I first must say I saw only about ten minutes of one episode and maybe up to a half hour of this last one. It is very odd. The acting was fine and the special effects were real good. Looking at Scarecrow's (Glitch) zipper was freaky, but good work done. I saw Richard in the preview which was nice. When I saw this last episode, I enjoyed seeing Neal. I have seen Alan before. Basically, this is movie quality material. I just couldn't grab onto the different perspective of the story from the traditional "Wizard of Oz". "Wiz on the Downroad" ('78) didn't go over so well either.