Tin Man

Syfy (Mini-Series 2007)





  • Season 1 Episode 3: Tin Man

  • As stated before, Ahamo is Omaha in reverse. William Jennings Bryan: Nebraskan, perennial Presidential candidate and "hot air balloon" in his own right, was no doubt the target of this reference in L. Frank Baum's story.

  • Goof: When DG pulls Azkadellia from the energy-platform, the evil witch is sucked out of Azkadellia's body. In this scene you can clearly see that the little "flying monster"-tatoos are left on Azkadellia's decollete. In the next camera-angle the monsters are gone even though they have not been sucked out and the evil witch has not been defeated yet (which would have destroyed the monsters anyway, I think).

  • Goof: When Glitch is telling Cain the number to shut off the machine, they get all the way to the last one, but the enemies break in before Glitch has time to say it. The henchman types back the numbers to get the machine to full power. Then, Cain, Glitch and Raw knock them out and Cain resumes where he left off. He only asks for the final number, but wouldn't he have to do all the other numbers again?

  • When DG discovers her mother's hidden message, Azkadellia finds it also. Though, the mother's message is different for Azkadellia than it was for DG.

  • In the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the Wizard of Oz isn't a wizard at all, but a con man, trickster, etc. He is from Omaha, and he was flying in a hot air balloon when he got trapped in a storm and landed in Oz... much like Ahamo. And as mentioned previously, Ahamo is backwards for Omaha.

  • Error: When Glitch is telling Cain the numbers to submit to stop the machine, he tells them they are the numbers that start them only in reverse order. The numbers in order he gives are 1066, 1418, 1666, and 1789. Cain enters the numbers and the machine starts to shut off. The enemy comes in to stop them and turn the machine back on. They force Glitch to tell the numbers again in reverse. He tells them 1789, 1666, 1418, and 1385. The machine starts back up although the last number was wrong. It should have been 1066 and not 1385.

  • We learn that at least one of the forms of currency in the O.Z. is in platinums.

  • Ahamo's name spelled backwards is Omaha, a city in Nebraska.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Search for the Emerald

  • The famous dog "Toto"'s name is actually the nickname given to DG and Azkadellia's teacher, "Tutor", when they were younger.

  • Goof: At the end of part two, Azkadellia storms away saying she'll pick up DG's trail herself. The next shot shows her releasing more mobats, but she is wearing a completely different outfit. Why would she change clothes if time is so precious?

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Into the Storm

  • Glitch say that the final number of 1208 -- "The queen's birthday". The classic movie "The Wizard of Oz" was released on August 12, 1939 ("12-08-39" in European date format)

  • Ahamo says he first entered the OZ when his balloon was blown away from the Nebraska State farm. His name is "Omaha", the largest city in Nebraska, spelled backwards.

  • In the early stages of production for Tin Man the mini-series focused primarily on the character Wyatt Cain. This is how it got it's name, and when the show became what it is now the name stayed.

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