Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Season 1 Episode 4

How It All Fits Together

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1979 on BBC Two



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  • Quotes

    • Smiley: Let's not be melodramatic. Control would disapprove. He died of old age. A little early...

    • Bland: It isn't ordinary flight information, Peter. The source is very private.
      Esterhase: Ultra, ultra sensitive, in fact.
      Guillam:(sarcastically) In that case, Toby, I'll try and keep my mouth ultra, ultra shut.

    • Mendel: I've seen it happen before. Tough ones who crack at 40. They lock it all away, pretend it isn't happening and all of a sudden you find them at their desks, the tears pouring on the blotter.

    • Smiley: Have you noticed, Peter, that whenever I really trouble one of our acquaintances with my questions, he'll raise the matter of my failure as a husband... to confound me. Instructive!

    • Guillam: So Karla's fireproof. He can't be bought and he can't be beaten.
      Smiley: Not fireproof, because he's a fanatic. I may have behaved like a soft dolt, the very archetype of a flabby Western liberal, but I'd rather be my kind of fool than his.

  • Notes

    • This episode contains Patrick Stewart's only appearance in the entire series. Although he plays a major character in the plot, he doesn't utter one word in his long scene with Alec Guinness.

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