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Noggin (ended 2004)


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  • Season 0
    • 12/21/02
      On the Tiny Planet of Self, Bing and Bong take part in a race to carry a baton through an obstacle course. With the exception of Bing, each of the characters initially has a problem with one element of the course. After Bing wins the first run-through, Bong, the Local and the Flocker realize that if they combine their strengths and skills , they can carry one ball through the entire course. The competitors race again; this time the Local, the Flocker and Bong are on one team competing against Bing. The race is close, so the Official calls a photo finish, revealing that the competitors won. Bing graciously congratulates the talented troop as he and Bong head home.moreless
    • Rhythm & Moods
      Episode 64
      On their way to a picnic, Bing and Bong walk in time to and follow the sound of a beat. They reach a "Drum Tree," (the source of the beat), and some "pitch plants." The plants play with the Drum Tree and control the mood of the scene with their music. As the music changes, Bing and Bong's reactions change. As the Drum Tree and pitch plants play, their music teases Bing and Bong into bigger and bigger reactions. They discover that they've "been had" by the musical plants and scold them. The plants feel bad and play sad music, which effects Bing and Bong. They all console each other. Bing and Bong then depart in a flourish of music and movement..moreless
    • 3D or Not 3D?
      Episode 63
      Bing and Bong find a Flocker in front of a blank canvas surrounded by many objects. Bing draws a picture of the Flocker on the canvas --and that two-dimensional Flocker comes to life Now Bing draws the objects that are scattered around the Flocker. The Flocker requests that Bing draw them to make them look more real so, Bing adds lines and shading. When another Flocker joins the Flocker accompanying Bing and Bong, they draw a friend for the Flocker on the canvas and all celebrate.moreless
    • Ramping Up
      Episode 62
      Bing and Bong encounter a Flocker pushing a huge ball toward a ramp and join in to help. The ramp has two sides, steep and gradual. With the assistance of other Flockers, the group tries to push the ball up the steep ramp, to no avail. A number of different attempts fail before Bong has the idea to push the ball up the gradual ramp instead. The group easily pushes the ball to the top ... and then watches it roll down the other side. As the ball goes rolling away, Bing and Bong see ... it's a giant game of Flocker bowling!moreless
    • Colour Clues
      Episode 61
      Bing and Bong discover a group of white and blue Locals, trying desperately to jump over a high wall. Thinking about the problem, Bing steps on a square tile that makes a noise and turns white. Stepping on the next tile turns it blue, and the one after, white. As the Locals bounce randomly on the tiles, a sequence of white-blue-white causes the squares to spring up, sending three happy Locals over the wall. Through trial-and-error, Bing concedes that the white-blue-white consistently acts as a springboard to the other side, where they find a springy inflatable pad, and everyone bounces together. Whee!moreless
    • Pooling Resources
      Episode 60
      On the Tiny Planet of Self, Flocker 1 is eagerly awaiting guests for his party. Bing and Bong wait for a bus to get there, but it seems to be running late. They decide to use their present for Flocker 1, roller skates, and attach them to the bench to create a vehicle that can take them to the party. On the way to the party, they pick up Flockers 2 and 3 who are waiting for the same slow bus. With each additional gift added to the vehicle, a kite and a fan, they get there with increasing speed. Flocker 1 is overjoyed to finally see his friends and to receive their cumulative, "sailing bench" present.moreless
    • 11/9/02
      On the Tiny Planet of Self, Bing and Bong each want the other to play a particular game. Bing heads towards an island to play soccer and Bong zeroes in on a Gloop Plant. Each unsuccessfully tries to persuade the other to follow, and head their separate ways, attempting to make their games as alluringly fun as possible. Bong soon bores of Gloop and joins Bing in soccer, accidentally booting the ball off the island. Bong apologizes then sadly leaves. Bing, worried, tries to cheer Bong up with yogurt, but inadvertently drops the yogurt on Bong's head. Bong, miffed, eventually cools off and offers forgiveness through flowers. Flowers, too, meet a disastrous end. But the pair makes up and head home together.moreless
    • 11/2/02
      Bong accidentally drops and breaks a record that was supposed to be used for a concert on the Tiny Planet of Sound. Bing then suggests that Bing, Bong, the locals and the Flockers, play hide and seek instead. As Bing looks for and gathers everyone, different sounds produced by the different parts of nature, (such as crunching leaves and a hollow log) are heard. These items are collected and eventually used as instruments once everyone is found and they return to the concert hall. This new band replaces the broken record and inspires everyone to dance.moreless
    • Be A Sport
      Episode 57
      Bing and Bong arrive on the Planet of Self and decide to play Header Gongball with a couple of flockers. Bong hogs the ball and is mean to Bing anytime he makes a mistake. Bing sees no need to continue playing and goes to the sidelines to read a comic. When the flockers blunder, Bong laughs at them, so they join Bing on the sidelines. Bong gets tired of playing alone and goes for a comic as well. Soon, Bing and the flockers take up a new game. Bong asks to join in but is not eagerly accepted. Bong recognizes the after-effects of behaving badly and adjusts attitude accordingly, and everybody has fun playing the game together.moreless
    • Birthday Build-Up
      Episode 56
      Bing and Bong arrive on the Planet of Self for Bong's birthday party. Bing shows Bong a huge present that makes Bong hyper all day. Bing is trying to set-up for the party, but Bong is very rambunctious and can't even sit still. Bing tries to get Bong to take a nap but it does not work. Bong aggravates Bing by making a mess while Bing tries to decorate with streamers and then Bong explodes a party tooter in Bing's face. Bing keeps her busy by demonstrating how to make party hats. By the time Bing finishes, everything is ready and Bong can open presents - an Adventure Bong Playground.moreless
    • 10/12/02
      Bing and Bong find a fruit-dispensing machine, and pull the lever for a piece of red fruit. They don't get their fruit immediately but the duo notices a Flocker leave the machine and dash to a nearby fruit garden. While the Flocker picks the fruit and brings it back, Bing and Bong notice green and red Lamp Plants that light-up when touched. Idea! By devising a system to use the colored lights of the plants to signal what color fruit needs to be catapulted to the machine, they help the Flocker transport the colored fruit. The system works out well until a pair of butterflies flutter in front of the lamp plants, causing a rapid fire siege of red & green fruit.moreless
    • What's Cooking?
      Episode 54
      Bing and Bong discover a bakery on the Tiny Planet of Stuff. Just as they're about to order a cake, the Chef Robot clocks out for the day, leaving Bing and Bong no recourse but to bake for themselves. They, proceed to bake without a recipe and meet a disastrous end. Bing then seeks out the Chef Robot who gives them a recipe card, which they don't follow to exact specifications and again their cake flops. Bing returns to the chef and questions what went wrong. The chef clearly points out the quantities of the ingredients. Bing returns to the kitchen, and this time, the cake is a success.moreless
    • Moving & Grooving
      Episode 53
      A regimented exercise class bores the Flockers, until Bing and Bong join in with their record player. Now the group exercises to the beat, trying different exercises and altering their routines to fit the music. From tango to disco, they learn that exercising can be fun after all.
    • Bing, Bong, Bell
      Episode 52
      Bing and Bong arrive at a friend's house on the Tiny Planet of Sound. They ring the doorbell at the front entrance, but they hear the back door shutting. Befuddled, the pair trots around to the back and pulls a long cord that chimes. Now, they hear the front door slam shut.. They try ringing at both doors again, then realize their Flocker friend is confused by the different bell sounds. Bing and Bong split up, one at each door. Finally, the Flocker finds one of them and lets them in. Once inside, Bing and Bong help their friend identify the different bells. When Bing's alarm sounds, the Flocker checks an oven and a phone looking for the source before Bing indicates the watch.moreless
    • Hear My Song
      Episode 51
      Bing and Bong arrive on the Planet of Sound just in time to catch a performance by "The Diva." She begins to sing within a band shell and though her voice is clear and beautiful, she's too far back for the audience to see her well. Still singing, she leaves the band shell heading downstage towards the audience and, though now she's easy to see, her voice is hard to hear. Bing and Bong eventually discover that singing within the curved dome creates a more focused, louder stream of sound. The Diva positions herself within the band shell and, thanks to some large TVs in the wings, the audience can both see and hear her perfectly.moreless
    • 9/7/02
      After a delicious picnic on the Tiny Planet of Sound, Bing digs a pillow out of the satchel and settles back for a nap. Bong, bored, notices a drum shaped flower hanging from the tree that Bing is resting against. Bong bounces on top of the flower and dances wildly, accidentally awakening Bing. Bong doesn't want to stop, so, Bing tucks his pillow into the drum muffling the sound. It works! Bong continues dancing and Bing falls asleep . . . until a nearby tree joins in the drumming. Bing muffles the tree with another pillow. Then, a gaggle of Flockers join in the drumming. At wits end, Bing slaps on a pair of pillow earmuffs and sleeps so soundly that Bong almost misses the alarm.moreless
    • A Chorus Line
      Episode 49
      Bing & Bong stumble upon a virtual octave of Flockers, perched on peaks in the shape of a pan flute and ready to sing their hearts out. Bing immediately finds a baton and conducts the Flockers in a series of beautiful scales. Inspired to experiment, Bing attempts a couple of combos, but some of the results are discordant and not what he was hoping for. No sooner does Bing find the desired combos, then one Flocker bows out with laryngitis. Bong immediately steps up to the challenge, adding a soothing whistle to the intermittent tones. Now, Bing, having learned what works and what does not, can conduct the choir to the heights of Carnegie Hall, until the alarm sounds and it's time to head home.moreless
    • Jammin' Session
      Episode 48
      Bing and Bong discover rhythm in the crunching of fallen leaves and, are gradually joined by various Flockers, locals and even plants, all adding new layers of sound, such as percussion, bass, melody - even a trombone and banjo. Each addition raises the original beat to new heights. As the group jams together in crescendo, each musician and sound get a moment in the spotlight. Just as the final chord fades, the alarm sounds, the musicians bow and all line up and march off to the original beat.moreless
    • Flower Power
      Episode 47
      Bing & Bong discover a cone shaped flower situated by a plant from which water drops steadily fall into a puddle. The smaller end of the cone shaped flower is facing the puddle and the larger end is facing Bing and Bong. As the water drips, the pair discovers that the flower's shape and its position near the puddle amplify the sound. Bong positions the smaller end of the flower toward Bng's mouth and roars, nearly blowing Bing away. Later, the pair happens upon a concert, and realize that the local choral group can barely be heard. Bing and Bong work together and, using the cone shaped flowers, are able to amplify the singing of the choral group for all to enjoy.moreless
    • Highs & Lows
      Episode 46
      On the Tiny Planet of Sound, Bing & Bong discover three Flockers making music by blowing across three pitch plants of different heights--short plants make high sounds & tall plants make low sounds. Bong joins in the fun by bouncing up to a really tall plant, and makes a deep sound to complete the Flockers song. As Bong tries to blow into the plant again, the plant collapses telescopically as its resulting tone rises from low to high in a beautiful glissando. Bing then finds eight new plants of graduating height ready to produce a wide array of tones. Bong and the Flockers blow across the plants, as Bing whips out bongos to happily jam until the alarm sounds.moreless
    • Contrasting Views
      Episode 45
      Bing and Bong watch a show on the Tiny Planet of Light and Color, but there's a problem: some of the actors are missing! Against a white background, no one can see the white Locals being juggled by blue Flockers. Bing has an idea: try another background. But against a blue background, no one can see the blue Flockers. Finally, Bing tries a red background, and everyone is happy ... until a red Local comes on stage. Bing and Bong eventually use a tri-colored background, with the actors appearing and disappearing depending on the background. The show gets thunderous applause!moreless
    • Flocker Flicker
      Episode 44
      Drawn in by an animated neon sign, Bing and Bong arrive at a nickelodeon. Bong cranks the handle, and Bing is able to view the simple animation of a Charlie Chaplin Flocker on a diving board. Excited, Bong cranks the handle faster and faster, causing the image to blur and the nickelodeon to fall apart! But Bing puts it back together and, upon examining the carousel of images, notices that if Bing flips them, it gives the impression of a moving image. Bing picks up two pictures that have fallen out of the carousel and, with Bong's help, determines the correct order and sets them in line to view them again.moreless
    • Making Rainbows
      Episode 43
      Bing and Bong arrive on the Tiny Planet of Light and Color, and discover a group of Flockers chasing a rain cloud. When the cloud stops, it rains and a rainbow appears underneath, but then vanishes as another cloud appears and blocks the sun. Bong scurries off to a garden where Bing finds Bong playing in a sprinkler. As a soaked Bong shakes dry, Bing sees rainbows reflected in the spray of droplets. Bing thinks and realizes that the position of the sun in relation to the water/mist is what makes a rainbow appear! Bing quickly sends Bong to assemble the group of Flockers. Once the group positions itself before the sprinkler & sun, everyone can see the resulting rainbow.moreless
    • True Colours
      Episode 42
      Bing and Bong Arrive on the Tiny Planet of Light and Color, ready to explore the beautiful pools of paint. Bing watches as Bong has fun marching through puddles of Red, Yellow and Blue and discovers that the footprints Bong leaves behind combine to form new colors in the places where they overlap. The pair stumble upon a rainbow of Locals sunning at the blue pool of paint. Bong dives into the pool with a giant splash, covering the Locals. Now Bing must figure out how to restore each to its natural color. Inspired by Bong's overlapping footprints, Bing comes up with a plan to combine different colors, restoring even the green, orange and purple Locals back to normal.moreless
    • Shadow Showdown
      Episode 41
      Bing and Bong have tickets for the cinema. En route, the low evening sun casts giant shadows of the two. At first Bong is frightened, but Bing quickly shows Bong how to have fun with them. When they arrive at the theater, the Flocker responsible for the Robot Projector has nodded off, causing the film to unwind and the projector to turn over! Bing gets to work remedying the situation. Bong finds a spotlight that points to the screen, and Bing and Bong begin a shadow-puppet routine. The Flockers honk with glee at the spectacle while the Loudspeaker Robot adds an accompanying soundtrack.moreless
    • 6/26/02
      Bing and Bong come upon some Robots who are welding girders together to construct a bridge. As the pair continues on, they arrive at a small Flocker house, but when Bing knocks on the door, it collapses into a cloud of dust. They try to reassemble the house but when a Flocker riding a big metal wheel goes by, causing a vibration, the house falls apart again! Recalling the bridge, Bong has an idea. Donning their hard-hats, Bing and Bong rebuild the Flocker home along with the Robots, using girders to make a sturdy frame for the house. Now the house is durable and ready to withstand the elements!moreless
    • The Fisher Bing
      Episode 39
      Bing and Bong arrive dressed to go fishing. However, the metal cover over the fishing hole is too heavy to move . . . until Bing & Bong try a pulley. With magnets on the ends of their lines to attract the Metal Fish, they get right to business. But while Bong is having all the luck, Bing can't seem to catch anything. Then Bong snags a fish so large that Bong cannot reel it in! Both Bing and Bong try and pull it out of the water, but it is no use - until Bing remembers the nearby pulley! Bing rigs the pulley so that their combined weight and unified pulling effort helps to hoist the huge fish out of the manhole. Success! After a proud photo op, the fish returns to the fishing hole and Bing & Bong head home.moreless
    • The Right Angle
      Episode 38
      On the Tiny Planet of Technology, Bing attempts complicated tricks with a yo-yo as they watch construction robots building a pair of houses. The trick fails, as the yo-yo soars through the air and lands on the roof of one of the new homes, string dangling over the edge. Looking at the string in relation to the two homes, Bing and Bong realize that one house is straight and the other crooked. They then use the yo-yo string as a plumb line in making all adjustments necessary to realign the crooked house. When a Crooked Flocker shows up unable to walk inside the perfectly straight door, Bing and Bong use the yo-yo/plumb line to help the Flocker stand up straight, too.moreless
    • Pivotal Points
      Episode 37
      Bing and Bong set off to play on the Tiny Planet of Technology, but when an exceptionally large local falls asleep on top of their Frisbee, the pair have to figure out how to get him off so they can play again. They try everything imaginable to wake it up--cannons, an alarm--and nothing works. They have all but given up on their frisbee when the seesaw they are playing on gives Bing an idea. Bing places one end of the seesaw underneath the local and pushes the other end down. The seesaw acts as a lever lifting the local off of their toy--leaving them free to play frisbee once again.moreless
    • Pedal Meddle
      Episode 36
      Bing and Bong encounter a unicycle service area, where a Long Legged Flocker and a Short Legged Flocker are having their vehicles serviced. When the Long Legged Flocker accidentally goes off on the wrong unicycle, however, the Short Legged Flocker is left trying to ride a unicycle with pedals that his legs cannot reach! With the help of a Robot Mechanic, Bing and Bong try to adjust the placement of the pedals on the unicycle and add gears and a chain. Their trial and error proves successful and the Short Legged Flocker happily thanks them and rides away.moreless
    • Slippery Slope
      Episode 35
      When Bing and Bong arrive, three Flockers are stranded on a ramp near the edge of a slippery area and a Polishing Robot is hard at work buffing the surface. Bong shoots off across the smooth floor, but winds up running on one spot, slipping and sliding. Bing makes a move to collect Bong, but when Bing steps onto the surface, the same predicament befalls Bing. By experimenting with some glue and pieces of carpet, Bing creates a solution that enables everyone to walk across the shiny surface.moreless
    • Free Wheeling
      Episode 34
      Bing and Bong settle down to paint and draw when they see five Flockers struggling to push a giant Monolith on a sled. Bong has an idea and draws a picture of the Monolith on rollers. When Bing slips on colored pencils, which have fallen on the ground, Bong has a similar idea. Agreed on what to do, Bong and Bing approach the Flockers with the idea. They try it, but soon realize that their plan is faulted when the monolith falls off the end of the rollers. They need more rollers, and extra rollers must be brought on a trolley, which has . . . wheels - aha! They move the Monolith onto the trolley, and the Flockers use the trolley wheels to pull it easily.moreless
    • 5/11/02
      On the Tiny Planet of Technology, Bing and Bong suddenly land on a moving, hand-operated, railway bogey--which, unfortunately, is in the path of an oncoming train. Bing, Bong and the Railway Flocker race down the track, attempting to get out of the way, and encounter various obstacles that must be fixed with certain tools. Through trial and error, they eventually find the appropriate tool for each job--for instance, pounding a metal peg back into the track works better with a hammer than a rolling pin--and eventually make it far enough down the track to dodge the oncoming train.moreless
    • Spring Cleaning
      Episode 32
      Bong is playing with a Bong-in-the-Box straight out of Bing's satchel when they spy a group of Flockers mulling over how to clean a dirty window at the top of a tall building. The Bong-in the-Box gives Bing an idea! The Flockers, Bing and Bong band together to make a larger box containing a chair latched to a compressed spring. Bing climbs in the box with a squeegee and successfully soars up to the window to clean. Bong and Flockers, each on their own spring, trampoline or pogo-stick help out as well. Who thought cleaning could be so much fun!moreless
    • Tip the Scales
      Episode 31
      Bing and Bong land on the Tiny Planet of Technology, only to dodge bricks as they plummet from the sky. They soon realize that the bricks are actually falling out of a basket controlled by two construction Flockers working on a building. At the base, the Sheepish Flocker can't arrange the bricks so that they won't fall out. Bing studies the bricks curiously. On an upper floor, the Dense Flocker eats a sandwich. Bong studies the sandwich hungrily! Bing eventually realizes that the weight of the bricks must be distributed evenly throughout the basket. Bong rides up in the basket to join the Dense Flocker for lunch. Hunger & balance problems solved!moreless
    • Easy Rider
      Episode 30
      A Flocker welcoming committee meets Bing and Bong and presents them with gifts. Bong puts a shiny new tricycle and helmet to immediate use, but Bing is hesitant about a new unicycle. Bing cannot ride a unicycle, tries a few times, and keeps falling off. So Bong helps Bing gain the confidence and skill Bing needs to ride the unicycle: they ride a modified, more stable version of the vehicle together, and then Bing tries training wheels. Bing gains enough confidence to try it alone, and soon he is riding well enough to perform some exciting unicycle stunts alongside Bong and the tricycle at the Skateboard Style Court.moreless
    • Keep Your Head
      Episode 29
      When Bing and Bong arrive, they encounter a group of bickering Locals. Bing quickly intervenes, offers them two colored balls to play with, and continues on with Bong to the frozen yogurt stand in the distance. But the journey is not an easy one for Bing: Bing is tripped by one of the Locals' balls, splattered with mud, and bumped on the head. After each incident, Bing performs a releasing tension routine to keep anger in check. Bing teaches the same routine to Bong when Bong is angry that the frozen yogurt stand is broken. Soon, though, after a Local fixes the machine, Bing and Bong are able to enjoy their cones!moreless
    • Box of Tricks
      Episode 28
      Bing is preparing to paint a nearby tree, while Bong, who is bored, stumbles upon a Cube and a group of Spherical Locals who are playing games. Turning into a ball, Bong joins in and rolls through the empty Cube along with the Locals. In another game, Bong rolls down a chute along with the Locals, but there is a problem - because of its corners, the Cube can't roll and gets caught. In a third game, the Cube is once again excluded because of its shape. But when Bong and the Locals have to board a Track Device, the Cube is no longer at a loss - its shape gives it an advantage and it is able to carry everyone safely across.moreless
    • Odd Bing Out
      Episode 27
      On the Tiny Planet of Self, Bong is approached by a small, friendly Local, who wants to be friends. Bing encourages the relationship, until Bing begins to not feel a part of the fun and games. Bing then becomes a bit jealous, and turns away from Bong and the Local, who are playing by themselves. Bong and the Local try to include Bing in the fun, taking turns jumping over Bing's head and making happy noises. Though reluctant at first, Bing accepts the invitation to join in the fun, and soon all three friends are playing together happily.moreless
    • Sweet Temptations
      Episode 26
      Bing and Bong come upon a mound of brightly colored sweets. Bong takes a mouthful right away, whereas Bing takes one and puts it in the bag for later. Bing continues on to the other side of the planet, which is inhabited by brightly colored and energetic Healthy Flockers, while Bong is joined by an Unhealthy Flocker who, thanks to eating too much candy, is too tired to play and slumps over, asleep. Meanwhile, Bing is on the Healthy Side of the planet, playing tag amongst the fruit trees and water. When Bong arrives to join them, Bing has a creative idea to entice the Unhealthy Flockers to follow Bing's example towards a healthier diet.moreless
    • Flockercise
      Episode 25
      Bing and Bong encounter four very lazy and sleepy Flockers, along with a mysterious crate. Upon investigation, the two find that the crate contains gymnastic equipment, of which they quickly take advantage. The Flockers try to copy them, but they soon loose interest and fall asleep. Bing and Bong take it upon themselves to train these Flockers and get them into good shape. It is a slow process, but eventually the Flockers can out-run even Bing! As the Flockers perform feats of gymnastics before a Flocker audience, Bing, exhausted from trying to train the Flockers, naps peacefully as Bong prepares to bring them home.moreless
    • 3/9/02
      Bing and Bong play a game of hide-and-seek. Since Bong has a yellow balloon, Bing finds Bong easily. Bing then offers Bong a piece of fruit, but Bong notices that Bing is hungry, too, so they share it. Distracted by the food, Bong accidentally lets the balloon fly away. No bother - Bing produces a red one to replace it! When Bong gets lost, Bing promptly rescues Bong when Bong uses the balloon as a signal. Bing then recovers both balloons, but drops the camera in the process. Bong is hesitant to climb down to retrieve the camera, but does it anyway to help Bing. Yet both are content in knowing the sacrifices each made for the other's happiness.moreless
    • Shower Power
      Episode 23
      Bing and Bong come across a Gloop Hole - a puddle of whiffy, green goo. Bong begins to play, and has great fun splashing and skidding, but accidentally gets gloop all over Bing in the process. Bing promptly goes to the shower, and is soon squeaky clean. Bing signals for Bong to do the same, but Bong continues to play. Meanwhile, Bing discovers a nearby Flocker party, and is welcomed. When Bong arrives, however, covered in gloop and very smelly, Bong is unwelcome and directed by all towards the Flockwash. After Bong cleans up, Bong rejoins the Flocker party to frolic once again!moreless
    • 2/23/02
      Bing and Bong arrive in the early evening, and set up camp. When darkness comes, Bing slips into a deep slumber, but Bong is wide awake and wants to go to the toilet tent. Being scared of the dark, Bong wakes Bing to walk down the path. Bing shows Bong that the "scary" sounds in the dark are just harmless Flockers. But when this happens a second time, Bing suggests a solution: Bing sets some Glow Locals along the path between the tents. Now when visiting the loo, Bong is not afraid! Even when the Glow Locals' lights go out, Bong still has fun, turning their lights on and off. Soon Bong curls up outside near the Glow Locals to fall asleep, where Bing joins Bong, under the stars.moreless
    • Tuba Trouble
      Episode 21
      Bing and Bong encounter three Cool Flockers, who are preparing for a jam session. Wanting very much to be included, they try to join in the music by singing, but the noises they make are so awful that the Flockers run away. Bing and Bong become frustrated, until Bong spots a solution: a tuba! But when they try to play the instrument, they can only manage one flat note. Discouraged again, they are ready to give up when Bing notices the finger stops. With Bong blowing and Bing pushing the stops, the two collaborate to produce several varied notes. The Cool Flockers, impressed by the music, return, and all five jam together.moreless
    • Road Block
      Episode 20
      When Bing and Bong touch down, three anxious Flockers greet them immediately - the road is blocked! On inspection of the blockade, (made of spherical boulders of assorted sizes), Bing and Bong are sure they can help. They put on their hard-hats, and Bing gets to work, straining to move the biggest one. Meanwhile, Bong enjoys much more success by moving boulders of all sizes. Confused, Bing examines the boulders, and discovers that most are hollow balloon-like objects, while the one that Bing is trying to move is solid. With this knowledge, and a little cooperation, Bing, Bong and the Flockers move the solid boulder and clear the road.moreless
    • 2/2/02
      Bing and Bong meet a Junior Flocker on the Tiny Planet of Stuff. They are invited back to his room, which, according to his Flocker Dad, must be tidied right away. Bing and Bong join in the effort by swiftly putting books and toys randomly into the cupboard, drawers, and trunk. The room is now tidy, but when Bing searches for the pieces to a puzzle, the room becomes messy once again. Bing has a solution - put balls in the drawers, books in the cupboard, and games in the trunk. Now the room is not only clean, but organized too, leaving time (much to the amusement of Bing and the Junior Flocker) for Bing to juggle!moreless
    • Mirror Magic
      Episode 18
      Bing and Bong encounter a series of half-objects: half-plate, half-spoons, half-chair, half-table. They spot what appears to be a two-headed Flocker at a table set with a plate, spoons, and a chair. On closer inspection, however, Bing and Bong realize that things aren't as they seem. They notice that there is actually half of a table next to the one Flocker, with half of a plate, and half-spoons that only seemed whole because they were set against a mirror. Remembering the half-objects they collected along the way, Bing and Bong magically fuse the two halves together to form whole functional, symmetrical objects.moreless
    • Shapes & Ladders
      Episode 17
      At the conclusion of Bing and Bong's magic act on the Tiny Planet of Stuff, their audience of squares shuffles off, and a triangle leads Bing and Bong to a wall. Behind the wall, a troubled troupe of triangles and circles are trying to get to the other side, but the circles are trying to jump through triangular holes, and vice versa. Bing and Bong sort the creatures by shape so they can jump through the holes that correspond to their own shape. Once through, the triangles and circles become part of a concert. As conductor, Bing now sorts the orchestra by sound instead of shape, demonstrating that there is more than one way to organize objects.moreless
    • Magnificent Seven
      Episode 16
      A big Flocker party is in progress, and the only way to gain admittance is to be part of a group of seven. As Bing and Bong see Flockers make groups of seven in different ways, they begin to see the pattern, and figure out how they, too, can join the party.moreless
    • Shapes Alive
      Episode 15
      When Bing and Bong land on the Tiny Planet of Stuff, they spot a series of five red triangles, which lead the way to a big screen, where a red square and parallelogram are waiting. The shapes arrange and rearrange themselves to form various familiar objects. Intrigued, Bing takes the initiative and begins to arrange the shapes, watching them come to life as a loudspeaker Robot adds sound-effects - a steamship, a fish, a duck.moreless
    • Give Me Five
      Episode 14
      On the Tiny Planet of Stuff, Bing and Bong find that lots of things come in fives: flowers, trees - even Flockers. As Bing and Bong play with them, five baby Flockers go through their antics on the playground, and when they split into different combinations, they show different ways to make the number five.moreless
    • Suits You
      Episode 13
      There's a dance happening on the Tiny Planet of Stuff, and Bing and Bong are invited. When they arrive, they find that the assorted shapes-circles, triangles, and rectangles--need help finding the costumes that match their shapes. At the dance, though, the shapes get split in half. It's up to Bing to redesign their costumes to fit their newly shaped bodies so that everyone can boogie once again.moreless
    • Picnic Poser
      Episode 12
      On the Tiny Planet of Stuff, Bing and Bong settle down for a picnic with a delectable fruitcake, slicing it into two equal pieces. As more and more unexpected guests arrive (three Flockers with two heads each and a giant, hungry, square-shaped blob), Bing and Bong must continually refigure how to slice the cake so that everyone gets a piece.moreless
    • Patterns on Parade
      Episode 11
      On the Tiny Planet of Stuff, Bing and Bong come upon a group of orange and yellow Flockers who are creating an enormous daisy wheel, using their own bodies to create the pattern. Three white Flockers and Bing and Bong are excluded, until Bing figures out the perfect places for the characters to stand to make everyone a part of the pattern.moreless
    • Big and Small
      Episode 10
      On the Tiny Planet of Nature, Bing and Bong discover two fun and amazing cones of light: one shrinks everything that it touches, and the other makes things bigger. While Bing becomes a giant, Bong shrinks to the size of a bug, and both characters enjoy exploring differences in size and it's implications (eg. how much they have to eat).moreless
    • Body Talk
      Episode 9
      On the Tiny Planet of Nature, Bing and Bong encounter a Flocker named Doris. They try to make friends with her in their usual way, but she is frightened by their overtures. It is only after Bing and Bong observe how the Flockers communicate with each other - and the Flockers observe the same about Bing and Bong - that each group is able to use this knowledge in order to interact well with the other.moreless
    • Egg-stra Large
      Episode 8
      As Bing and Bong stroll along on the Tiny Planet of Nature, they encounter a family of Mini Flockers sitting on their nests, and watch as the Mini Flocker chicks hatch. Further along in their stroll, they encounter a family of regular-sized Flockers, and also watch as the regular-size Flocker chicks hatch. When they encounter a giant Flocker egg at the top of a hill, Bing quickly figures out that there must be a giant Flocker parent close by. Sure enough, the parent returns just as the giant Flocker chick is hatched, and Bing and Bong tiptoe away, unnoticed.moreless
    • Blown Away
      Episode 7
      It is windy on the Tiny Planet of Nature, and Bing and Bong decide to fly a kite. When the power of the wind carries Bong away to an island, Bing figures out how to use the wind to their advantage. Bing constructs a sail from their kite, adheres it to their boat, and whoosh - they zoom safely back to shore.moreless
    • 11/10/01
      Bing and Bong land on the Tiny Planet of Nature intent on finding the elusive Rare Flocker. They find pictures of Rare Flocker footprints and feathers in their guidebook, and compare this information with actual Flocker tracks and feathers they find on the Tiny Planet. Through this careful detective work, Bing and Bong are able to identify, track, and find their Flocker.moreless
    • Winter Warm Ups
      Episode 5
      On the Tiny Planet of Nature, Bing and Bong find themselves in a snowy landscape, and so they dress themselves in warm clothing. When they come upon a group of tiny, shivering Locals, Bing unravels a scarf and knits tiny hats for them all, thus stressing the importance of dressing warmly in the cold.moreless
    • 10/27/01
      On the Tiny Planet of Nature, Bing and Bong learn how the water cycle works. First, they see water go through the natural cycle of becoming steam, then clouds, then rain, and, finally, river water again. They then encounter a river being drained for a Flockwash, and only after they redirect the run-off back to the river does the river begin to flow normally once again.moreless
    • 10/20/01
      In their attempt to reach a frozen yogurt stand far in the distance, Bing and Bong trek through wind and rain, constantly getting blown back to their starting point. Bing and Bong use an umbrella to protect them from the rain, but it doesn't work against the wind. Bing and Bong take the umbrella and, together with a roller skate, use it as a sail so that the wind moves them faster along their way. The story shows that sometimes it is better to work with nature, rather than fight against it.moreless
    • Snow Problem
      Episode 2
      It is raining on the Tiny Planet of Nature, as Bing and Bong come upon a line of Flockers, each of them waiting at the Flockwash for a shower. Soon, the temperature drops, freezing the waters in the Flockwash and preventing the flow to the tank. The Flockers have no running water until Bing applies a recent discovery that heated snow makes water, and once again saves the day.moreless
    • Season's Machine
      Episode 1
      On the Tiny Planet of Nature, Bing and Bong discover a cave. Inside the cave is a Seasons Machine, which, with the touch of a button, can control the seasonal transformation of the tree beside it. As Bing and Bong play with the Seasons Machine, they watch the tree sprout leaves, grow fruit, lose its leaves, and sleep according to the buttons they push, thus, learning in minutes what it would normally take them a year to learn first-hand.moreless