Tiny Planets

Noggin (ended 2004)


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  • Tiny Planet was a unique experience. In our world, there children shows get more and more complicated, it's nice to see a simple show. And that's that his is; It's a show about curiosity.

    I loved Tiny Planet, though I was already a grown-up when it aired. But I kept watching it, just for the fun of it. It's a a great show because of its premises. It's all about curiosity and nothing ells. The characters are not that deep, but they are very lovable, and the body language says more than words cut ever express. The children get to think them self, and imagine that the characters are thinking. I really think the creators of this show put their heart in this, and therefore it is timeless.

    Well of cause it is a show for children and young people(like my self), gets irritated at it in the long run. I think I like it, because I would have liked it, if I was a child.
  • Bing and Bong are strange but i supose in a good way.

    Tiny planets; a show that is midly interesting to a teenager like me but i'd say that most little kids i know love it. I really like the theme song (don't tell anyone i wrote that!!) After watching in the afternoons it's always stuck in my head.

    Why i classified it as Unintentionally funny?
    The characters and the storylines of this show can't help being funny to me. I mean, because my brain is more developed (one would hope) than a six year old. I somtimes find it very predictable or the exact opposite, unprdeictable. This can make Tiny planets seem very babyish. (not a word i know)

    For those of you who read this review in disbelief; I'm a teenager and i'm watching shows on ABC (in Australia). I must be crazy but one afternoon when you've got nothing to do, sit down and watch this show. I gurantee most episodes aren't half bad.
  • This show is cool sometimes i don't love it

    again i don't love this show like i love some other shows. but i watch it when my little brother watches it. and like i said it is intresting at sometimes. and it's a decent show. i am not trying to say anything bad about the show. it's great but i would not call it my favorite show
  • This show is okay.

    Ever notice that they travel on a couch in space? That must mean that they can breathe in apace, but Why does Halle, need to travel in a space suit? She seems to be the only one, and she's the only one that ever talks, and the other aliens mumble. It's kinda funny. This show set a new tradition for kids shows, where the characters travel on furniture with headlights. The show is okay, and it's been on for a while and it appears to be successful. It is also produced by Peppers Ghost and Sesame Workshop, Just like Noggin's Play With Me Sesame.