Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 1 Episode 2

A Quack in the Quarks

Aired Sunday 5:00 AM Sep 17, 1990 on FOX

Episode Recap

Plucky starts bragging about how big he is and how wonderful he is (and it's only the second episode!). Babs and Buster warn him that all the big talk he is doing is going to get him in trouble, but he doesn't believe them. Enter two weird transfer students and Plucky volunteers to show them around the Looniversity. Actually, they are two aliens from Planet X sent to Earth to bring back a great hero to defeat their enemy Duck Vader, and they find one in Plucky due to his braggert ways. The bunnies discover this as a giant duck spaceship takes Plucky into outer space and into Planet X. Buster, Babs and Hamton decide to get him back by stealing the "Duck Dodgers" spaceship and venturing into Planet X. The elders of Planet X do not believe that Plucky is a great hero and banishes him along with the two aliens into outer space. There they are kidnapped by Dark Vader and his crew. Duck Vader wants to use his death ray to destroy Planet X, but tests it on Plucky first. Hamton and the bunnies eventually finds Plucky after a mishap with a computer that goes out of control after they place one of Plucky's feathers in its system. Unfortunately, Duck Vader finds them and captures them all. The two aliens come up with a plan to thwart their enemy by throwing ketchup on him, which gets their pet bull angry and out of control. Then the entire ship blows up and Duck Vader lands in jail. The aliens discover that they didn't need to go so far to find a hero when they possessed these qualities themselves.

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