Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 1 Episode 24

Buster and the Wolverine

Aired Sunday 5:00 AM Oct 19, 1990 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Elmyra tells the story about how Buster and his pals are constantly terrorized by a wolverine in a style just like Disney's classic story Peter and the Wolf, in which the characters are each signified by an instrument.

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    Maurice LaMarche

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    Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen


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    Noel Blanc

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    Porky, Principal, Taz

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • When Babs is about to whack The Wolverine with her electric guitar while dressed as a female wolverine, she has a pointy tail (like Buster's), instead of her usual cotton tail.

      • Before Babs puts on her disguise to fool The Wolverine, her ear ribbons are missing.

      • Several of the characters change model designs from time to time in the episode (such as Hamton suddenly losing some weight, Buster and Babs' ears getting shorter, etc.), most likely to Kennedy Cartoons' inconsistent work on this episode.

      • Character/Instrument representations:

        Buster represents the Trumpet.
        Babs represents the Harp.
        Furrball represents the Violin.
        Sweetie represents the Flute.
        Hamton represents the Tuba.
        and Plucky sadly represents the bike horn.
        Oh, Yeah, and the Wolverine represents the drums.

      • When the Wolverine sliced the door there was a horizontal hole in it,and he jumps through it without any damage done.But outside its [the door] the shape of the Wolverine.

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Plucky: One toot on this musical vacuum cleaner, and Wolvie will be eating out of my hands! (The Wolverine snatches Plucky's bagpipes and eats them) Somehow, that's not quite what I meant.

      • Buster: I assure you this process is completely painless. I won't feel a thing.

      • Furrball: (Sobbing) No! Poor little Sweetie! Gone! Gone forever! It's not fair! (Stops crying.) I wanted to eat her. (the Wolverine's hand grasps furrball's body and takes Him away.)

      • Plucky: (After the gang has been spat out and have landed in a pile of snow, including the Mynah bird who casually walks out of the snow) So that's what was jabbing me in the back.

    • NOTES (5)

      • Credit Gag: Buster says "And that's a wrap".

      • To the above, Furrball has spoken more than in 2 episodes

      • Montana Max, Gogo Dodo, and Shirley the Loon make a small cameo appearance.

      • That hopping "PELICAN" is a MYNAH bird, as seen on the old "Inki and the Mynah Bird" WB cartoons of the late 30s and throughout the 40s. Other '90s-era WBA shorts besides TTA would use the nearly-forgotten character in cameos, most notably ANIMANIACS and THE SYLVESTER &TWEETY MYSTERIES. Chuck Jones directed the Inki shorts.

      • One of only 2 times in the series where Furrball speaks. He hadseveral lines in "Duck Trek", there voiced by Rob Paulsen (imitating DeForrest Kelley as perpetually-agitated Enterprise physician Dr. "Bones" McCoy). Here, Furrball's regular actor Frank Welker voices him.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • During the final number performed by the Looniversity band, Buster and Plucky's dance moves mimic the infamous dancing cycles of the Peanuts gang in A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965). Buster can also be seen doing this dance during rehearsal, likewise Plucky when he tries out the bicycle horn after swallowing it by accident. Similar dance cycles were also imitated in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, another show that TTA writer/producer Tom Ruegger and animatior Glen Kennedy had previously worked on.

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