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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Best of Buster Day
      Best of Buster Day
      Episode 19
      In this series finale, Buster is finally being busted by Principal Bugs Bunny.

      Compromising Principals: Yosemite Sam is being hired by another school, and Buster and the gang try everything to mess it up for him.

      Maid to Re-Order: Montana Max fires his butler and his family. Buster and Babs give him a home in Buster's burrow while they try to get even with Max.

      Class Without Class: In this final sketch of the series, Bugs and The Tasmanian Devil teaches both Buster and Dizzy Devil how to be adversaries. Buster and Dizzy rather be friends, but they have to show Bugs and Taz that being friends is better than being enemies.

    • A Cat's Eye View
      A Cat's Eye View
      Episode 18

      Little Dog Lost: Byron runs away from Elmyra and finds a home with a nice and wealthy woman who treats him nicely.

      Party Crasher Plucky: Plucky and Shirley crash a Hollywood party. (Well, actually Plucky crashes it.) And Plucky would have gotten away with it, too, if he hadn't said that he was a "Bush-Quayle".

      Homeward Bound: With no where else to go, (since His Box was destroyed by the Rain) Furrball goes in a Despairing walk and makes friends with a kitten from a wealthy family after sneaking inside an Apartment. however the Older White Cats don't take to kindly upon intruders, When the wealthy family sees Furrball, they throw him out. Then a little homeless boy tries to be friends with the family's little girl, but is turned away as well. Furrball then keeps the boy company.

    • Weekday Afternoon Live
      This episode pays homage to the many acts that Saturday Night Live did on its long-running show. Blard Simpleton (a take on Bart Simpson) is the guest star host.
    • Sport Shorts
      Sport Shorts
      Episode 16

      Minister Golf: Baby Plucky is back again. This time, his dad is teaching him how to play miniature golf, and gets hurt by balls in the process. I think this is where Plucky starts cheating and conniving to get his way.

      The Undersea World of Fifi: Fifi narrates the legend of the sea monkeys, and Elmrya has an adventure trying to catch one.

    • The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain

      Elmyra, dressed up as Elvira, tells the story about an evil bunny who wants revenge when ridicule drives him to his death. Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hamton, Fifi, and Shirley are having a sleep-out in that same area where the monster hangs out. They are playing practical jokes on one another, but the jokes start to get really scary when they are kidnapped by the monster one by one. Buster is the last one left, but he is caught and captured. The monster uncovers itself as Elmyra! Buster and his friends scream in terror as they escape from the dungeon, run over Elmyra, and ran through a wall of the filming studio. Furrball, who is now very fat, follows the others in fright.

    • Music Day
      Music Day
      Episode 14

      It's Music Day and each episode is filled with musical-themed shorts:

      Ruffled Ruffee: Buster is playing his guitar to his heart's content, but comes across a child singer named Ruffee who sings childrens' songs about caring and sharing and all that sappy stuff. The kids start paying attention to Buster's music and Ruffee doesn't like his competition. Buster then starts ruining Ruffee's show so he can play his own music.

      The Horn Blows at Lunchtime: Little Sneezer is practicing his horn while eating limburger cheese, and the terrible odor travels up through the vents and into the lunchroom where everyone thinks that someone has bad flatulence!

      Loon Lake: Shirley is becoming a big success in her ballet class, but her snooty swan partners think they're more sophisticated than her, insulting her behind her back, but she overhears them. On the night of the recital, Babs helps Shirley out by getting down and dirty with the swans, making Shirley the star of the show.

    • Grandma's Dead
      Grandma's Dead
      Episode 13
      The Duff Family is back, without the maid. This time, Elmyra's grandmother comes for a visit and also leaves to go on a vacation. At the same time she leaves, Elmyra has six hamsters named after the Brady Bunch and one dies (Jan Brady). Elmyra is sad because her hamster died, but the way she told people, many think that her grandmother had died. Misunderstanding ensues until the grandmother comes back home.moreless
    • Toon TV
      Toon TV
      Episode 12
      Buster and Babs do a countdown of their favorite music videos, done toon style.
    • Washingtoon
      Episode 11
      That annoying lady from the Adults Against Funny Cartoons comes by and takes Acme Acres away from its cartoon heritage and makes it educational and a boring place to live. Buster and Babs go to Washington to see if President Bush (in his last act of presidency before Clinton takes over) can help them out.moreless
    • Buster's Directorial Debut

      Buster has a chance to direct his own episode, but he is distracted by his fellow co-stars.

      Fit to Be Stewed: Buster and Babs come across a Carrot Cake house with a witch named Sandy that lives inside. Buster watches in horror as Babs is turned into a real rabbit. So he has to defeat the Witch in order to bring his friend back. In fact, she remains a real rabbit until the end of the show.

      Ducklahoma: Now Plucky wants his own cartoon, and he gets it. but Buster tampers with it and add some hazards. Think of "The Anvil Chorus" episode laced with the classic Broadway play Oklahoma!.

    • Two-Tone Town
      Two-Tone Town
      Episode 9

      Buster and Babs put their jobs on the line in order to get three classic black-and-white stars a chance to have their own show.

    • Toons From the Crypt

      Buster is the Cryptkeeper in these Tales of the Crypt-inspired episode.

      Wait til Your Father gets even: After losing a bet to Plucky, Hamton has to face His dad...

      Concord the Kindly Condor: Concord's older and Darkhearted Brothers try to demoralize Concord's Good behavior.

      Night of the Living Pets: a Few Zombie Animals rise from the dead to kill off Elmyra, but when Elmyra meets them... (Note! Furrball and Byron Basset will be in this short.)

    • Toons Take Over
      Toons Take Over
      Episode 7

      Buster, Babs and Plucky are tired of the same old stuff and they want to develop their own episode, which is a dramatic piece. Everywhere they go, everyone keeps telling them that "Comedy is what you do". When their episode is screened, Cooper DevIlle likes it, but doesn't want them to do another one again! So Buster, Babs, and Plucky go back to where the show begins, but a little wiser for the wear.

    • The Return of Batduck

      Plucky Duck gets his own show on FOX, and it begins with this episode. Plucky cames back at Batduck and trying to get Tim Burton to give him the role in the new Batman movie that he thinks he deserves.

    • Flea For Your LIfe

      Remember the Flea-o Family? Well, they return in this episode and still living on Furrball. This time, they are working for an evil tick boss who wants to marry Itchy and work all the other insects to death.

    • What Makes Toon Tick

      Buster and Calamity explore the reasons why many TTA characters are the way they are.

      Whirlwind Romance: Dizzy is lonely and sad, until he comes across a girl whirlwind whom he think is a devil. She then disappears as quickly as she came and then Dizzy meets the beautiful sexy ladies that he always displays.

      Going Up: It's another adventure with Baby Plucky as he is mesmerized by the elevator in the mall. He then helps capture a robber using the elevator.

      Nothing to Sneeze At: The scary monster business had gone down lately because no one believes in them anymore. When the job of scaring Little Sneezer comes along, no one take it but a slimy purple monster. What he has in store for him is enough to scare him back into the other realm!

    • Fox Trot
      Fox Trot
      Episode 3

      Buster and Babs are chased by two foxes while presenting three cartoons.

      My Brilliant Revenge: Hamton relaxes in his home watching his favorite show when Plucky breaks the sound barrier with his god-awful bagpipes. Hamton then destroys Plucky's pipes, and he and Hamton are about to duke it out in the wrestling ring. Hamton then apologizes for his behavior, and Plucky accepts but forgetting that he had a big boombox strapped to Hamton's chair so that it would blare off bagpipe music at a certain time. Plucky gets there too late, but saves Hamton when the music starts blasting.

      Can't Buy me Love: This is exactly like the movie The Bad Seed, when the character terrorizes Elmyra.

      Phone Call from the 405: Bustre and Babs and the foxes are on the chase again when they get a phone call from Spielburg himself. They are constantly bothered by Spielburg's changes and they have a hard time adjusting.

    • New Class Day
      New Class Day
      Episode 2

      It's a whole new year in Acme Looniversity and Buster and Babs guide us through their new class schedules.

      Just-Us League of Super Toons: Batduck and Decoy are back again, but now they fight for a chance to be in a super hero league.

      A Night in Kokomo: Buster and the gang pretend that they are in a Marx Brothers movie.

      Sound Off: Buster and Babs pay homage to the silent movies of the 1920s with this vintage-style cartoon.

    • Thirteensomething

      Babs tires of the day-to-day cartoon structure of Tiny Toon Adventures and decides to leave it for an all-new show called "thirteensomething", but then realizes that she was much more happier when she was with Buster, Plucky and the gang.

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