Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 1 Episode 27

Europe in 30 Minutes

Aired Sunday Oct 26, 1990 on FOX

Episode Recap

Plucky wins a trip to Europe at a game show and takes Buster, Babs, and Hamton along with him. They go to Europe on the Concord. (The Condor, Not the Jet!) They land at Germany as They Start their all-around the continent tour where there are Weenie Burger stands everywhere starting with The famed Landmarks, The Rhine River and The Berlin Wall. at France, They go to the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre. after arriving at Venice, They go to the Fountain of Trevi and other famed cities of Italy. and after arriving at the Swiss Alps at Switzerland, The Gang springs out of the Bus and They land at the Buckingham Palace where they meet the famous Prince Charles and (the Late) Princess Diana. They also get involved in a plot where two servants, Reginald and Suzette plan to kidnap the Royal Charles and Diana for the Crown Jewels, and a psychopathic cook chases Plucky and Hamton as well to make them Into Duck Pate and Pork Espanol, of course The Vanderbunnies (Which is Babs and Buster in Rich clothes.) will make an appearance in front of the Royal Couple. then the Rabbits convince the Couple to take a tour through Europe. and with the Couple ouit of Harm's way, Buster and Babs masquerade as the Royal Couple. however, Buster cheeses off the Dignitaries from El Bolivar resulting a Chase, then a Swordfight. Babs announces the fight as the Late Howard Cosell. but is bagged by the servants. and after the dignitaries surrendered to Buster, Reginald bags Buster. in a Wine Room, the servants find out that they really captured the Rabbits and they chase Buster and Babs through Buckingham Palace. and when Suzette captures Babs, She sees Plucky and Hamton as they try to escape the insane Chef and gets flattened by the Chef's hammer, freeing Babs. as for Buster, He pull a table cloth from a table Reginald is on, making Him fly and smash against Suzette. (who was about to whack the Chef Again, but was flattened by Reginald.) the Chef captures all three, but was hit by a Black Limo. and out of the Limo was The Royal Couple and the Bus Driver. and after their Good Deeds, The Gang are invited to a feast in Their Honor. The Dignitaries appear in next to Buster. but realized that He tried to save the Royal Couple because Lady Diana told them. the Lunch (after the Chef was Fired.) is in fact Weenie Burgers.

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