Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 1 Episode 30

Fields of Honey

Aired Sunday Nov 02, 1990 on FOX

Episode Recap

Everyone in the gang has their own Warner Bros. mentor, except Babs. Buster and Plucky are fighting over who is the best: Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck. They all go to an underground film vault where they check out cartoons of their favorite stars. Babs is disheartened because there hasn't been not one girl star at Warner Bros. The vault keeper gives her some advice: "If You watch them, you will find her". So Babs watches one of the movies and she discovers the old cartoon duo of Honey and Bosko. Babs tries to find Honey, but the vault keeper says that no one has seen her in over fifty years. After some extensive research, she finds out that Honey and Bosko were very popular in the 1930s before Porky Pig became popular, and then they disappeared without a trace. Babs tries to find all she can about Honey, and everyone thinks that she is crazy. The vaultkeeper tells her that laughter is what keeps a toon young, and when the people stop laughing, the toon grows old and fades away. In order for Honey to be popular again, Babs has to build a movie theater that shows Honey cartoons. With financial help from Montana Max (unaware of what is going on), she builds the best movie house around and starts a giant advertising campaign. The campaign works out really well, and everyone turns up for the grand opening of the Honey theater. Babs meets an old woman who gets caught up in the spirit of people laughing. The old woman turns out to be Honey herself! Babs finally meets Honey and wonders where the mysterious voice came from. The vaultkeeper comes out, and uncovers himself as Bosko! They dance into the moonlight as the episode ends.

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