Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 1 Episode 30

Fields of Honey

Aired Sunday Nov 02, 1990 on FOX



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Plucky: (going to the film vault) Gosh, it's dark down there!
      Buster: After you, old man quiver.

    • Elmyra: (as a nurse tending to Babs who seems to have suffered a nervous breakdown) Wooo, Bunny wunny noggin went bye bye!
      Babs: Boy! You hear one strange voice and they're ready to call you psycho.

    • Babs: (to the mysterious vault keeper) Tell me something, how come all the old Warner Brothers stars were guys? Not one girl. It isn't fair. It's left me with no one to look up to, AND IT'S PUT ME IN A REALLY BAD MOOD THIS WHOLE EPISODE!

    • Babs: Don't let this get around but I'm a girl without a guru. So while everyone else gets to work with their idols, I get STUDY HALL! Triple sigh.

    • Honey: (in an old film, Honey's been tied down to the train tracks, then comes up behind the villain as Groucho Marx) Tying a girl down to the railroad tracks, eh? What kind of train is it anyway? If you chew gum, it's a choo-choo train. Or is it a train of thought?

    • (in the film vault, full of canned movie reels)
      Babs: Old cartoons never die.
      Plucky:They just get canned.

    • Plucky: (after Babs leaves the room) She needs a checkup from the neck up.

    • Babs: (advertising) Yo, check it out, check it out. Honey cartoons is what I'm talking about, this girl's so funny it's a fact, her name is Honey, you should see her act. Yo, check it out, check it out. Check it out. If you don't I'll start to shout!

    • Voice: Bugs is over 50 years old.
      Babs: Whoa, incredibly well-preserved don'cha think?
      Voice: No, It's laughter that keeps a toon young. When the laughter stops, a toon grow old and forgotten.
      Babs: Like Honey.
      Voice: To save Honey, the People must watch and laugh again.

    • Plucky: Oh, Boy. is that Daffy an egomaniac! I mean, He is arrogant, He is conceited, He is... teriffic!
      Buster: Yeah, but Bugs is perfectional. He's got style to spare.
      Plucky: Ha! that dweeb? get crucial. He's a walking germ for Insomnia.
      Buster: You not dealing with a full deck, duck. Babs-a-roo here will settle it. Who is the greatest? Bugs Bunny?
      Plucky: ...Or Daffy Duck?
      Babs: (Sighs.) They're both great.
      Plucky: Your enthusiasm is underwhelming.

    • Buster: I say Bugs Bunny is the best, and Hamton agrees with Me. right, Bud? (Offers Hamton a carrot cake slice.)
      Plucky: Oh-ho-ho No! You can't bribe My pal into liking that lop-earred loser. (Offers Hamton a wedding cake.) Not when He know the greatest cartoon star ever is Daffy Duck. (Hamton eats the cake slice and then part of the wedding cake.) so settle this silly little stat with an impartial decision. okay, Amigo?
      Hamton: Actually, I've always liked Porky.
      Buster and Plucky: Porky?!
      Plucky: Eh, cartoon pigs. They always stick together.

    • Voice: If You watch them You will find Her.
      Babs: Huh?
      Voice: If You watch them You will find Her.
      Babs: Watch what? (a Film reel drops.) the Cartoons?
      Voice: Yes.
      Babs: Find who?
      Voice: Start looking.
      Babs: I'm no Kevin Costner, but far be it from Me to ignore a strange voice from out of nowhere.

    • Buster: Wh-who are You?
      Vault Keeper: I'm the mysterious Vault Keeper.
      Buster: Well, hello. I'm Buster. the Pluckster and I have this bet. I say Bugs Bunny was the funniest performer ever--
      Plucky: Ah, Bugs can hold His fan club meetings in a phone booth. give Me Daffy Duck.
      Buster: So We thought We'd settle it by watching some of Their old work.
      Vault Keeper: Fine idea. Here You go. (Gives Buster and Plucky a film reel.) You can watch them in viewing room number one.

    • Babs Bunny: I'm your biggest fan
      Honey: No...This is! (Holds up a really big fan)

  • Notes

    • Awards and Nominations: - William Ross won the 1991 Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Music Direction and Composition".

    • When inside the theater, Babs walks down the aisle and if you look to the far left you see Popeye as a special guest who is there to see Bosco and Honey.

    • Credit Gag: Buster tells Babs to say "Good Night", and Babs says "Good Night, Babs".

    • Babs mentions that there are no famous female Looney Tunes. Granny was a popular Looney Tunes character who was female. Though the age difference could be the reason why Babs Bunny can't idolize her.

    • The introduction of Bosko and Honey served to be a link between Tiny Toon Adventures and WB's next animation, Animaniacs. The Warner brothers are similar in appearance to Bosko and Honey.

    • By 1996, Babs finally gets a mentor in the form of Lola Bunny from "Space Jam."

    • First time that either Bosko or Honey made a cartoon appearance since 1937!

    • Bosko and Honey ears were changed from human ears to almost like dog ears in this episode. This might have led to the idea of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner in Animaniacs.

  • Allusions

    • Babs: What do You know about Honey?
      Hamton: Uh, it's sweet, uh, Winnie the Pooh has a problem with it.

      Winnie the Pooh is a Character from the Disney franchise.

    • Babs Bunny: With you as my witness, I shall never be heroless again!

      A parody of a famous quote from the lead female character (Portrayed by Scarlett) of the movie Gone with he Wind.

    • Voice: If you build it, they will come.

      This is a famous line from the film Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner, who builds a baseball stadium in order for his favorite baseball players to live again. The title of this episode and its plot are a take on this film, also.