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Forum Rules/Submission Guidelines (Updated 6/5/08)

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    New information will be shown in red. Will get restored to black when next update comes.

    ForumRules for Tiny Toon Adventures:

    Pure and Simple.

    - No Trolling (If you do, I will let the TTA likers take their anger out on you, for a while)
    - No Spamming
    - No Flamming
    - No Bashing
    - No Gaming
    - No Duplicate Topics

    - No Perverted Topics or Posts(ex. Nudity, Sexual References, Mentioning of Sex Crimes, etc.)
    - No Illegal Copies of documents, pictures, data, or video.
    - No overusing curse words. Only the occasional H or D word.
    - Games are allowed. Just keep it to three or four.
    - No Resurfacing topics from months with a one or two word answers. Unless it's an unaswered question, you shouldn't bring it back.
    - Topics beyond the first page will be deleted to make the board less crowded.

    Submission Guidelines for Tiny Toon Adventures:

    - Please format all quotes correctly. Use the correct symbols in the right places. (This is how I achieved editor, fixing up these kinds of things.)
    - Use Spell Check.
    - Do not submit false information. Please check your references on things your not sure about.
    - Do not submit spam. It will be rejected no matter what.

    Failure To Comply With Said Rules:

    - Deleted Topic/Post.
    - Reported To Moderator.
    - Rejected Submissions.

    If you obey these rules I won't have to take affirmitive action. I've only reported one person the whole time I've been here at I don't want to, but it must be done.

    Thank you.

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