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Something I've noticed about Fifi pairings in the fandom...

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    I've recently gone through several topics on this board, and one thing I've noticed is that a few people make it quite clear that they don't support the Fifi/Hamton pairing, which inspired me to create this topic.

    Is it just me, or are more people starting to wake up to the fact that Fifi and Hamton aren't some kind of true love couple after all? Really, just because they went to the prom together doesn't mean they're in love, Fifi's line "I thought no one would ask me" when Hamton asked her to be his date made it quite clear that she was desperate and would have said yes to anyone, he just got to her first. Yet for some reason a certain number of fans seemed to latch onto "Prom-ise Her Anything" and declare that Hamton is Fifi's one and only official boyfriend, despite the fact that they were hardly seen together in any other episodes.

    SR71halo's sentiments in the Prom-ise Her Anything topic (http://www.tv.com/shows/tiny-toon-adventures/forums/prom-ise-her-anything-1838-737867/) pretty much echo my own:

    "They almost never showed it in any other episodes and people will drool over any sign of a pairing. If Calamity had asked Fifi out in that one episode, more people would love that instead.

    Fifi was never officially paired with anyone."

    Unlike Babs, and to a much lesser extent Shirley, Fifi never had an official "boyfriend," instead alternating between love interests depending on what the plot demanded.

    I've never really liked the idea of Fifi being paired with someone so boring and nebbish as Hamton. I've always supported Fifi/Furrball, though I'm also open to Fifi/Calamity. Even though Furrball and Calamity are both mutes and secondary characters, they're still far more appealing than Hamton, whose entire character revolves around being unfunny due to being the show's resident "straight man."

    For the longest time, Fifi's Wikipedia page has said things like she and Hamton were a "successful exercise in opposites attract" and "were seen together on many occasions throughout the show," but recently her "Love Interests" section on that site has been changed to be more accurate to what actually occurred on the show. Also, Furrball's section on her Wikipedia page has been expanded to show that there were a couple of other occasions where Fifi was with him, both on the show and in other media, not to mention noting the skunk/cat parallels between Fifi/Furrball and Pepe le Pew's "relationship" with Penelope Pussycat. That's not all, the number of Fifi/Furrball and (to a somewhat lesser degree) Fifi/Calamity art on DA and stories on Fanfiction.net has mushroomed over the past couple of years for some reason, and a quick glance at the comments on any of those fanworks show an overwhelmingly positive reaction for those pairings.

    Has anyone else noticed this trend? My guess is that since the show is long over, fans are able to take a step back and realize that Fifi and Hamton as a couple didn't have much screentime to begin with, at least not a whole lot more than her other pairings. From what I've seen on the Tiny Toon Fan Fiction Mirror Site, there were a good number of Fifi/Hamton stories written back in the show's heyday, but more recently support seems to have shifted to Furrball and Calamity, to the point where it's a lot more difficult to find many contemporary Fifi/Hamton fanworks. As a Fifi/Furrball supporter myself this makes me very happy, but I'm curious as to what other people think about it.

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