Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 1 Episode 12

Hare Raising Night

Aired Sunday 5:00 AM Oct 01, 1990 on FOX

Episode Recap

Bugs sends Buster on a secret mission to stop a mad doctor, Dr. Splicer, from mismatching animals for his experiments. Buster gets Babs, Plucky and Hamton to go along with him by saying that they are going to the Emmy Awards (which Plucky actually believes). At the laboratory, Dr. Splicer needs a bird brain for one of his experiments and sees Plucky. Splicer kidnaps Plucky and tries to get his brain. Meanwhile, Hamton and the bunnies look for Plucky, and Buster confesses to Babs about the mission that they are on. Babs doesn't talk to Buster for the rest of the episode. They find Plucky strapped to a chair with his head marked with dotted lines. Buster tries to tell Plucky about Splicer, but Plucky thinks that he is jealous because he is being "nominated". Then they hear Splicer coming back and Buster and Hamton run into a freakish monster with a dog's head on it. The Monster chases them and runs into Babs whom the monster falls instantly in love with. Then Babs starts to see that the monster, Melvin, is a prisoner to Splicer's experiments. Buster, Hamton and Plucky find all of the animals and frees them. They they are all captured by Splicer who wants to test out his gene splicing formula on them. Babs panders to Melvin to help them and he does. Then Splicer chases them with a hose containing the formula, and Melvin tries to stop him. Melvin ends up getting hurt and Splicer falls in the formula! Babs revives Melvin with a little kiss and they all go to the Emmy Awards for real. Buster and Babs make up and become friends again, but not before he tricks her one last time. Plucky is certain to win the best new comer award, but Melvin wins instead! and what became of Dr. Splicer? He's Half-Rooster!

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