Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 3 Episode 24

How I Spent My Vacation (4)

Aired Sunday 5:00 AM Feb 12, 1993 on FOX
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How I Spent My Vacation (4)
This movie shows all the misadventures that the Tiny Toons Have on their summer vacation. Buster and Babs get into serious situations while floating down the river all summer what with Crocodiles and Possums chasing them. Elmyra goes to a Wildlife preserve and tries to find herself a kitty. Fifi wants to be a Famous skunk's dream date. Plucky goes along with Hamton and his weird family to Happy World Land.moreless

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  • Road Trip from Hell

    This is a review on the fourth and final anthology story from the film whcih is clearly the best one. This is my favorate episode of the whole show, it's basically one of those road trip comidies but this is done right and well. This story just has not one dull moment, I litterally laughed my head off from begining to end.

    The Hamptons are litterally the last kind of people you'd ever wnat to go on a car trip with. I think if I ever went I a trip with them I would lose my cool. Which is what make's Plucky Duck's pridicament all the more hillarous and painful to watch at the same time.

    This episode is just a laugh a minute there is just one gag after another. The trip is litterally a road trip from Hell there are just a lot of thing to not just give Plucky Duck grief but make him lose his sanity, in fact that's probably his only salvation. From those stupid games they play like spot a car which is litteraly no contest, songs, disgusting and rather unhealthy snacks they had man that almost made me want to puke you name it.

    Three moments I really liked were one when they pick up a scarry looking hichhicker that is litterally trying to kill Plucky Duck which I though was both suspenseful and blackly funny.

    Two when they all had this daft belief that if you held your breath while in the tunnel till the end your wish would come true. Loved the fact Hampton's big brother almost killed himself doing that.

    And finally the part where Hampton hurls at Plucky's most valuable comic book that just made me laugh so hard. Though it's a little strange since Hampton only glanced at the comic and didn't read it at all and why the heck couldn't of puked out the window? Man I can only hope Plucky had a very good platic protector for that comic book.

    But I think this episode is also funny because there is a truth attached to it which makes it slightly easy to emphisize with. I myself hate car trips from both the motion sickness I'm ceceptable toward, small space, but most of all just the length of time it litterally takes to get to your destination even though it's only a matter of hours and minutes it feels like it almost stretches forever. And the payoff doesn't disapoint we see Happyland which as we know is a Disneyland knockoff, and well lets just say Plucky isn't a happy camper.moreless
  • This is absolutely one of THE best sitcom-gone-movies I have EVER seen! From the ever-catchy revamped opening theme to the smart-aleck ending credits (yes, READ THEM!), it is truly a comedic gem. One problem remains though: MAKE IT FOR DVD!!!moreless

    Hilarity that generations now and forevermore will appreciate! Oh, wait--it needs to be released on DVD in order for generations to come to even be able to enjoy it! Please, do the world a favor and re-release for DVD audiences!

    This is absolutely one of THE best sitcom-gone-movies I have EVER seen! From the ever-catchy revamped opening theme to the smart-aleck ending credits (yes, READ THEM!), it is truly a comedic gem. Elmira is a real pill, Plucky Duck is a sarcastic genius, Buster and Babs work the script like no other duo in comedy and there are so many twists and little jokes poked in every possible crevice it's unreal! Please, bring it into the NOW! 2008! DVD is a must!moreless
Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Furrball/Calamity Coyote/Little Beeper/Go Go Dodo

Recurring Role

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Dizzy Devil

Recurring Role

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen


Recurring Role

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    • Babs: Look a plot hole.
      Buster: I was wondering how they were going to wrap this up.

    • Buster: We're sad, we're confessing, that school is back in session. (takes out his water pistol) I sure learned my lesson and
      (Babs shuts Buster in his locker)
      Babs: I actually had fun.
      Plucky: I'm filled with elation, I'm back from that vacation!
      Shirley: For my next incarnation...I'm coming as a nun!
      Elmer Fudd: Welcome back to Acme Woo for a new school year.
      Buster: Yikes, a test.
      Babs: I need rest.
      Plucky: I'm living in fear.
      Fifi: Johnny Pew is a pity.
      Elmyra: At least I got my kitty.
      Dizzy: No more crate, I now look great.
      Kids: We've been outdone.
      Hamton: Tunnels, and car games.
      Plucky: Boy that trip was sure lame.
      (The psycho killer steps in the room)
      Hamton: Here's our pal, what's his name?
      Plucky: Someone call the cops!
      Kids: You viewers are lucky.
      Killer: Hey, where the heck is Plucky?
      Kids: When weather gets mucky, you can take it from the top. When September rolls around, you hear that school bell sound, never mind, press rewind, it's summer time again. We're tiny, we're toony, we're all a little loony. It's Tiny Toon Adventures...
      Buster: And I am the champ.
      Babs: And now you are just damp.
      (Babs pulls a cord, soaking Buster)
      Babs: I just can't help myself.

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