Tiny Toon Adventures

Episode 4

How I Spent My Vacation (4)

Aired Sunday 5:00 AM Feb 12, 1993 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Buster: We're sad, we're confessing, that school is back in session. (takes out his water pistol) I sure learned my lesson and
      (Babs shuts Buster in his locker)
      Babs: I actually had fun.
      Plucky: I'm filled with elation, I'm back from that vacation!
      Shirley: For my next incarnation...I'm coming as a nun!
      Elmer Fudd: Welcome back to Acme Woo for a new school year.
      Buster: Yikes, a test.
      Babs: I need rest.
      Plucky: I'm living in fear.
      Fifi: Johnny Pew is a pity.
      Elmyra: At least I got my kitty.
      Dizzy: No more crate, I now look great.
      Kids: We've been outdone.
      Hamton: Tunnels, and car games.
      Plucky: Boy that trip was sure lame.
      (The psycho killer steps in the room)
      Hamton: Here's our pal, what's his name?
      Plucky: Someone call the cops!
      Kids: You viewers are lucky.
      Killer: Hey, where the heck is Plucky?
      Kids: When weather gets mucky, you can take it from the top. When September rolls around, you hear that school bell sound, never mind, press rewind, it's summer time again. We're tiny, we're toony, we're all a little loony. It's Tiny Toon Adventures...
      Buster: And I am the champ.
      Babs: And now you are just damp.
      (Babs pulls a cord, soaking Buster)
      Babs: I just can't help myself.

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