Tiny Toon Adventures

Episode Special

It's a Wonderful Tiny Toon Christmas Special

Aired Sunday 5:00 AM Dec 06, 1992 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The guest stars at the rehearsal include Bob Hope, Luke Perry, Cher, and William Shatner (called "The Parum-Pum Man" in the credits).

    • In the alternate reality, Bugs/Harvey reads a newspaper with the headline "Encino Man 2 Wins Best Pic Oscar".

  • Quotes

    • Buster: Ok guys, lets setup for the finale!
      Cher: You got it babe. (rubs her hand across his face and walks off)
      Babs: That reminds me, I'm still mad at you. What were you whispering to her about anyway?!
      Buster: Well...
      Cher (to babs): He wanted to know what to get you for christmas.
      Babs: Oh.. (nervously) aheh-heh-heh. So what'd she suggest a tattoo?
      Buster: No this! (Grabs her, leans her over and kisses her for a few seconds - then walks off)
      Babs: Ooh.. (melts)

    • (After Sneezer sneezes, causing the entire set to crash onto the stage)
      TV Executive #2: Ahahahaha, now this is good.
      TV Executive #1: You are so lost Edward.
      TV Executive #2: Yes I am.

    • Blue Grinch: All the shmagoos down in Shmagooville...

    • Babs: Thank you, Mr. Sensitive

    • Buster: And now it's time for...
      Plucky: Plucky, the red-beaked reinduck!

    • Plucky: I am Plucky Duck.
      Babs: And I'm Babs Bunny.
      Both: No relation!
      Babs: How can we be related? He's a duck, I'm a rabbit. I don't get it!

  • Notes

    • This episodes Credits Gag is:

      Stop Watching These Credits
      And Go Buy Us A Really Nice Gift!

    • This episode is inspired by many different Christmas specials, but mainly It's a Wonderful Life. This is quite possibly the closest a childrens cartoon ever came to the movie (they didn't "conveniently forget" George Bailey's suicide attempt here).

    • This episode is an obvious homage to "It's A Wonderful Life."

    • Harvey's name probably came from the movie "Harvey", about a man who had an imaginary friend in the form of a 6-foot rabbit. Jimmy Stewart, who was the lead in "It's a Wonderful Life" also starred as the main character.

  • Allusions

    • In addition to the main plot, several small references to It's a Wonderful Life are made throughout the episode: - God introduces Max as "the richest and meanest toon in Acme Acres", similar to Mr. Potter's introduction. Also, like Potter, Max spends most of the episode in a wheelchair. - When Gogo slides down the staircase, he knocks off a loose finniel. - In the cartoons that Babs (who looks and acts like Mary Bailey in the world without George) watches, Porky tells Petunia he's going to lasso the moon, and Pepe tries on a cologne labeled "Zuzu's Petals".

    • The chipmunk show that Plucky is reffering to is Chip and Dale Resuce Rangers.

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