Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 1 Episode 15

Life in the 90's

Aired Sunday Oct 04, 1990 on FOX

Episode Recap

Buster presents three sketches on how life is in the new decade- the 1990's. Whining Out: Hamton invites Buster, Babs and Plucky to dinner at a very exclusive restaurant called Attitudes because he'd rather eat somewhere other than Weenie Burger all the time. Hamton and his friends are turned away because he made the reservation two years before, but it takes three years to get into Attitudes. The waiter lets them in anyway, only to give them the worst possible service. First they are served garbage, then waiters ignore them and are finally served a very minuscule helping of a piece of cheese and gravy as the main course. In order to get out of paying the outrageously high check, Babs poses as Cher and sneaks the gang out of the restaurant. They decide to eat at Weenie Burger instead. Paper Trained: Buster gets a job as a paper boy. After the simple problems a paper boy faces daily like broken windows and chasing dogs, Buster faces a bigger problem- MAX! It seems that Max hasn't paid for his subscription in five years and he owes Buster two dollars. Max tries to get away from him because "rich people never pay", but Buster is one step ahead of him everywhere. He even locks himself in his vault, but Buster finds him there. Max eventually pays up and gets his paper, only to find out that his entire fortune is WIPED OUT because he gave up his last two dollars! Butt Out: This cartoon should be commended by the American Cancer Association because of its humorous message about how smoking is not cool. Babs gets a gift certificate to a very popular ice cream parlor in Acme Acres. As she tries to enjoy her ice cream, she is terrorized by two smoking rats named Roderick and Rubella (from Perfecto Prep, a rival school). Babs tries to tell them that they are in the non-smoking section and their smoking is bothering customers, namely her. Their response? Blowing smoke in her face. To teach them a lesson, Babs poses as a doctor and a psychiatrist so Roderick and Rubella can see the dangers of smoking. After being blown up, a blackened Roderick and Rubella quit smoking.

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