Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 1 Episode 48

Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool

Aired Sunday Dec 10, 1990 on FOX

Episode Recap

This is just like Episode 46, except Mr. Popular (Which is Buster Bunny.) teaches people how to be cool about themselves, crazy fads and not disrespecting people. Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool: Hamton is having a hard time fitting in because he is not cool. Mr. Popular shows Hamton how to fit in, win lots of friends, and how to get in the coolest clubs. He is put to the test when Mr. Popular and Babs take him to the coolest club in town. Arnold then shuts the door on Hamton, and he starts swaying around and unknowingly starts a conga line with the crowd. After that, Babs and Mr. Popular try to get rid of his record collection, but he starts doing some fresh DJ scratch mves that makes him even more cooler with the studio audience. The audience then leaves with Hamton, leaving Mr. Popular and Babs with an empty set and running cameras! Slugfest: Plucky is so into the show, the "Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs", that he is actually a fan club leader. Plucky then wants a slug costume, but it costs a lot of money. Hamton, who came to visit, suggests that they make their own slug costumes. They pretend that they are the Samurai Slugs, only to be knocked upside the head by Elmyra who hates icky bugs, and get into a stunt show. The Iodizer (Just some Muscular guy in an Iodizer suit whom He swiped from a Wimpy guy.) chases Plucky and Hamton all round the nation and they end up in the salt flats of Utah. Thinking that they are trapped, they run off to a moose lodge where the mooses run out of salt lick (which is, in case you don't know, a big block of salt that farm animals lick to replenish minerals for their bodies. Who says cartoons can't teach you anything?). The mooses start licking the Iodizer and chase him off, thus saving Plucy and Hamton from salty doom. Venison Anyone?: This sketch begins when Max starts chasing after Mr. Popular with his gun around the studio. Mr. Popular wards him off by telling him to hunt some deer. Max then goes out into the woods and looks for some deer. He is thwarted by a street-smart deer named Vinnie. Max learns the hard way that deer are not mere pitiful forest creatures when Vinnie tricks him into going into a bear cave, in which deer are not allowed in. At the end, Vinnie remarks, "I may be a pitiful forest creature, but Mama didn't raise no fools".

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