Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 3 Episode 14

Music Day

Aired Sunday 5:00 AM Nov 11, 1992 on FOX

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  • Loon Lake applies the very things that exist in our world today.

    That is why it has to be the one of the best episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures.
  • By far, one of my favorite episodes in the series. Though the other two shorts, "A Horn Blows at Lunch Time" and "Ruffed Ruffee" are quite entertaining and humorous to watch, by far the best short of the trio is Loon Lake.

    I'll be honest: I'm a huge Tiny Toon Adventures fan and I've got a lot of favorite episodes. But this is actually one of the few I remembered even after not seeing it for years. Or rather, one short in particular in this episode: Loon Lake.

    Now don't get me wrong, 'A Horn Blows at Lunch Time' is a great short and Sneezer, ever adorable, tends to shine in this episode, even though he actually doesn't do that much. The entire point is simple yet effect: Sneezer is practicing playing the horn but decides to eat some cheese (of the stinkier variety) before doing so. The smell carries into the vents and hilarity and chaos ensue as everyone blames the smell on one another until the adorable little stinker if found out (and more importantly by that point, plays his horn better). It's lighthearted and actually laugh at loud funny, which is a lot coming from me considering the entire short is pretty much a fart joke.

    Then there's "Ruffed Ruffee", which is yet another humorous tale: Buster is pretty much annoying the ever loving crap out of a child singer, who sings borderline sickeningly sappy songs. I liked this short a lot, because it reminded me of those shorts where Bugs Bunny was pitted against that opera singer (who kept ruining him playing the banjo, singing or even the harp) or the time he had to go against the Scotsman with the bagpipes. Again, a good, laugh out loud episode.

    But then there's my overall favorite of the trio: Loon Lake. Out of the three, it's the least humorous, yet still manages to have a entertaining and good story, despite it being rather simple: Shirley dances and is quite a good one at her ballet school. However, the older swans in her class, jealous of her skills, ridicule her to the point that she actually thinks of giving up. Babs steps in and payback ensues on her behalf. I suppose what makes this short so good is that you can actually relate to and feel sorry for Shirley: she's relentlessly picked on for no good reason really. From the way she speaks, to how she dances, to simply being a duck--it's rather cruel and you can't help but root for Babs in the end to give them exactly what they deserve. What really makes this episode so great is that one can actually relate to Shirley--heck, you might have actually been Shirley at one point.

    Overall, it's a great episode and if you ever get the chance, definately make sure this is one of the episodes you see.
  • The best shorts episode in the series. 'Ruffled Rufee' was hilarious. And Loon Lake had great use of Shirley. 'The Horn Blows At Lunchtime' was the best use of Sneezer yet. Not to mention stupid yet funny fart jokes.

    Okay so it's Music Day. How bad can it be? It isn't all 22 minutes of this episode is sure to delight you even if it's your first episode. And there is also Tokyo Movie Shinsa's beautiful animation. 'Ruffled Rufee' is possibly my favorite short. Come on! Who doesn't want to see Buster annoy a child singer? Well at least it was great in the end. If you ever see this on T.V. tape it or record it. Because it is the best yet. I really enjoyed it.
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