Tiny Toon Adventures

Episode Special

Night Ghoulery (1 Hour Special)

Aired Sunday May 28, 1995 on FOX

Episode Recap

Babs tells Us 9 stories of Scary proportions and is a Spoof of Night Gallery.

The Tell-Tale Vacuum" - A parody of the classic short story "The Tell-Tale Heart" written by American writer, Edgar Allan Poe Starring Plucky and Hamton.

"Sneezer The Sneezy Ghost" - A parody of Casper as well as the theme song. Starring Sneezer and Furrball

"The Devil Dog of the Moors" - This is the only short in the special that didn't parody a movie. This was an original story in which the character Babs Bunny is told a ghost story of an evil spirit named "The Devil Dog" which happens to be a normal dog. Starring Babs Bunny and Byron Basset.

"Fuel" - A parody of one of Steven Spielberg's first films "Duel". This short wasn't really a parody of a Halloween movie but more of a movie parody instead. Starring Calamity Coyote. (Remember to look at the end to see the Beeper!)

"The Devil and Daniel Webfoot" - A Parody of the story, "The Devil and Daniel Webber". Starring Plucky, Hamton, and Montana Max.

"Hold That Duck" - A parody of the Abbot and Castello film, "Hold That Ghost". Starring Plucky and Buster

"Night of the Living Dull" - A parody of the film "Night of the Living Dead" in which Gogo and the Wackyland gang are terrorized by a Tiny Toons fanboy and a bunch of investors.

"Frankenmyra" - A Parody of the all-time horror classic "Frankenstein". Starring Elmyra and Dizzy. (Special Guest, Gossamer.)

"Gremlin on a Wing" - A parody of the Twilight Zone skit "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet". Starring Plucky and Hamton (Again.)