Tiny Toon Adventures

Episode Special

Night Ghoulery (1 Hour Special)

Aired Sunday 5:00 AM May 28, 1995 on FOX

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  • What I think of Tiny Toon Adventure (Night Ghoulery)

    Hi, I am 13 years old and I love this TV show. Sadly I was born in 2001 and didn't know about it until December 2014. So I watch it on YouTube I love everything about it. Sadly I do not know what TV channel it is on Cartoon Network Nickelodeon or fox or any others. I love watching loony toons as well but I love this more. I got into it buy watching the film on TV Space Jam. I loved it, I wanted to see more so I looked it up on YouTube. I have seen the film before twice but it was when I was much younger. I loved it then I love it now. I think Tiny Toon Adventure is one of the BEST tv shows ever made kids love it and I love it jus wish it would be aired on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon or something. But I love watching it on YouTube, but I think if it was back on TV loads of people will watch it (I know I would). We the public will get entertained and you guys would get Money and LOTS of it. This episode was great probably one of my fav's heck there all my fav's they were the best TV show around I love tiny toons :).
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