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  • Tiny toons is an instant watch!

    Tiny toon adventures was one of my favorite cartoons when I was about 9-12 years old along with Animaniacs, Rockos modern life, Batman the animated series, and the ren and stimpy show. Tiny toons was basically a new generation and hip version Looney tunes in middle school. All the characters were great in the series, but elmyra is probably the worst point of the show. The voice acting and music is out of this world. The dialogue is wonderful. Tiny toons had some of the best writing during its time. The humor is the best part of the show. For the kids, slapstick, and great gags and for the adults and teens,the pop culture references, sexual innuendos and adult jokes make this show a hit for tweens. The animation was not consistent though. But most of it was good except for the Kennedy cartoons episodes. Even though the jokes are a little dated , that doesn't affect the shows greatness. Tiny toons is one of the best cartoons ever made for tweens, the 90s and all time!
  • That was favorite cartoon all times. Tiny Toon Adventures rocks!

    Man, Tiny Toon Adventures was Amazing!
  • Once again, I`m not looking at the most original show but one that is good nonetheless

    Seeing this show reminds me of the classic Looney Toons show. True, it does try to copy the same format that we`ve seen with the real show and it feels kind of annoying to see that it is the same thing with different I do find it has many hilarious moments, the show can feel a bit worn out as you know what to expect from most of the characters on the show and it has the same formats we`ve seen (like the cyote chasing the roadrunner and the duck frequently being the joke of the show with his slapstick situations). Still, I think most people will find this familiarity to be what makes this show good and it does have a lot of its funny moments so I suppose the show deserves a posetive review here.
  • About the show

    It had great writiing in 64 episode in season one, season two, 19 episodes in season three and song for the main title theme
  • i guess they don't make tiny toon show from 90's stuff like they use to I miss tiny toon show

    Cornelius bunny wear decepticon t-shirt I like bugs bunny what about mutant toons transformation looney tunes too bad tiny toon show got cancelled I love naked Lola bunny as Krystal Katrina since 2005 2006 in making I watch teenage mutant ninja turtles 1987
  • Top Shows - Like a young Looney Tunes

    Various ep (95-03)
  • They put FUN in Funny!

    Bugs is the cutest and coolest bunny growing up. All of the looney tunes were great for children and will never grow old. I had fun following them growing up. They are sweet and intelligent creatures for your children to grow up with as well. The visuals are absolutely beautiful as well as the role playing!
  • How I learned about this show

    I was just watching the animaniacs on YouTube when I saw this show intro and then I watched it I didn't really think it was all that interesting But then when i looked up more eps for animaniacs I saw tiny toons again and then I watched 1 episode and now I am a big fan of tiny toons,it's the best 90s show after animaniacs

  • A Great Way To Commemorate Bugs Bunny's Debut.


    It's among the best shows to emerge from Warner Bros. Animation. I learned some facts about it that I probably still never would have if it weren't for the Wikipedia article, like about how this was originally intended to be a movie. Also, this series was created to coincide with and commemorate what was at the time this premiered, the 50th anniversary of Bugs Bunny's first short, "A Wild Hare". This is just such a brilliantly well-done cartoon.

    One of the reasons why I've always loved Tiny Toons is because of GoGo DoDo, who is my most favorite character. He's the definitive, quintessential rep of animation and the ways he provides that coming from him cartoonish realm of Wackyland are what make him so cool. And he's got to be the most cartoonish of the cast. I like how there's been some episodes that hark back to a common theme of the classic era Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts (e.g. the "Hollywood Plucky" episode being a homage to and reminiscent of "Hollywood Steps Out", "Daffy Duck In Hollywood", "I Ought To Be In Pictures", etc.) and here are some interesting things about which I thought. Such as how the ghost from one of the "Return To The Acme Acres Zone" segments could be the successor of the ghost from the "Jeepers Creepers" short; whereas Furball was silent (save for the typical cat sounds) throughout most of the program's run and spoke rarely, how often Sylvester did and didn't speak was reversed, as he was known for talking more often than not and the few featurettes in which he appeared with him having no lines; and episodes that featured the '30s characters Bosko, Honey, Foxy, Roxy and Goopy Geer were my introduction to them. I wouldn't see any of their cartoons until years later and I didn't know until coming across the history behind Bosko and Honey on the net that they had designs differing from those in the episode in which they appeared, "Fields of Honey".

    Anyway, to fill in the info for those who may be reading this and are new to the show, it's about a group of younger cartoon characters who aspire to follow in the footsteps of the Looney Tunes characters and learn how to be funny by attending a cartoon comedy school known as Acme Looniversity (or Acme Loo). Among the attendants and their idols who are staffed there are Buster and Babs Bunny (who are fans of Bugs), Plucky Duck (fan of Daffy), Hamton Pig (fan of Porky) and more. Most of the cast aren't related to them (with the exceptions of GoGo being the son of the dodo, who's now known as YoYo, from "Porky In Wackyland" and Marcia Martian (who appeared once) being the niece of Marvin The Martian. Most episodes of this show are packages of three shorts or segments made for the then-new generation and were brought to weekday afternoon or Saturday morning t.v. For all those who may already be well- familiar with the LT/MM featurettes from the classic era and others who may detract the show due to it (in some of your minds and as far as y'all are concerned) not being as funny as those, that it's lacking/missing something or whatever other reasons, I say check it out anyway because of some episodes paying tribute to the Warner Bros. cartoon shorts of yore, as well as other episodes having pop culture parodies. Tom Ruegger (with, I think, executive production from Steven Spielberg) did a great job bringing this to light. I proclaim this to be one of the best cartoons of not only the '90s, but all time. And all I just typed are why I recommend it.

  • It's fine to me.

    They are tiny Looney Tunes.The little looney characters are kids.That is a better idea than what they did to that show Baby Looney Tunes.But the human idea was not really good.It's very not really good.It's not really one of those shows that I don't like,But is very fine to me.This show is really not one of them.I could say that it's a very fine show to me.My grade of this of this show is one of the letters and that letter is a C because it wasen't that good,but it was pretty a fair show to me on that Nickelodeon.
  • Another cool cartoon.

    I always liked watching Loony Tunes all the time when I was a kid. Then months later Steven Spielberg made Tiny Toon Adventures. I didn't really like that one. I payed no mind to it whenever it came on. Right now I'm a big fan of cartoons and it's animation. Two days before I made this review while I was walking and I saw Tiny Toon Adventures volume 1 DVD. So I checked it out. After I watched one of the discs I realized I was missing out on one of the greatest cartoons ever created. EVER!

    What I think of "Tiny Toon Adventures"

    Charming character design.
    Wonderful orchestrated background music.
    Very creative and cute.
    It's way of doing wackiness, fourth wall breaking, and free spirited attitude is a lot better then the way they are in cartoons nowadays.
    Nice for kids.

    Won't be aired on TV anymore.

    If your looking for a cartoon with true crazy wacky animation with your favorite characters, doesn't push crude humor too far, has the same gags and slapstick comedy you come to know and love from the original, and never got the chance to see it, then you will LOVE this show. Please don't fall for cartoons like "Flapjack" or "Foster's home for Imaginary Friends". Stick with the original. They're just wanna-bees.

    This show must return and knock all of these ridiculous repetitive cartoons off the air. And that's a wrap.
  • Annoying.

    I don't know how I ended up watching more than one episode, but I did. Now I am older and I have to say that it was so annoying to watch. Even when I was young I thought it was boring and annoying. It made no sense and I wondered where all the grown lonney tunes went. My favorite aspect of the show was the parts where they got into trouble in some way. Other than that, it was actually quite dull and annoying. Overall, I didn't care much for this show then and I still don't care much for it. Thank you.
  • one of the greatest 90s toons...

    when Tiny toons was airing on nick, i didnt really pay attention to this show. but now, i regret not watching it. i miss TT so much! i bought the 1st season volume 1 DVD, & i really hope they put the rest of the show on DVD. all the jokes were original & hilarious! i hope one day that nick will air this show again. i would recommend tiny toons to anyone who hasnt seen it cuz it's awsome! you wont ever regret watchin this. tiny toons is wayy better than all the retarded shows tat are on now*coughSpongebobcough*
  • a Tiny brand of Looney Tunes.

    In a Place where young Toons are taught, is a magical place called Acme Acres. in it is a School called Acme Looniversity, With some lovable charcters like Buster, a Blue Rabbit with a quirky attitude, Babs a Pink Rabbit who can imitate anyone in the past, Plucky, an egotistical Duck with well, You know. Shirley the Loon, a Psychic student, (an ex-student of Perfecto Prep) Hamton, a pig who prefers cleanliness over mud. of course, there are some bad things here like Elmyra Duff, (Any pet Animal's Nightmare.) Montana Max the rich brat, and sometimes Dizzy Devil the purple Maniac. despite the negativities, Tiny Toons are the greatest thing since The Simpsons.
  • One of the few spin-offs worth watching....

    While most cartoon spin-offs are complete trageties, Tiny Toons is one of the few that don't disappoint. Even though most of the characters were meant to be younger counterparts to there "mentors", what probably made the show so successful was the shows own unique gags and parodies. The character I appreciated the most was Babs, because even though she was probably meant to just be the girl counterpart to Buster, she had a complete and unique personality of her own. Unlike the rest of the toons, Babs's personality didn't parallel any one else's. Shirley, was probably the second most unique ( though not necessarily second fav ). Although she is basically the "Melissa Duck" of Tiny Toons, unlike Melissa who always played the damsel in distress and had a distintive stereotyped southern belle accent, Shirley was independent without Plucky, and sported the 90's valley-girl tone instead. Her psychic abilities were a parody of the 90's new age movement, although a bit of the last Looney Tunes short " The Duxorsist " could have influenced them some as well.
  • Anvil Droppingly good ;)

    This show was actually on before i was born but i had watched 'how i spent my summer vacation' and had heard the show was great so i decided to watch a couple episodes on youtube and check it out. It turned out spectacular so i picked up the dvd and i haven't been able to put it down yet. This type of gag-reel comedy and episodes full of puns is what needs to be back on tv these days.

    This spin off of the original looney tunes turned out better than i had anticipated. Duck Dodgers is the only other spin off of looney tunes that i like as well. Warner Bros. really did a great job on this show and this is why Warner Bros. is so good. This show as well as Animaniacs/Pinky and the Brain were some of the many great shows made by Warner Bros. during the 90s. Buster is my fav. character but Babs, Plucky and Hampton are not far behind. Other characters include: FurrBall, Sweetie Bird, Sneezer, Fowlmouth, Dizzy Devil, Shirley Loon, Fifi la Fume, Calamity Coyote, Gogo Dodo, Arnold, Elmyra and Montana Max.
  • One of the best shows of my childhood, a true classic indeed

    They're tiny, they're toony, they're all a little loony! (sorry, had to be said) Tiny Toon Adventures was one of the best cartoons around back in the 90's. This show was nearly perfect as it was and still is hilarious. The concept was just brilliant as well, I mean, all the characters take after a specific loony toon character is a great idea. I wish they would bring the show back or at least put it on DVD soon. These cartoons were amazing back in the day along with all the old nicktoons as well as the Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain. This show should not be missed.
  • The Looney Tunes get an update!

    Characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig have always entertained audiences with their wackiness and (sometimes) stupidity ever since the dawn of time (or 1930s etc.) - but in the 90s, they got their own counterparts.
    Characters like Babs and Buster (in the image of Bugs Bunny), Plucky Duck (in the image of Daffy) and Hampton (Porky Pig) were created.
    These new so-called "Tiny Toons", were an update on the name "Looney Tunes" and they attended school (Acme Looniversity) Their teachers or mentors were all the classic characters (Bugs, Daffy etc.).
    The show itself had a very catchy theme song, so catchy in fact, that the song was used in countless episodes during the series run - and I'm not just talking about the opening and closing credits either!
    Some episodes also spoofed classic movies and TV shows (The Twilight Zone, Who Framed Roger Rabbit...) The show was created by the legendary Steven Spielberg (Hence the name "Steven Spielberg Presents Tiny Toon Adventures).
    Unfortunately though, the characters (Tiny Toons) were not strong enough to hold their own weight - and faded slowly into oblivion. In Australia they haven't even been heard of since the 90s! However, this isn't just another "forgettable" cartoon lost in time, this is classic Looney Tunes with a re-vamp and is a show that I will always treasure from my childhood. Long live the Tiny Toons! (Or maybe not?)
  • Strange....But good.

    Like I said above, this show is strangly good. Even though its a kid show, I like to watch it. I guess since I'm homeschooled I would always watch whatever was on Cartoon Network, and this was usually on, so I'd watch it. And yes, it's good, and as my classification as, its unintentionally funny. But the kid side in this show, just brings back memories from my childhood, and I love that. So whenever I'm really bored, I'll just switch on this show, and hang out. And sure, it can be pretty cheesy, but its a kid's show, so thats what you expect, lol.
  • A Amazing True Classic.

    My 12th Review after "The Simpsons"

    This show is simply amazing. But.... pretty Werid. because you get these Bootlet versions of the "Looney Tunes" More like "looney tunes" When They were Kids. The cartoon was sooooo good, they released Serveal games that were Published and Devoplped by One of the Greatest Japanese Video game compaines of all time. "Konami". (Which they also made the TMNT and Animaniacs games.) Tiny toon adventures is ONE of the Greatest Cartoons ever made! They won Several Awards and a couple of wins, Buster Bunny's my Favorite chracther in the series. So I'm gonna Give this cartoon a B. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: A++ 10.0/10.0 Perfect. the youngsters voices were sooo good, they got an award for "Outstanding Young Voice-acting". Animation: A+ 9.6/10.0 Great animation, The chracthers and Backgrounds are FULL of colors.

    Grapihcs: B 7.5/10.0 Decent and good grapihcs, But NOT that great, but good.

    Dialouge: A+ 9.5/10.0 Outstanding Dialouge, Some of them are Hilarious, or some are just plain old fun and silly.

    Sound: B++ 8.3/10.0 There's some jazzy, and some big band music with Outstanding classic cartoon sound effects.

    Lasting Appeal: B 9.0/10.0 This show is so entertaining but can sometimes be a drag.

    Overall: B 9.0/10.0 One of the Greatest cartoons ever made. If you're a Warner Brothers fan, This will be one of the right chooses for you to watch. Have fun with that!
  • DVD It!

    Tiny Toons was one of the best shows on Television. Now I can't seem to find it anywhere. Since Warner Brothers have the rights for this show, I wish they could put it on Boomerang with Animaniacs. The episode I'm trying to find is the Easter Episode. My parents were ROFL (Whatever that means.) And I wish to see the Series on DVD. If Tiny Toons were still on, I wouldn't be surprised that they would poke fun at George W. Bush. He may say things like, 'I gotta do this for daddy' or something like that. The jokes would be endless.
  • Awsome Show Classic

    Tiny Toons more liked an spin off to Looney Tunes.Except has very different concept.To be perfectly honest this show rules! I mean I really loved this show.When it used to come on.I would really watch this show.This show is seriously funny.Altough we do see some looney tunes characters in this show as teachers or other stuff.I believed in my own opinion that this show has more concept with different stories or spoof from other shows.I liked it when Emeria(sp?) goes crazy for any animals.Everyone afriad of Emeriya and even Max a million.I had few favorite characters on the show.Anyway this was an great show to watch.
  • Simply hilarious, why isn't this still on television? Or at least on DVD yet?

    This show was one of my favorites in my younger years. Now that I'm old I can still look back and remember how funny it was.

    It's been a while since anyone has aired this series, and with all these old T.v. series' coming to DVD, frankly I'm very confused about why this hasn't made the DVD list.

    They weren't younger versions of the Looney Tunes, as some might expect, but more of a next generation, for another generation of cartoon loving kids. It was a cast of younger "looney Tunes" living in more of a real world, going to school and hanging out with friends, but they didn't go as far as too remove the slapstick comedy of it's predecessor, it's all still there. Falling anvils, bad guys (or in this case bullies) who just can't win, and over the top humor.

    this show brought in the nineties cartoon era for me.

    please, somebody release it on DVD.
  • Bring it back on tv!

    Bring it back! on tv and show reruns it was great I used to watch this show when I was little it was such a great show and I would love to watch it again on Nicklodeion or at least put it back on Nicktoonsnetwork like they had it on their about 3 years ago it was nice to see it now Nicklodeion has dumb shows like Catscratch and they will put that on Nicktoonsnetwork but can bring back the classic shows that helped them to were they are today? whatever Nickloedion I rate Tiny Toons Adventures a perfect 10
  • I used to watch this all the time

    Babs Bunny was so awesome - Tress McNeil is GOOD! But it's too bad they couldn't have Lola as her mentor instead of that Honey person. I would've enjoyed some Lola influence and some Bugs/Lola Babs/Buster time. Looking back I realize how infantile and stupid it was, but I used to like it a lot.
  • Furrball's my favorite...

    We're tiny, we're toony, We're all a little loony, And in this cartoony, We're invading your TV Comic dispensers, We crack up all the censors, On Tiny Toon Adventures, Get a dose of comedy So here's Acme Acres, It's a whole wide world apart, Our home sweet home, it stands alone, A cartoon work of art Our scripts were rejected, Expect the unexpected, Cause Tiny Toon Adventures, is about to start They're furry, they're funny, They're Babs and Buster Bunny, Montana Max has money, Elmyra is insane There's Hamton and Plucky, Dizzy Devil's ducky, Furrball's unlucky, and Go-Go is insane At Acme Looniversity, We earn our toon degree, The teaching staff's, Been getting laughs since 1933 We're tiny, we're toony, We're all a little loony, It's Tiny Toon Adventures, Come and join the fun. And now our song is done!

    So my friend and I were addicted to this show in highschool – we used to randomly walk around quoting it. Like elalator goes up, elalator stop, elalator goes down, elalator goes down the hole, no you push button, I push button. A cartoon that adults can enjoy.
  • A show of a younger generation of Looney Tunes characters getting taught by the classic cartoon characters themselves.

    Growing up in the 90's I have seen this show put and re aired on several different networks and every time I have tried my best to see every episode. This I would say is one of my more favorite kid shows that watched as a kid and still enjoy watching today. Executive producer Steven Speilberg did the right thing by investing his time in this project. I'm also a fan of his other works for cartoon shows, namely 'the animaniacs' and 'pinky and the brain' both funny and classic in thier own rights.
  • Unlike The Baby Looney Tunes, this show came up with its own ideas...

    Tiny Toons was a very creative show which I grew up with. The reason why I find it a great show is because it had original ideas, and not just some "copy" baby version of the Looney Tunes, like Baby Looney Tunes was. They came up with different kinds of characters, from the awesome to the incredibly annoying as well! The main character, Buster Bunny was also completely different to his "daddy" toon Bugs Bunny. It was wacky, funny and very entertaining! I kind of miss this!
  • I loved Tiny Toon Adventures. Ever since I was born in 1993 I watched re-runs and I fell in love with it. And still today I am a huge fanatic of it. So please realease this on dvd.

    Another thing I liked about Tiny Toons was the fabulous characters. I loved Buster, Babs, Shirley, Fifi, and Gogo. Also the writing and pop-culture parodys were the thing that made this show. And a lot of my favorite voice actors were associated with this show. And if they ever come out with a dvd I sware I will buy all the volumes until I have every single one. Not to mention this show was done by my favorite movie Director, Steven Spielberg. And nowadays I watch some of the segments on You Tube. And one this is for sure. I love Tiny Toon Adventures.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures great cartoon.

    Tiny Toon Adventures was basically the same thing as the oringal looney tunes. But they were samller. The show went along with the small version having the same problems at the looney tunes. But they go to school. In this cartoon. Usually the episode was about three cartoon Or more. And the looney tunes would pop up every once in a while.
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