Tiny Toon Adventures

Episode Special

Spring Break Special

Aired Sunday Mar 27, 1994 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The red-haired kid who repeatedly screams "I want an Easter egg!" is from the Robert McKimson-directed Bugs Bunny cartoon "Easter Yeggs."

    • The retirement village that Hampton's grandparents live in is called "Jeriatric Park."

    • The sign on the highway says that Fort Lauderdale is 8000 miles away from Acme Acres.

    • Elmyra finds Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard at 12415 Baker Street, which is the address of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.

    • Creatures held captive in Elmyra's warehouse: Rudolph, Tweety, Big Foot, a lepruchaun, a satyr, Chewbacca, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Charlton Heston (from Planet of the Apes), Alien (from Alien), and Pinky and the Brain.

    • "Requires 6000 AA batteries" flashes at the bottom of the screen during Plucky's infomercial.

  • Quotes

    • Babs: We just want to speak to who's in charge.
      Secret Service Agent: You mean the boss, the top banana, the big cheese?
      Babs: Yeah!
      Secret Service Agent: I'll see if the First Lady is available.
      Hillary Clinton: Hi, I'm Hillary Rodham Clinton.
      Babs: And I'm Babs Rodham Bunny.
      Babs/Hillary Clinton: We're related!!
      Babs: (to audience) Who knew?
      Babs: Hi.

    • (inside Elmyra's warehouse Plucky is in a cage dressed as the Easter Bunny)
      Plucky: Who would've thought Elmyra'd cage me just because I have big ears?
      Ross Perot: Tell me about it!

    • (Babs and Buster are walking around in a sewer)
      Babs: Leeches, leeches, I hate leeches!
      (fishes around in the water and pulls out Tom Arnold)
      Tom Arnold: Rosie!!
      Babs: (to audience) No comment.

    • Deputy Marshall Samuel Gerard: All right, let's find those...
      Elmyra: Hippity-hop bunnyloos?
      Deputy Marshall Samuel Gerard: "Bunnyloos"? That's not even a real word! Use real words!

    • Buster: Elmyra, why won't you leave us alone?
      Elmyra: I got a one-track mind.
      Babs: That was derailed!

    • Deputy Marshall Samuel Gerard: Have you seen a rabbit?
      Rodney Dangerfield: What's he look like?
      Elmyra: He's a cute furrylicious hippity-hop Easter Bunny full of delicious jelly beaneroos!
      Rodney Dangerfield: What's he look like?

    • (Plucky just used the Tan Meister 6000 on Hampton and it turned him into a piece of bacon)
      Hampton: Am I done?
      Plucky: Yeah, you could say that.
      (People start to leave)
      Plucky: Wait, come back! He may be bacon, but he's tan bacon!

    • Hampton: But, I don't want to go to Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break!
      Hampton's Mom: Maybe you should have a talk with your father...
      Hampton's Dad: Son.
      Hampton: Dad?
      Hampton's Dad: Son...
      Hampton: Dad?
      Hampton's Dad: Son..!
      Hampton: Dad..!
      Hampton's Dad: It's all set, Winnie! He's going to Florida with his friends!

    • Deputy Marshall Samuel Gerard: I want three mile roadblocks! I want Forensics on the scene! I want drug-sniffing dogs...and some chewy-gummy things on a cupcake!

    • (Plucky is trying to sell his Tan Meister 6000 on TV)
      Plucky: How much would you expect to pay for this amazing gizmo? $19.95? No. $9.95? No...it's actually much more than that!
      ($99.95 flashes on the screen)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The song that Babes sings during the clips of Elmyra playing with the whale with bunny ears is a spoof to the song Will You Be There by Michael Jackson, which was on the soundtrack to the movie Free Willy, which the clips are spoofed on.

    • Stairway to Heaven

      The ride might be a reference to the song "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zepplin

    • The woman that Plucky mistakes for his dream girl is TV actress (Three's Company and Step By Step) Suzanne Sommers, who is seen using her Thighmaster, which is a product that she had been hawking on informercials at the time.

    • Plucky says that the way to attract beautiful women is to look like Lyle Lovett, a musician with so-so looks who had managed to get Julia Roberts to marry him for a few years.

    • Buster: Lookey here, it's Elmyra!
      Babs: Next time you want to look me up, change your mind!

      Buster and Babs are dressed as Zeppo and Groucho Marx, of Marx Brothers fame.

    • "I love the smell of suntan lotion in the morning"

      This is a take on one of the most famous lines ("I love the smell of coconut oil in the morning") from the film Apocalypse Now.

    • Patton and Citizen Kane

      Elmyra's speech about capturing the Easter Bunny while she is dressed as an Army General is a parody of the film Patton, which starred George C. Scott about the great Army General Patton.

      The huge warehouse full of the animals that Elmyra has captured over the years is taken from the end of the film Citizen Kane.

    • Right before the toons leave for Fort Lauderdale, Babs is speaking with a British accent and is dressed like Downtown Julie Brown, who was one of MTV's first VJs back in the 80s and early 90s. Downtown Julie Brown used to travel to MTVs Spring Break house and broadcast from there just as Babs is imitating.

    • Beavis and Butt-head and Ren & Stimpy are parodied in this episode.