Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 1 Episode 38

Strange Tales of Weird Science

Aired Sunday Nov 14, 1990 on FOX



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    • Credit Gag: Buster telling Babs to say good night, and Babs Says, "Good Night, Babs".

    • The people Sweetie saw while trying to make Furrball chase them has had a short history with him. Arnold: of course has bullied him a bit. Bookworm: The two of them and Hamton lost tennis to Montana Max. Fifi:Who fell for him when she thought he was a skunk

    • Allen Smithee is really spelled Alan Smithee (anagram: "The Alias Men"). There is no real director as Alan Smithee, but "he" is actually a pseudonym used by directors who did not like what their movie turned out to be. Backstage problems with the 1969 B-Western "Death of a Gunfighter" led to director Don Siegel being the first director to use the term "Alan Smithee". Ever since that movie, many directors who did not like how their movies turned out to be were credited as "Alan Smithee". However, in 1997, a movie that made fun of The Alias Men, "An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn", which, ironically, the director was credited as "Alan Smithee", came out. Despite the fact that the movie was a complete failure, the Director's Guild of America thought that "Alan Smithee" was too well-known because of the movie and they dropped the term, and the 2000 movie "Supernova", yet another bomb, became the first "post-Smithee" film, with the director being credited as "Thomas Lee" instead of "Alan Smithee".

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