Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 1 Episode 8

Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night

Aired Sunday Sep 25, 1990 on FOX

Episode Recap

Buster and Babs present three scary shorts while trying to scare each other.

Home Wrecker: Buster is sleeping peacefully in his burrow until a bunch of steel bars come crashing down on everything in his room, including the kitchen sink! Buster goes up to investigate and, sure enough, it is Max building a summer house right over his hole. Max gets even with him by actually dropping the house on Buster! But Buster gets the last laugh when he comes as a ghost to terrorize Max. Max tries everything to get rid of Buster, but he still appears. Max uses his trendy "ACME Ghostsucker" as a final resort and ends up having his entire house sucked in the machine. Buster gets rid of his costume and Max throws a big temper tandrum.

Fang You Very Much: A bunch of animals run away from Elmyra's house and Elmyra is sad because animals always run away from her. What to do? Join the ACME Pet of the Month Club. This delivery is a little bat which happened to be the vampire Count Blood Count. Elmyra gives this bat the worst treatment of his life as she feeds him mud, squeezes him half to death, expose him to lights in a tanning room, and whacks him out of the house and into a blood bank! The next delivery is a werewolf....

Easy Biter A mosquito tries to get into Hamton's house and suck his blood. Hamton discovers the pest and tries to capture him. Hamton has a chance to kill the mosquito, but the mosquito shows him a wallet of his entire family and Hamton lets him go. Of course, the mosquito flies his entire family into the house where they bite Hamton and have a party. Hamton and the mosquito decide to sleep outside, where they are scared away by a two-headed monster. This two-headed monster turns out to be Buster and Babs in costume as they end the episode.

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