Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 1 Episode 40

The Acme Bowl

Aired Sunday 5:00 AM Nov 16, 1990 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Acme Loo has a winless season going into their big football game with arch-rival Perfecto Prep, the school's whose motto is literally: "We Never Loose". Roderick and Danforth, those evil Perfecto kids, are so bent on victory that they get Plucky to sell the Acme playbook in exchange for a transfer to Perfecto. But is Plucky really THIS much a shifty duck?moreless

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    Kath Soucie

    Kath Soucie

    Margo Mallard

    Guest Star

    William Woodson

    William Woodson


    Guest Star

    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    Furrball/Calamity Coyote/Little Beeper/Go Go Dodo

    Recurring Role

    Maurice LaMarche

    Maurice LaMarche

    Dizzy Devil

    Recurring Role

    Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen


    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Little Beeper is shown to be on the football team in the beginning of the show. But is not present during the actual game. You would think his speed would be valuable on a football team.

      • Margot Mallard appears older in the hot tub scene than she does later as a cheerleader and in the short 'Bleacher Bummer'.

      • On each rival school, every counterpart was represented and even held the same title, such as Roderick and Buster both holding the QB position and Babs and Rubella being the Head Cheerleader. However, relationship wise (depending on your choice for Fifi), it seems they were represented as well:

        Acme Loo Side:
        Hamton (or Furball)/Fifi

        Prefecto Prep Side:
        Danforth/Margot Unknown Horse FB Player (Deviantart Members think it's Bledsoe Brabant) /Unknown Cow Cheerleader (Some Say it's Bertha Bovine.)

        All on the football team or cheerleading squad.

      • Roderick's fur color changes: he was gray in previous episodes but now he's brown.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Roderick: Fellow Perfecto'...tomorrow we meet Acme Looniversity on the field of battle. And what shall we do to them?

        Entire crowd: Destory them!

        Roderick: And why? ...Because, we like to.

        (Everyone laughs.)

      • Perfecto Prep Students:
        (Somber singing starts as camera pans in on a creepy looking school.)
        Oh Perfecto Prep: the perfect school.
        Where winning is our only rule.
        There is no team we can not beat...
        Because you see we ALWAYS cheat.

      • Buster:...We gotta get a new pep club.

        Hampton: And some life insurance! Perfecto Prep is gonna kill us!

        (Undertaker starts measuring Hampton, Buster and Plucky.)

        Plucky: Notting Pine for me...

      • Babs: So whadda say toonsters: are we gonna win tomorrow!

        Crowd: NO!

        Babs: Are we gonna lose?!

        (Looks like their answer is ridiculous.)

        Crowd: YEAH!

        Babs: Are we gonna lose big?!

        Crowd: YEAH!

        Babs: How big?!

        Crowd: REAL BIG!

        (Pans out to show the planet.)

        Babs:Are we gonna get creamed?!


        Babs: Well alright!

        (Everyone cheers, football team looks annoyed.)

      • Bugs Bunny: Friends, this past season as coach, I've taught these toonsters discipline, perseverance, and teamwork!

        Y. Sam: You should of taught em how ta play football! (Laughs)

      • Acme Loo Cheerleaders:
        (Sing cheering)

        Three cheers for ole Acme Loo!
        Who cares that our team stinks, pee u!
        We're gonna try til the day we die,
        Cause we're toonsters: boo-boo-be-do!

      • (After it's said that Perfecto Prep is undefeated.)

        Narrator: So...Can Buster, Plucky, and the toonsters possibly win tomorrow's game?

        (Entire football team looks skeptical.)

        Entire football team: Don't bet on it...

      • Buster: (Twirling the football like it's a basketball and looking started when he realizes the audience is watching.) It's the only way I could get a date with the head cheerleader.

        Babs: Don't I have just the cutest toes?

        (Buster nods and melts.)

      • Acme Loo's Cheerleaders: We can't get no satisfaction, our poor team's been put in traction!

      • Acme Looniversity Cheerleaders:
        (Looking angry and/or worried.)

        Go team! Go team! If we don't win, we'll kick and scream!

      • Buster: (After the narrator explains he's the new quaterback, he shrugs.)
        It was the only way I could date the head cheerleader.

    • NOTES (11)

      • Babs Bunny's real eye color is revealed to brown as she wears blue contact lens.

      • Credit Gag: Buster saying "and that's a Wrap".

      • This is the second appearance of Margot Mallard and the first time she speaks. Though she looks drastically different in the scene during the hot tube and when she's 'cheering' for Prefecto Prep during the football game.

      • The school pep rallies were drastically different:

        Acme Looniversity's was more like a normal event, taking place on the football field and on a stage and had more of a happy atmosphere.

        Perfecto Prep's was in some sort of cave, where EVERYONE wore brown cloaks with hoods, cover their faces and had a more sinister feel.

      • In it's 200 year history, Perfecto Prep has NEVER lost a football game.

      • There were two double crosses in this episode:

        1. If Prefecto Prep had won, they had NO intention of actually letting Plucky join their school. (As a matter of fact, it was hinted at during the hot tube scene that they were going to beat him up...or worse.)

        2. Plucky intentionally gave them the play book and pretended to want to go to their school in exchange: in the end it's revealed that it was part of Buster's plan all along.

      • Bugs Bunny is Acme Loo's football coach.

      • Plucky appears to be Lil' Sneezer's hero, though whether it's just when he plays football or overall has never been addressed.

      • With the exception of Montana Max, apparently most of the 'well to do' toons in Acme Acres go to Prefecto Prep, considering all the students at this school appear to be rich. (And quite snobbish.)

      • Perfecto Prep (before this particular game) had never lost a football game, while Acme Loo couldn't seem to ever win one.

      • The cheerleaders (Babs, Shirley, and Fifi) end up playing football after most of the original team is put out of commission thanks to Prefecto Prep's tricks.

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