Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 3 Episode 15

The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain

Aired Sunday Nov 12, 1992 on FOX

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  • About this episode

    Excellent. This has great music score.
  • It just didn't seem right.

    Don't get me wrong, folks, but this episode seems way out of character for Buster, Plucky, and Hamton. The way they ruined their girlfriends' slumber party was kinda mean! It just wasn't like them to be mean and cruel to their official love interests! I almost feel sorry for the girls, especially Fifi! Hamton was real cruel about his true love Fifi when he said that she looked funny with her tail frizzed! And I really felt sorry for poor Fifi when she was captured by One-Eyed Jack! I'll admit, like the girls, I am the "get even" type, although I do enjoy Buster frequently squirting Babs in HISMV, which was only meant to be a fun, playful running joke that Babs took way too seriously, unlike the way Buster and the boys scared the girls, which was a cruel, harsh prank. So I guess I liked when Fifi and her friends got even with the boys, eventhough I am a male. And I guess I also liked when Babs got even with Buster at the end of HISMV, which is merely just playful poetic justice. Plus, there's obviously no hint that tells us that Buster was actually trying to ruin Babs' vacation, nor actually be mean to Babs in HISMV. Buster just wanted to goof off for the entire summer, which means he actually likes Babs after all! It still doesn't make sense why the boys would be mean to the girls in this episode when they actually do like the girls, as shown in other episodes that show that they do like the girls. Although I still enjoy Buster squirting Babs with the water pistol, I guess I feel sorry for Babs! But still, Buster wasn't trying to be mean to Babs in HISMV at all, and I appreciate that! Another thing is the ending. After the monster turns out to be Elmyra and Fifi and the others escape, I was expecting a following scene when the toons reflect upon everything that happened.