Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 1 Episode 55

Viewer Mail Day

Aired Sunday Feb 11, 1991 on FOX

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  • This episode kind of shows us how Fifi got captured in Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow.

    Pluck of the Irish: This episode is about Plucky trying to save Ireland and Hamton from the Banshee. Personally, I find this episode to be very humorous as Plucky tries to sell some of his gags. As Plucky and Hamton enter a castle, they are greeted by an Irish girl who warns them about the Banshee. In the end, Plucky managed to save Ireland by making the Banshee laugh and turn into a fairy.

    Out of Odor: Sure, it ends with Fifi being captured by Elmyra, but at least it shows us viewers how Fifi ended up in a cage in "Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow". I consider this as a prequel of some sorts, and to those who hate this episode, please do NOT flame me or send me hate mail just because Fifi got captured by Elmyra. We all have to learn to move on and accept the fact that his episode is average of some sorts.

    Buttering up the Buttfields: This episode is where Plucky must serve roast rabbit (Buster) to a couple who have, ahem, large rears or else Plucky will be eaten. Personally, I think this episode is really funny because it has Pete the Puma as a bumbling chef. Now, what's interesting is that Fifi was in it for some reason. I guess that maybe Buster got her out from the situation in Out of Odor, but that's my opinion.

    Overall, this episode is really funny and I suggest that you watch these episode for yourself and think about that. Also, I just want to point out that Out of Odor is clearly a prequel to "Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow and that you should respect my opinion on this episode.
  • Poor Fifi LaFume!

    After reading the complete review of \"Out of Odor\", I really felt sorry for poor Fifi! It\'s a crying shame to see my favorite character getting captured by Elmyra! And the scene where Elmyra squishes tomatoes all over Fifi to take away her stink really breaks my heart! Don\'t watch this episode! Watch \"Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow\",(which aired before \"Out of Odor\" but actually took place afterwards), because it shows how Fifi escapes Elmyra! After all, tomorrow is another day! (Gone With The Wind theme plays) But then again, I guess the reason this episode aired after \"Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow\" is because the writers wanted to show how Fifi was captured by Elmyra...

    P.S. The alternate title for this episode should be "The Sad Story of Fifi LaFume"!