Tiny Toon Adventures

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 5:00 AM Nov 04, 1992 on FOX

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  • Be free to be yourself

    When a woman comes to Acme Acres, it wasn't for a fan meeting. She's from an organization to rid the town of any of it's cartoon heritage. The town is being educational but bland. Buster and Babs sees this as a threat, and their hope is to head to congress to save cartoons from being taken over. It's no easy job, because they have to convince the President. The episode has a patriotic values of freedom of speech during the time where a hero of that right is needed. However, the woman they ran from is hot on their tails, and she already took control of Dizzy, Hampton, Plucky, who was tricked into it out of being a rival of the 2 rabbits, and Elmyra. Despite the woman's attempts to control Buster, the rabbits saves the day and restore the town to its rightful cartoonish self. The rabbits learns how the woman got that way and restore her lost cartoonish ways.
  • We could learn a lot with this episode.

    This episode seems like an episode that everyone should watch because Bernie Mac made a joke and everyone took it seriously. Well...that seems like there should be someone to vacuum his funniness. Plucky Duck makes sure that Acme Acres becomes realistic and unfunny. But Buster and Babs fights it by seeing The Bush Administration. (The first one, but I can see this done with the 2nd Bush Administration as well. But it would be Bush being the Tiny Toons fan, Cheney being the worker, and Condoleeza Rice would be in this episode as well. And I think Pelosi would take away the Tiny Toons funniness.)Back to what I was saying, Buster and Babs went to Congress to fight it and they see that hilarity still rules and the woman who was against it becomes toony again.
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