Tiswas - Season 9

ITV (ended 1982)


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  • Tiswas: Reunited 2007
    Chris Tarrant reunites old presenters and guests from Tiswas.
  • Comedy Capers [VHS]
    The third and final Tiswas videotape compilation, and it's a bit of a twist. Old school comedians in this era had been enjoying a revival on video releases now that regular television had sidelined them, so the inlay to this beauty takes the angle of being a selection of classic comedians' routines that just happened to be on Tiswas. The actual content is a lot like this, but still close to the previous two compilations, containing sketches and the usual staple content of Compost Corner and Lenny's newsflashes. Bernard Manning fans will be disappointed that he doesn't make his trademark blue jokes on this, and most of the comedy in his scenes come from the Tiswas team themselves.moreless
  • More Of The Best Bits [VHS]
    The second officially released Tiswas video, issued in late 1992 by Polygram. This was always planned whether the first release was a success or not. Like the first compilation, we have a show opening, a guest displayng a surreal musical act (Matthew Butler's Bright Eyes), a crying kid, lots of Newsflashes, Compost Corner, fluffs and a pop video from the Four Bucketeers rounding it off. There is a fair bit of Michael Palin material here (thanks to his appearance on 21st March '81) and some digs at Bob's ill-fated Cough The Cat.moreless
  • Best Of The Best Bits [VHS]
    The first officially released Tiswas video, issued in 1992 by Polygram, who held the rights to most ATV/ITC entertainment shows at the time.
  • Tiswas: Reunited 1988
    The first ever national charity telethon on ITV took place in 1988 for a whole 24 hours, and was hosted by Michael Aspel. It was similar to the BBC's 'Children In Need' in that ITV made full use of their 15 regional areas, and would take breaks so that your own ITV region could give you an update on their fund-raising total and some of the wacky events going on in your area. Part of the novelty was that many stars were giving up their time for free. Previously, charity telethons with these premise were done by the BBC, such as 'Comic Relief' and the aforementioned Children In Need. One particular highlight was a promised Tiswas reunion, plugged throughout the evening. It did end up taking place rather late into the night, as two live segments in the main ITV Telethon studio at LWT. The reunion was based around the 'golden era' of Tiswas - namely the 1979-80 and 1980-81 series. The roster of presenters were the familiar line-up of Chris Tarrant, Sally James, Bob Carolgees and John Gorman. Sadly, Lenny Henry was not available to join them, so his part was taken by boxer Frank Bruno. Semi-regular Sylvester McCoy helped make up the numbers. Various celebrities, some of whom missed Tiswas the first time round, were present to take part in some of the fun, which involved being on the receiving end of some water and pies in the Cage and in Flan Your Folks. A brief rehash of the "water cycle" sketch was performed by John Gorman in front of the rest of the Tiswas crew, putting in a few twists to make it a little different. In the early hours of the morning, in what seemed like an impromptu performance, the Tiswas gang, the celebrities and a huge crowd of onlookers had gathered in Upper Ground, the road outside LWT's studio complex, and for the delight of the cameras, sang along to the Bucket Of Water Song.moreless