Titan Maximum

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Oct 04, 2009 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

After defeating the enemy in their last battle, as well as damaging Titan Maximum in the process, the Titan Force Five returns to Admiral Bitchface office. Palmer tries to get him to pay for Titan Maximum's repairs, as well as new weapons. Much to their dismay, Admiral Bitchface refused. He is upset at them due to the fact that they had returned, and the trouble that they will cause him. As the team tries to argue that they rescued the people from a giant robot, the admiral brings up the time where they violated the Statue of Unity during the ceremony. When Jodi mentions that they have to go after Gibbs, the admiral tells them that he has already sent a team to retrieve him.

Sasha tries to get the President, her dad, to pay for a new robot. However, he tells her that she needs to grow up and do something with her life, causing Sasha to storm off.

The group gets upset that most of the people have forgotten that they have saved the moon many times. However, Willie convinces them that they need to remind the public about how great they are.

Meanwhile, the soldiers find out the location of Gibbs' hideout and charge inside. However, a mysterious child named Clare attacks them, causing their defeat.

Once Admiral Bitchface finds out of the soldiers' defeat, he informs the President. Meanwhile, Titan Force Five stirs up a rally, in which Sasha pulls her uniform open and performs crude acts. The President decides that despite his feelings, he has to call the Titan Force Five back into service. Sasha tries to find a special glove compartment of hers, but two boys, to their amazement, find it instead. Admiral Bitchface relents tells Titan Force Five that they are granted $10 million to rebuild Titan Maximum. Although Willie is amazed at this, Palmer dismisses the given amount of money as chump change. Admiral Bitchface also said Willie is the engineer, much to Palmer's dismay. As Admiral Bitchface left, his fellow officer told him that Titan Force Five was actually granted $500 million, but the admiral ordered the $490 million into Project Colostomy. Two weeks later, Admiral Bitchface tells Titan Force Five of a seismic disturbance on Neptune, similar to the one that occurred on Titan. Willie and Leon managed to fix Titan Maximum and made it better than ever despite being on a $10 million budget. The only thing he didn't have time to do is finish the face. The admiral doesn't appear to be pleased when Titan Maximum takes off.