Titan Maximum

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Oct 04, 2009 on Adult Swim



  • Trivia

    • The only known changes to the rebuilt Titan Maximum include fins on the arms, shoulders and head. Since Willie didn't have time to finish the face, Titan Maximum had the ugly face until Episode 4 "Went to Party; Got Crabs"

    • In the scene where the squad is sent to go after Gibbs in Erriapus, there appears to be four members in that squad when they enter the bunker. But when they have that unfortunate encounter with Claire, there seems to be five members in the squad instead of four because three squad members are killed (due to friendly fire) and two are left before Claire eventually gets them.

  • Quotes

    • President Caylo: (Sasha enters) Why hello, sweetheart!
      Sasha: Daddy, my robot broke! Make them buy me a new one!
      President Caylo: Uhh... right. Well, you see...
      Sasha: Daddy! New robot!
      President Caylo: Honey, you know I never approved of you flying around in that thing...
      Sasha: Uh, so what?
      President Caylo: Well, Titan Maximum is expensive and unnecessary during peace time...
      Sasha: Umm... duh. Duh! Unnecessary?? It was necessary like 5 minutes ago!
      President Caylo: Yes, but once Gibbs is arrested--
      Sasha: Daddy, I'm bored without the robot! My life sucks ass without the robot! The robot... makes me cool!
      President Caylo: Baby girl, life is not about being cool! Life has nothing to do with being cool! I mean dammit, Sasha! Maybe instead of a new robot, you need to, I don't know, GROW THE HELL UP! You're the president's daughter for god's sake! Stop playing pilot like it's some dress-up game, stop acting like a damn fool in those sexy clubs, use your head for once, and actually do something with your life!
      Sasha: I... I use my head...
      President Caylo: Oh, honey. I.. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled...
      Sasha: Okay so can I have the robot? (President Caylo slams the table) FINE!!

    • Sasha: Ugh, old Admiral Bitchface strikes again.
      Willie: Uh... well maybe if you didn't call him names, he wouldn't be so--
      Palmer: That is his name, stupid.
      Jodi: From the German "Bichfass".
      Palmer: Just like your name is Willie, but everyone calls you "Dickhead".
      Willie: They do?
      Palmer: It's the same thing. Willie... Dickhead. (Sees a vehicle hauling a piece of Titan Maximum) Well, there goes our ass...

    • Marine: It's going to be one big explosion...
      Plinkerson: You want a big explosion? Tell my mother-in-law her cooking sucks.
      Squad Leader: Dammit, Plinkerson! Military statute 44B1B might dictate that every squad contains a jester for quote-comedic relief in the form of ironic lightheartedness during stressful field operations-unquote, but mister, I sure do not have to like it!
      Plinkerson: I-I I'm sorry! G-God, I never wanted to join the Jester Corps, I signed up to be a systems analyst! I know I'm not funny, I'm the least funny person I know!

    • Admiral Bitchface: Well, you win.... the President has authorized 10 million zuricks to... reconstruct Titan Maximum.
      Willie: Really? Oh, yeah!!
      Palmer: Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on! 10 million... is chump change!
      Admiral Bitchface: Oh, and by the way... (gives Willie's 'blueprints' to Palmer) he's your engineer.
      Willie: No way!
      Palmer: But he's an idiot!
      Admiral Bitchface: We can't spare engineers. And according to your brother's dossier, he has an engineering degree.
      Palmer: From DeVry!
      Willie: I have a dossier??

    • Sasha: I'm saying get a second monkey. We could name it Jodi like Jodi II.
      Jodi: You're the pilot who doesn't know a yoke from a... vibrator!
      Sasha: It be dude, hot chick, nerd, monkey, monkey!
      Palmer: Girls, girls, relax! God, you both sucked equally!
      Jodi and Sasha: What?!

    • Newscaster: Demonstrators have already attempted to burn President Caylo in effigy, but the effigy turned out to be a startled homeless man...

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