Titan Maximum

Season 1 Episode 6

Dirty Lansbury

Aired Unknown Nov 01, 2009 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

On Titan Maximum, Willie gets the attention of Palmer and Sasha about connection between the alien device they found on Eris and the robotic monsters Gibbs was controlling. Palmer, however, was more concerned about finding Gibbs. Jodi returned to the team, much to the dismay of Sasha, and told them she encountered Gibbs. She believed Gibbs went to Mercury since his ship had after-market shield boosters and surplus coolant, equipment that would be used to spend a lot of time close to the sun. Mercury also happens to be the place where senior citizens live.

When Titan Force Five flew their ships to Mercury, they told Mercury Control that they are visiting their grandparents. On the surface, Titan Force Five was going to search for monster activity on the planet, but the elderly police officer told them they should be visiting their grandparents as promised. Sasha wasn't excited with the idea of being surrounded by senior citizens engaging boring activities. Palmer's grandparents were excited to see him, although Palmer himself wasn't thrilled either. Willie hardly got attention, although the grandmother remembered him taking part in a soap-box derby but he was short of a hug.

Jodi's grandmother appeared and was excited to see Jodi. The grandmother talked about how Jodi accomplished so much in the past. Then Jodi began telling her grandmother that she's been making bad decisions recently and felt she doesn't deserve to be part of Titan Force Five. The grandmother reminds Jodi of the time she qualified to be the right arm of Titan Maximum. At that time she was eager try out, but the other male candidates were skeptical of her. At a bar, she met a short arm wrestling expert named Tap Banister got training from him. When it was Jodi's turn to go up against her opponent in a simulated arm-wrestling match, the opponent initially had the upper hand, but Jodi quickly turned the match around and won. Jodi's grandmother said she was proud of Jodi and will be proud of her no matter what. But when a video on TV showed Jodi having an affair with Gibbs back on Dione, her grandmother never spoke to her again, much to delight of Sasha.