First Season (length) and Second Season

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    I'm really liking Titan Maximum and am wondering how many episodes will be in the frist season. I'm asking as I can't find an episode following last night's Billion Dead Grandparents. Hey, maybe there is a McDonald's play in there with the hamburgers and Mercury. Anyway, we see our heros alive and outside of Titan; so maybe lots of the Grandparents also survived.

    I'm also interested in what - if anything - people know concerning a second season.

    Personally, I blame the Admiral who diverted the $500,000,000,000 from rebuilding Titan to buidling its "evil twin" for the deaths on Mercury. Well, its been used by evil people so far.

    What do you now about the future of Titan Maximum? How do you feel about the season, thus far?

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    I bet there could be like another 10 for season 1. Their predecessor, Robot Chicken, had about 20 episodes. The total could be 19 because the pilot episode took half-hour instead of the usual 10-minute episode. But there could be a possibility season 1 could stop here and the next episodes would be in season 2.

    I could speculate that they could try to evacuate the Mercury populace, perhaps Titan's reinforcements could come in and help.

    I find this show very entertaining. Perhaps if the first season goes further or in a possible second season, it might introduce a new henchman who answers to Gibbs... (spoiler) his name is Buttmonkey... the name came from a Titan Maximum wiki which has little info on the character (/spoiler)
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    Season 1 is complete. Cross your fingers that we'll get a season 2 next year.
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