Titan Maximum

Season 1 Episode 7

Megamum Overdrive

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 2009 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

On the planet Mercury, an elderly patrol officer comes to the Giberstein residence to tell Grandma Giberstein that Gibbs is on the planet. Grandma Giberstein quickly denied this. As the officer left, Gibbs and Claire happened to be in her living room watching TV. The grandmother was shocked to see them watching the scandalous video of Jodi having sex with Gibbs, but she then turned off the TV and told the two villains to get ready for dinner. The video circulated all over Mercury. Palmer's grandparents thought it was "wrestling", and Leon's grandparents covered Leon's eyes. The scandal eventually reached Titan when one of President Caylo's men alerted him to the sex video that involved Jodi instead of Sasha, which caught his interest. Jodi's reputation suffered due to the scandal, with many senior citizens accusing her of being a slut, which continued to delight Sasha. The fallout became enormous to the point that Titan Force Five was unwelcome on Mercury. Back at the Giberstein residence, Gibbs, Claire, and Grandma Giberstein are having dinner while watching a soap opera, which is something Gibbs doesn't like. He then told Grandma Giberstein that he and Claire want to use her garage.
While they were heading to the ships, some of the Titan Force pilots have a different attitude regarding Jodi. Palmer lost all trust in her and scolded her for the affair with Gibbs. Sasha, on the other hand, was very happy and was skipping. Noticing that the elderly military of Mercury were sent after them, the Titan Force Five piloted their ships. While the pilots were in flight, Admiral Bitchface ordered them to return to Titan for reassignment. Palmer however dismisses this and told the team to form Titan Maximum to fend off the Mercury military. In response, the military send "Bingo", one of their best pilots to engage Titan Maximum, but he and his co-pilot went down as a result of an accident. The military quickly blamed this on Titan Maximum and opened fire on the robot. Then Willie alerted the team of an unknown bogey entering Mercury. The unknown bogey turned out to be a robot strongly resembling Titan Maximum, which was piloted by Troy Hammerschmiddtt. Willie quickly told Troy that Hammerschmiddtt Motors was barred from building war machines as part of the Mars-Titan Treaty. Troy responded by saying that the robot, known as Titan Megamum, was a joint Martian-Titan project designed to be the new defender of Titan and to replace Titan Maximum. Titan Maximum tried to fight Titan Megamum, but was no match for the new robot's fighting skills. It even had a crotch-shield, much to Sasha's dismay. Suddenly Titan Megamum overrode Titan Maximum's command codes, which sent the old Titan robot back to Titan. While in flight, Palmer was not only outraged that Titan's military secretly built a new robot, he was also still mad at Jodi for her affair and muted her transmission. Sasha was also unhappy about the fact that Troy was the new pilot for the new robot.
Back on Titan, Palmer protested to Admiral Bitchface about the fact that Titan's military built the new robot behind their backs. Admiral Bitchface gleefully announced that Titan Maximum will be decommissioned and Titan Force Five will be permanently disbanded. He ordered the Titan ships to be dismantled while he had Jodi arrested for treason, which Palmer began to feel guilty. Willie was dismayed to see his hard work gone and was close to gaining Palmer's respect. Meanwhile, back at the Giberstein residence on Mercury, Gibbs and Claire were working on something when Titan Megamum smashes the roof with its weapon pointing at them. Instead of blasting them, Troy comes down from the roof and high-fives Gibbs. Troy hands over Titan Megamum to Gibbs as a part of their deal.