Titan Maximum

Season 1 Episode 7

Megamum Overdrive

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 2009 on Adult Swim



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the scene where Gibbs, Claire, and Grandma Giberstein were having dinner, Grandma Giberstein's fork spontaneously turned into a wooden spoon when she hit Claire on the head for complaining about the food.

    • Titan Megamum is more than likely the Project Colostomy that the Admiral was embezzling money for back in Episode 2.

  • Quotes

    • Gary: (To President Caylo) Sir, a new sex tape has been released--!
      President Caylo: Gary, I don't need to be updated every time Sasha makes a terrible life choice...
      Gary: No, sir. Not your daughter.
      (Gary turns on the TV)
      President Caylo: Jodi?! (watches some of the footage of the sex tape) Bring me a presidential "suck".

    • Troy: Start squealing piggies, 'cause I'm sending your asses all the way home. (Launches Titan Maximum back to Titan) T.R.O.Y. Why? Because I rock!

    • Troy: (In Titan Megamum, after blocking Titan Maximum's attacks) Please, there isn't a move you can make I haven't predicted.
      Sasha: Oh really, did you predict this? (Punches Titan Megamum's crotch, but it is protected by an energy shield) N-No!
      Troy: Welcome to your worst nightmare Sasha Caylo, a crotch you can't touch.
      Sasha: There's no such thing!

    • Troy: Titan Maximum, say hello to Titan Megamum. The most advanced robot ever built and the perfect match for the most handsome pilot ever born.
      Sasha: Titan Megamum? Megamum isn't even a word.
      Troy: Neither is vaginasillon, but that didn't stop you from using it as the title for your third album, (Shudders) or your fragrance line.

    • Willie: (To Leon, as Titan Maximum is being taken apart) All that hard work Leon…gone. Palmer was this close to seeing me as an equal.
      Palmer: (To Jodi, about Willie) Look what you did! You made my little sister cry.

    • Admiral Bitchface: Disassemble these ships piece by piece, then melt down the pieces and turn them into a giant statue of my balls in Palmer's mouth...
      Palmer: What?!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Bingo: I'm feeling the need... the need to pee!

      This is a reference to the 1986 film Top Gun. The characters Maverick and Goose said the phrase "I feel the need... the need for speed!"

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