Titan Maximum

Season 1 Episode 8

Mercury Falling

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 2009 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

In the previous episode, Troy Hammerschmiddtt gives Titan Megamum to Gibbs on Mercury. In return, Troy would have control of Hammerschmiddtt Motors instead of his sister taking over. When Troy said he needs to look like he put up a valiant struggle, Gibbs let Claire attack Troy, severely injuring him while Gibbs took control of Titan Megamum.

Meanwhile, on Titan, Admiral Bitchface is celebrating the decommisioning of Titan Maximum. Palmer, Sasha, Willie, and Leon watched as the mechanical crews began to disassemble the ships while Jodi, who was arrested for treason, was being led away to a prison cell. But Admiral Bitchface's celebration was quickly cut short when he was alerted to video transmission showing an injured Troy Hammerschmiddtt. He claimed Gibbs got the access codes. While Sasha took delight in Troy's "loss", she was irritated when Troy was awarded medals for his "efforts".

Palmer went up to one of the men dismantling the ships telling them to stop so the Titan pilots could save the solar system, but the man responded that they are following orders. When Palmer threatened the guy, he found himself surrounded by three other men. Palmer responds to this by headbutting one of the mechanics, starting a brawl. Jodi, while being led to a prison cell, tried to convince the guards that she needed to head to the hangar and fly back to Mercury, but the guards laughed at her. Jodi then took that moment to beat up the guards. Sasha quickly hits the men behind her in the crotch. While Sasha and Palmer are beating up the mechanics, Willie and Leon move to fix the ships. As the fight continued, four more crewmen confronted the four Titan pilots. Then Jodi suddenly entered the fray and severely injured the crewmen. When the fight was over, the Titan pilots flew their ships out of the hangar and back to Mercury.

On the way to Mercury, Willie worked on re-encrypting the codes so that Titan Maximum would not be overridden by Admiral Bitchface's command codes, earning Palmer's thanks. Jodi, still reeling from the sex scandal with Gibbs tried to apologize, but Palmer told he doesn't need an apology. Then Sasha quickly told Palmer to back off. Sasha stated that she had slept with many other people she shouldn't have, some who were homicidal maniacs. She also said that if the other Titan pilots are going to hang this scandal over Jodi, Sasha suggest that she herself be kicked off the team too. Jodi was surprised by Sasha's little speech, but Sasha also said she still wouldn't get soft on Jodi.

On Mercury, Titan Megamum piloted by Gibbs, wreaks havoc on Mercury. Elsewhere the elderly general of the Mercury military tells the Mercury president that Gibbs is heading for the solar shield generator. When the president asked why Titan Megamum was not flying, the general said the military can't shoot at Titan Megamum because it has the nuclear bomb. The only defense personnel at the solar shield generator was a single guard named Phil. The Mercury president warned that if the solar shield is down, Mercury's surface would be destroyed by the sun. The general assured the president that nothing, the robot or the bomb, could get into the generator without having to go through the energy beam. Gibbs, however, interrupted the transmission saying Titan Megamum was designed to withstand the energy beam, and the nuclear bomb was wrapped in a super-insulated coil from Neptune which could also withstand the energy beam. While Gibbs was bragging, Titan Maximum attacked his robot from behind and kicked it in the crotch while it was down. Annoyed at this interruption, Gibbs used Titan Megamum's command codes to force Titan Maximum to have its head up its ass, but Willie activated the new codes to regain control. Palmer wanted to know what Gibbs' plan was. Gibbs told the Titan pilots that he plans to wipe out Mercury's population which shocked Jodi. Jodi viewed such an action as genocide, but Gibbs said the median age of Mercury is 85, stating it would be euthanasia. He was still determined to take over the solar system and anyone who would think he wasn't serious would think again once he destroys Mercury's population. Gibbs also warned that if anyone got in his way, there would be consequences. At that point, Titan Megamum activate a vast array of weapons and pointed them at Titan Maximum. Titan Maximum responded by deploying a net at Titan Megamum, which did nothing... forcing Titan Maximum to run from the heavy firepower of Gibbs' robot. Admiral Bitchface ordered Titan Force Five to fall back so reinforcements could help. He also urged them not to screw up, but Palmer insisted they handle the battle. As Titan Megamum approached the shield generator, he easily defeated Phil, the sole defender of the facility. Suddenly Titan Maximum attacked Titan Megamum again, with an angry Jodi aggressively controlling the right arm to mercilessly pound Gibbs' robot, which impressed Sasha. Then Titan Megamum fought back and grabbed Titan Maximum by the face. It lifted both itself and Titan Maximum in the air and turned Titan Maximum upside down before hurling the Titan robot to the ground. When Titan Maximum recovered, Titan Force Five saw Titan Megamum give the finger before it jumped into the energy beam of the shield generator. Palmer asked Willie what the odds would be for Titan Maximum to survive the energy beam. Willie said it would be .003% chance of survival, a chance Palmer was willing to take. So Titan Maximum attempted to dive into the energy beam in pursuit of Gibbs, but failed miserably as the beam repulsed the Titan robot, sending it to the ground instead.